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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:03 pm
by Mongrel
I was attending some sort of academy to be trained for a prestigious job and was doing surprisingly well. I had self-respect, confidence, and hope again.

And then I woke up. =___=

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:02 pm
by Büge
I dreamed about Hogwarts too

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:29 am
by Yoji
I just watched Romo get pounced on by a panther while trying to leave my apartment complex. Like, just a minute ago; I still have horrified goosebumps. I even did that thing where you try to yell but nothing comes out.

Jesus, and then my cat made me jump out of my skin by pushing my bedroom door open. I'M DONE WITH THIS SLEEP THING NOW

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:37 pm
by Sharkey
We had a fae infestation. Just brownies and redcaps and pucks all over the place, hiding behind curtains and shit like I couldn't see their feet and nobody would notice that the milk keeps going bad and the cats are shitting slugs. On the plus side there was a barn owl in the bathroom and when I opened the door its instincts took over and it solved the whole problem. Which left the problem of a well fed not-actually-David-Bowie barn owl to shoo out, but that was comparatively easy to deal with compared to clurichauns stealing all the whiskey and shrinking your shoes or whatever.

We had houseguests visiting for most of the week so yeah, the ol brain is still pretty damn transparent with this stuff.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:26 pm
by Büge
Congratulations, you've earned the wrath of the Unseelie court. You're gonna wake up with knots in your hair, your furniture glued to the ceiling and your potato field dug up.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:30 pm
by Sharkey
So basically nothing has changed.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:42 am
by Yoji
Okay, someone at Dreamland Video Rental has some explaining to do.

Every night, I try order something I can enjoy, like Notes from the Farthest Land or Princess Nubilia vs the Shibarimancer. Instead, I get tapes recorded over with footage of someone falling to their doom after parachute failure. From first person.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ideal is binge-watching Dreamflix, currently on Jouneys in Lucidity, vol 8 (with guest commentary from Jeff Bridges). Harumph.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:34 pm
by beatbandito
Generally my dreams are just kind of stories that play out around me. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily aware or unaware that it's a dream, but if things get crazy I'm usually able to be like 'nope, I'm out' and wake myself up.

Last night I suddenly became hyper aware that I was dreaming without waking up. At first I was really enjoying the idea of lucid dreaming and being able to control everything around me, but before I could try to flex that might I started to freak out that right in the middle of it someone would wake me up and ruin it (I live alone) and I panicked so hard about it I woke up.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:14 pm
by Caithness
When I realize I'm lucid dreaming I freak out because I'm a bad writer and I don't know where to take the story next.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:20 pm
by Silversong
I was an understudy for a play, it was already started, actors were on the stage, and I was in the wings furiously poring over the script, trying to find the right place so I wouldn't miss my cue.

(So far, so normal; I have dreams about being under-rehearsed all the time.)

Suddenly, one of the actors breaks script and walks right offstage to me, asking about this mystical book I have that knows all. One by one, all the actors stop being actors and become the characters wondering why the hell I have a book that knows what they're going to say.

I freak out and try to run away. I'm running down a wide banister, I make a small leap to jump off the stage--

there is nothing
no sight
no sound
no breath
no heartbeat

--and then everything is back, and I land after my jump.

I wake up, shivering and tingling all over.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:31 pm
by Mongrel
Disclaimer: I am aware of the existence of Westworld, but haven't seen so much as a single episode (you'll understand why I say this at the end).

So, a western.

Up in Alaska a gold rush has started to draw folks in to a small town.

The quiet man, tall and lean with impressive black mutton chops, walks into town. The quiet man knows there may be gunfighters of other rough types in town, but he doesn't care and hasn't paid much attention to the details of what's going on in town. He just knows the town is busier than it used to be and this concerns him.

As he makes his way into town, it's plain that gold rush has recently begun. The town isn't as full as it will be yet, but there's plenty of people and trouble. The quiet man seems to be deeply offended by the maltreatment of mules and other animals and in particular a mule corpse he sees while passing a stable where mule trains and other animals are hired out seems to have him taking mental notes while clenching a fist.

