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Postby Büge » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:23 pm

Mongrel wrote:I sort of laughed and smiled a little inside at the little reminder of, oh yeah, this is what it's like to spend time with plain old normal people who have things to do rather than sitting around with their heads up the internet's bunghole all day. Feels good man.

So people who are concerned about institutional racism and use terms like "white privilege" to describe the ways in which white people benefit over people of colour are... abnormal?

And by the way, "white privilege" as a term dates back to at least 1988 with Peggy McIntosh's essay White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.

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Postby Mongrel » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:38 pm


It's not abnormal to tackle a widespread problem. What's abnormal is to forget that not everyone knows all the specific technical terms related to said problem. Because we also occupy yet another bubble of privilege of a different sort, one where we're free to spend so much time idly discussing the various problems of the world that we internalize all the related academic jargon, forgetting that it's even jargon in the first place.

Yes, it feels healthy and normal to get outside this bubble from time to time.

Most people there, of all races, agreed white privilege was a legitimate thing, hell... it wasn't most, it was everyone - one of the few things I saw everyone agree about. Which was actually really encouraging. They just didn't know the specific term, because online talks about it don't occupy vast portions of their daily lives.

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Postby Hardly Ideal » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:01 pm

Since my son started going to preschool, I've had to get up earlier than I've been used to; shower, pick his clothes, prepare breakfast and lunch for him and my wife, all that stuff. My first alarm goes off around 6:00am, and depending on the time of the year, that means I'm up slightly earlier than the sun.

I also recently saw a thing on TV about the recent discoveries regarding Pluto. Among other things, they described conditions on the surface of the world, like how it's basically really cold and dark because of its distance from the sun. To help give an idea what it's like, they cut to a misty beach about 20 minutes before dawn, when it's just bright enough to see but everything was still dark and grey. "This is not a bad approximation of what high noon on Pluto might look like."

Call me crazy, but sometimes it's fun to pretend I'm waking up on Pluto. At least, until Kiddo bursts that bubble when he wakes up, runs squealing into the bathroom, and tries to climb in the shower and sit on my feet.
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Postby Friday » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:19 pm

Raking. Raking. Endless raking.

Pause. Look up.

The Deer.

It's him.

He's staring right at me, his eyes aflame.

I raise my rake, now my weapon.

"I see you, you motherfucker!" I scream, frothing.

The Deer smiles. From behind him, ten more.

"Is that all the force you could muster?!" I monologue. "After all this time, only this pitiful ragtag band of misfit rejects? Don't make me laugh!"

They advance quickly, never breaking formation. Hooves strike gravel in perfect crunching symphony. I sport a rictus grin and crouch low, leg muscles trembling.

The Deer stops. Twenty feet away. Less.

A crow calls. Once. Twice.

The ten spring forward, and die in the same instant, blood spraying upwards and outwards in perfect pretty circles. Their bodies hit the dirt a moment later. My rake has not a single drop of blood on it, but one prong is now slightly bent.

The Deer glances at the corpses for a moment, unperturbed. His smile remains.

"Is that the best you could find?" I ask, smirking.

The Deer moves one hoof slightly.

Ten skeletons rip from the flesh and spin at incredible speed directly at me. Behind them, the Deer pulls his necromantic strings.

Three go down, pulverized to bone dust, before my rake snaps in two from the strain. I flip backwards three times and pick up the car, swinging it like a bat at the horrors still animate.

Four more are reduced to nothing. A fifth gets close enough to graze me. I turn his skull into fragments with my fist.

Two left, circling warily. I flick my eyes back and forth between them.

No. They are merely a distraction. I realize too late.

The Deer has vanished.

I hear the impact of his hooves on my back before I feel the pain. Coughing, spitting blood, I roll on the asphalt away. Not fast enough. A skeletal hoof descends, blotting out my vision.

The blow never lands.

I open my eyes to see the undead beast frozen above me. It slowly withdraws the hoof.

Confused, I look to the Deer, standing serenely, still smiling. Some of my blood is on his hooves.

With one small motion he withdraws his minions. Looking directly at me, he nods once.

I understand. This was merely a message. He could kill me at any time he chooses. He allows me to live so that I may suffer.

I get to my feet. He has won this round.

I nod back, acknowledging his victory and my defeat. The Deer turns his back and slowly walks away, his skeletons sinking back into the earth.

"Shit," I say. "I dented my fender."

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