In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Mongrel » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:23 pm

So, Rimmer in Better Than Life?

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby LaserBeing » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:00 pm

[09:36] <leeham> Brentai I had a dream about you last night :3
[09:37] <Brentai> Wuh oh
[09:37] <leeham> we were in some sort of... hotel room? in like Seattle I guess?
[09:37] <leeham> but they got CBC on the TV and I was trying to explain, as a Canadian, who or what "Captain Falcom" was
[09:38] <leeham> despite the fact that it was just something my dumb dream brain made up on the spot
[09:38] <leeham> and I still don't know what I was talking about
[09:38] <Brentai> Oh man I really want to know who or what Captain Falcom is.
[09:38] <leeham> I think it was something to do with radio dispatches during WW2
[09:39] <Brentai> That's less exciting than I thought it would be.
[09:40] <Brentai> I was thinking of a dude who could Falcon you by bumping into you.
[09:41] <Brentai> Every time he shows up the villains are like, It's Captain Falcom! Don't let him catch you on a crowded subway!
[09:41] <leeham> basically the gist was that we were both just trying to one-up each other's cynical takes on the Canadian news
[09:41] <Brentai> Huh.
[09:43] <leeham> there was some kind of secret Nazi espionage stuff going on and then at some point it turned into one of those really bad 90s Pulp Fiction ripoffs where everyone ends up in a Mexican standoff at the end
[09:43] <leeham> but our job was just to be snarky about all of it
[09:44] <leeham> until the end when I wandered on stage during a Golden Girls reunion event having to pee real bad
[09:44] <leeham> in conclusion, dreams are dumb

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