In town he sees two gunfighters talking, a round, loud, talky riverboat gambler-type in a brown suit and floral waistcoat played by Bill Shatner [I say "played by" but he's not supposed to be Bill Shatner - Riverboat is the "real" character in the dream], and a mousy, thin and neat sort of fellow in a bowler hat and glasses played not by Johnny Depp, but by a guy who looks like a somewhat more wooden and awkward version of Depp, and a little uglier, I guess, like someone who maybe used to be a Depp stunt double but isn't much of an actor (but their not being a great actor works for this role). The mousy guy is a nerd-gunfighter. At first you might think the Nerd fits the trope the cold-assassin nerd, but it turns out he's just the regular awkward kind, nor does he have any crazy steampunk guns, he's just a real-gun nerd with an assortment of fancy but normal guns, long & short.

The two are talking shop, sort of hinting in a roundabout way that they want to work together, or, more accurately, Riverboat is trying to sell Nerd on their working together. This is where the audience (and the quiet man) learn that there's a large number of gunfighters in town all interested in a gold shipment from miners who've cashed in which is headed south to some big bank.

The quiet man keeps watching as the a third gunfighter comes up, something of a Rasputin-Dandy, well-dressed in a black suit and broad-brimmed hat, and looking dapper with a waxed and pointed Van Dyke, but with total chaos lurking beneath the surface. He decides he's just going to shoot Riverboat, pulls his gun and does so, or would have if not interrupted by the quiet man roughly disarming him with a speed no man should be able to manage.

It's at this point we learn that the the Quiet Man is in fact a shapeshifter. When asked how he could move so fast and seemed to lose human shape in the process, he blithely explains that he can transform into any animal at will. If they mess with him, he can turn into a bear and tear them all to shreds, and they can try and shoot him, but when injured he turns into an animal, usually a deer and flees to go and recuperate among animals. The gunfighters are cowed into stepping away from the quiet man, except for Rasputin who calls him out, saying that if he remains unarmed the other gunfighters will shoot him.

The quiet man decides he will kill two birds with one stone by disarming all the gunfighters [ed: not sure how this actually solves the town's animal abuse problem... other than scaring all the townfolk shitless, ha]. At first he plans on taking the cylinders from all their guns and then putting them in a strongbox and throwing that in the bay, making them fish them out, but the Nerd pleads him not to since that will rust the cylinders and effectively destroy all their guns. The Quiet Man instead decides to take all the cylinders and still put them in a lockbox but will leave this for safekeeping in the town vault. Once two days pass the gold shipment will have left town first thing in the morning and late that afternoon, the Quiet Man will give them their cylinders back.

On the surface it looks the Quiet Man is protecting the town and the gold, but he doesn't actually care what the gunfighters do with regards to robbery, killing each other, etc. and they understand that really he's just forcing them to go chase the shipment on the road so that they don't cause any more trouble in town. Riverboat is the first one to understand, leads the others to understand without saying it outright, and takes the enforced vacation in good cheer. The rest of them grumblingly accept and the gunfighters all proceed to drink and gamble away the next two days.

Two days are almost up, and the gold shipment leaves with the dawn. A little time passes so that the sun is properly up, and the gunfighters mill nervously around town still waiting a few hours. As it turns out, Rasputin was able to break into the bank or rob it somehow to get strongbox full of cylinders back and makes a dramatic entrance. Cackling all the time, Rasputin shoots several lesser gunfighters including the Dirty Guy, and the Fat Man, a whole bunch of townsfolk, and most of the horses in town. The Quiet Man is unable to stop Rasputin, as he showed up late (was possibly with a whore?) and ate a couple bullets for his trouble but is fine. While the Quiet Man is reeling, Rasputin takes the remaining three horses for himself and rides off to chase down the gold shipment - only he doesn't. The Quiet Man can shoot too, and with a gun grabbed from Rasputin as they struggled, the Quiet Man shoots Rasputin dead with a single deadeye shot in the head and he falls from the saddle.

