A take so hot I think I got singed reading it.

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Re: A take so hot I think I got singed reading it.

Postby Thad » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:01 am

Silversong wrote:I'm pretty tired of hearing "but the joooobs" suggested as a valid excuse for continuing practices that are actively hurting people / planet / everything. The problem is that in a supposedly wealthy nation most people are one hardship away from hunger and homelessness. The job is a red herring.

Agreed that it would be super if we come out of this by taking away TSA. I just got my TSA precheck number, so maybe it'll work like how when you bring an umbrella it doesn't rain.

Yeah, that's a subject I've got rather a lot to say about: about the need for universal basic income; about the need to shift the Overton window so that we stop evaluating people's worth (both ourselves' and others') based on job status; about how the politics of the latest season of Doctor Who were mostly great but that Amazon warehouse one was fucking bullshit...that kind of thing.

My point was, more or less, that regardless of my opinions of the TSA (and they are not positive), Trump is, once again, hurting people because he is having a racist temper tantrum, and that's fucked up even if it's the TSA.

(ICE, on the other hand? You won't find me expressing any sympathy for those guys. Unless "Welp, I hope you appreciate the irony and reevaluate your life choices" counts as sympathy.)

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Re: A take so hot I think I got singed reading it.

Postby Mongrel » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:16 am


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Re: A take so hot I think I got singed reading it.

Postby mharr » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:50 am

Whenever I see one of those posts I think they mean John de Lancie and believe TNG to be actual documented future history. Theorising about Q's use of time travel isn't helping.

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