Once a little time has passed and the Quiet Man can speak, Nerd starts to blame Quiet Man. Now none of them have their guns or horses and are surrounded by the dead and and the moans of the dying. Everyone is angry with the Quiet Man for having precipitated the disaster. This is when Riverboat breaks in and asks Nerd "Well can't you just use your time travel powers and rewind things to before this fiasco?" the Nerd angrily replies that for the last time he doesn't have any time travel powers and besides they don't work like that anyway, you can't just fuck with the time stream like that.

They all look downcast in thought for a moment but then Riverboat speaks again asking, look who's behind all this. The other two give halting, incorrect answers and Riverboat points out, it's the writers! If the can change the script they can also fix the mess. The other two's eyes light up with understanding before the Nerd turns sour again. "Oh that's all very well, but how are we supposed to change the script?" Riverboat answers that they'll just go make them do it, we'll attack the studio! "These modern writers always want a dark and morbid ending, they think it's 'edgy', well we'll just get them to fix it or we'll give them a darker ending alright!"

"But we still have no guns" Only they do since they can now collect the cylinders off Rasputin's corpse. The Nerd uses his gunsmithing skills to get everyone's guns working properly again and they all go off to attack the offices of NBC. I woke up right after they all busted in through the front doors and start rampaging through the TV headquarters (shooting the ceiling, not people) demanding the writers of their series.

I'm not sure, but I think there was going to be a funny confrontation between Riverboat and BIll Shatner en passant, but I was just waking up then. Would have been neat to see how the ultimatum with the writers would have gone. Obviously my brain was just channelling Blazing Saddles for the ending.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:32 pm
by Brentai
Lot of dreams breaking the fourth wall only it's the wrong fourth wall lately.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:54 am
by Brentai
I am trapped in an all-white corridor lined with open doors on both sides. Each of the open doors seems to lead into a room with three arched passages and a single seat. I'm with a companion - I forget who, if I ever even knew. Let's just say it was Fucking Romosome (a separate but almost identical entity to Real Romosome). I instinctively know that going into any of the rooms is a bad idea because... well, how couldn't it be? My suspicions are confirmed almost immediately when I hear a very loud Spooky Ghost Lady cackle and say stuff like "You're mine for eternity" and such like that. I check the door that the voice is coming out of and sure enough, Fucking Romosome is sitting there in the single chair, transfixed on a point of light telling him what the point of the three arches is and I don't even care I'm fucking on out of here. I walk to the end of the hallway, ride the dingy elevator up to the next floor, and enter another, identical white hallway full of doors.

As I walk down the corridor, I notice that the elevator door I came out of is following me, but very inconsistently, in an almost amateurish way. Sometimes I turn around and it's right behind me; sometimes I turn around and it's exactly where it was before, then turn again without moving and suddenly it's up in my face again. Sometimes the elevator door just doesn't bother moving. I get the impression that the space is controlled by some kind of will that's trying to unnerve me, but doesn't exactly know how.

I reflect briefly that the whole scenario is like a particularly cheap, bad episode of Doctor Who. If I had been awake I would have probably identified it as specifically The God Complex.

Eventually I enter a room that has a single large screen and several dozen chairs all arranged in the corners of the room. I do this because it's substantially different than the other rooms and there's no indication that the corridors aren't just an endless room, so screw it. As soon as I enter I find each of the seats has a person in it - they weren't there before, they just sort of appeared to me as I entered - and that one seat is left open. I recognize many of the people in the room as people from work, though not people I interact with often. They all express mixtures of relief, frustration, impatience etc.; it seems they've all been waiting around for enough people to find their way to the "right" room and fill up all the seats. Obligingly, I take my seat and the display crackles to life.

It turns out, we've all been gathered here for a very important mission! "Gathered" is the operative word, here, not "selected": somehow it seems to have been predetermined or expected that this particular group would end up here. But the mission. See, there are these three harpoon things that need to be embedded into three specific points on the planet; these are "anchors", you see, and they're very important because...

"Wait," I interrupt, "Didn't we dislodge that thing in my last dream?"

"You what?" says the voice. Everyone else in the room seems confused, which they would be, since they weren't in my last dream (though I think Fucking Romosome was.)

"Yeah," I say, "We definitely spent the entire last dream taking the harpoon anchor OUT of Germany."

"Well, you screwed the whole planet up, then! And now you have to fix it!"

"Nuts to that!" I say, standing to leave. (I may or may not have actually said "Nuts to that" in a dream.) "I only have two hours of sleep left, and I'm not spending it redoing everything I spent last night undoing."

"You are ruining my scenario!" screams the dream, and it kicked me out.

I spent the next two hours lying wide awake with my Kindle.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:32 pm
by Mongrel
Brent's Brain II: The Brain's Revenge

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:44 am
by MarsDragon
My dream started off at the grocery store trying to buy a new cutting board and ended with live-fire WWI re-enactment.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:14 pm
by Büge
I dreamed I was part of a troop of Brian Froud-esque fairies. One of them was a cute, witchy fairy named Dweezil, whom I had a crush on. I'm sure all the mischief and derring-do we took part in would make for a whimsical story, if only I could remember them.

That's what I get for reading DiTerlizzi's art book in bed.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:20 am
by beatbandito
I'm behind the wheel of my car, following GPS guidance out to the middle of country fields. I get to the end of what looks to be road (even if it's dirt) and decide it's close enough I can cut through fields to get the rest of the way. I walk for a bit before it seems clear there must have been a road I missed that got closer. I cut through an open gate into some kind o orchid, and almost get sealed in by a young man. I stop him from locking me in and apologize that I must have been trespassing on their property, but I need to get to the Lankershin house (I don't remember what the family name was if my unconscious ever even thought of one). The man is a bit taken aback, and another man, possibly an older brother, shows up, still working in the orchid. He tells me whatever I'm going there for it's not worth it, the Lankershin boys shouldn't be messed with, and I don't want anything they've got.

I'm desperate and plead that there's something that was left inside their house that I need. The younger brother tells me that the Lankershins are out of the house right now, and he knows how to get me in. We sneak up from the shared field and he gets us in the back door. Slowly we creep through the house, the unknown item I'm looking for not having the chance to turn up before we hear the older brother. The Lankershin's car is coming up the road, and we better get the hell out. You don't want to run into the Lankershin boys on a good day, never mind be caught sneaking around inside their house.

The two of us sneak out right as the car is pulling up, secure we've caused no visible disturbance, but the younger brother didn't pull the back door tight enough, and it blew open. I'm in charge of keeping the Lankershin boys busy while he covers up, but it wont be easy. I wave down the long driveway as someone gets out of the driver seat, a woman carrying a bag of groceries ignores me and heads towards the house. Suddenly two toddlers that seem to have barely covered walking waddle-run down the dirt path to where I am with the older brother, and put up their hands in the universal sign for high-fives. In my heart I know these are the Lankershin boys, and I wake up before things can get any dumber.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:34 am
by nosimpleway
At 12:45, I'm awake because of congestion. I can't just not sleep, I have class in the morning. I blow my nose and go back to sleep, eventually.

At 2:00 I have a night terror. I can't remember the last time I had one. I can't just not sleep, I have class in the morning. I go back to sleep, eventually.

At 3:30 I woke up, fuck knows why. I can't just not sleep, I have class in the morning. I go back to sleep, eventually.

At 11:30 I wake up, ready to face the day. After fighting to sleep at all through the night, I finally just slept through my class. I am livid until I wake up for real. It's 5:30. My alarm doesn't go off for another forty-five minutes... but I'm awake now. Might as well get ready to go.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:35 am
by François
I saw that Thad had a panel at PAX South; I tried to watch it live on Twitch, but the message "This broadcast has been blocked by order of the President of the United States" kept popping up instead. Afterwards I wanted to watch the recording but the link to the video disappeared every time I attempted to click it.

Well then.

Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:16 am
by Thad
Well shit, now I've got something to aspire to.