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Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:53 pm
by nosimpleway
Hello everyone. Did you know that Brontoforumus's very own hyperintelligent dolphin/baby-eating aberration had been spending the past few months putting a game together in RPG Maker? It's true! She has! And this is what it is! I'm sure Friday will be along shortly to provide a download link.

Normally this is where I'd give a paragraph or two of expository banter, but, uh... I actually don't know anything about the game except that Friday made it. So let's dive right in!

Part 1: That's Not Water
Part 2: Lost Gobbos, Uppity Kitty
Part 3: So Here's This Crab
Part 4: Wandering Monsters
Part 5: I Get To Link That Achewood With the "A SKELETON!" Bit In It Again
Part 6: Spider Croissant
Part 7: A Town Shaped Like a Town
Part 8: Okay Fine Morgan Sheesh We'll Go Do The Thing Nag Nag Nag
Part 9: In Which nosimpleway Saves Another Two-Week Wait For Updates By Posting a Text-Heavy Video Instead of Transcribing The Whole Thing
Part 10: Oops, Gopher Hole
Part 11: Punctuality
Part 12: 2spooky :O
Part 13: Returning to Senn, Then Returning to Senn, Then Returning to Senn, Then Returning to Senn
Part 14: Lyssa's Tragic Backstory
Part 15: Two Monsters Unfought
Part 16: Hiatus Ended

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:03 pm
by nosimpleway
We open in a little clearing out in the woods somewhere, with a voice calling for our be-ribboned protagonist.

Lyssa: Who's there?
Voice: Lyssa... come to me...
Lyssa: Who are you? Where am I? Wait, I recognize this place... Isn't this where...

The default mapping on my game controller has the menu button on the far right, where decades of RPGs with a SNES or Playstation controller has trained me to use as the "accept" button. The actual accept button is on the left, where the Y button is on the SNES. It doesn't show in screenshots but I spend much of the early game struggling with this.

As I understand it Friday wrote the script and put the game together, but all the art and music assets are from stock RPGMaker assets or extra open-license downloads. Which is good, because that means I can make fun of Lyssa's vacant thousand-yard stare.

It's also why I won't be putting in any YouTube links to the soundtrack like I normally do. I'd have no idea what to call them or where to look.

The menu screens are about what you'd expect them to be. So is the starting equipment.

Well, that's probably not good. Shouldn't that be water below her?

Lyssa: I know this place! This is where Dren and I planted that sapling! But... uh. I think that should be water below me.
Voice: Lyssa...
Lyssa: That voice... so familiar somehow...


I'm going to assume under the Law of Conservation of Detail that anyone with a portrait is automatically Important.

Lyssa: This is a dream, right? I mean, there was starlight instead of water.
Elf lady: Lyssa, you must listen...

That's why you're named that.

Lyssa: Your voice... so familiar... Are you... my mother?
Mom?: Lyssa... you must... release...
Lyssa: Release? Release what?
Mom?: Seven... trees... release... us... We are... trapped... within... Release... Windseal...
Lyssa: Windseal? The heck?

What sorta heckin' bamboozle? The elf lady begins backing away, having met her ellipsis quota for the day.

Lyssa: Hey! Wait! Where are you going?

As she moves offscreen:
Mom?: Lyssa... you must... help... us...
Lyssa: Waaait! Mother!

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:10 pm
by nosimpleway
Lyssa: What a crazy dream!

Wait, this is Lyssa's mom? And she isn't important enough to get a portrait? Is she Crono's mom, too?

How many moms has this girl got, anyway?

And here's Dren's portrait. My inclination is to not like him much purely on the basis of that half-smirk. He's one cocked eyebrow away from full-on Dreamworks Face.

Dren: Mornin'.
Lyssa: Morning, Dren. Decided to come and steal breakfast as usual, huh?
Dren: Ha ha. Did you forget? Today is your big day.
Lyssa: That's right!

To be fair, she just got up from dreaming about other-mom in a place where the water is stars. No coffee or anything. So even if it's her birthday or the day she starts her new career or something, she can be forgiven.

Anna: Honey, have some eggs. I don't want you off adventuring on an empty stomach.

The thing on the table in front of mom is clearly a pie. It's not even a quiche, it has a lattice top.

Lyssa: Alright! Pie! Eggs, my favorite!

A THWACK THWACK THWACK noise plays here.

Dren: Lyssa, slow down!

There's another THWACK THWACK THWACK, followed by... a horse's whinny.

Dren: You eat like a horse!


Lyssa: *burp* All finished!
Anna: Now, Lyssa, I know you've been looking forward to this day for a long time. You're seventeen today. You've come of age. You're officially an adult now.

Oh. So it is her birthday.

Dren: Official or not, you still act like a kid.
Lyssa: I'm more mature than you!
Anna: Quiet, you two. I've been saving up some cash for today. It's not much, but it'll help you get started. I'm sorry I couldn't get more. People just don't seem to want cabbages.

But they're an excellent source of riboflavin! Maybe put that in your advertising.

Anna: Oh, and I picked up some potions, too.

Anna gives Crono Lyssa her allowance of 500 GP and 3 Minor Heal Potions.

Lyssa: Thanks, mom! You're the best!
Anna: Dren, are you still planning on going with her?
Dren: Yep. Wouldn't do to have her wandering around by herself.
Lyssa: I can take care of myself!
Dren: Tell that to the MagiMouse that burned up your harvest day dress.
Lyssa: I was one hit away from taking him out!
Dren: You were on fire, unconscious.
Lyssa: Idiot! I was luring him in.
Dren: *sigh* I'm going with you, and that's final.
Lyssa: Aww. Fine. You'd probably get killed by a crow or something if I left you here.

Earlygame crows can be awfully spiteful. Guard your cookies well.

Anna: You two should be sure to stop by the Job Board in the center of town. And don't forget to buy some gear! You won't last long against those monsters without it!
Lyssa: Yes! Finally the day has come! Now, we ride towards... DESTINY!

Turns out it's Lyssa's birthday and her first day on a new career. Okay then. Lyssa charges for the door.

Anna: Dren...
Dren: I know. Don't worry. We'll be fine. I'll take care of her.
Anna: She's not a little girl anymore, Dren.
Lyssa: Stop talking about me! Dren, get over here!
Dren: Sheesh, hold your horses!

What is it with Dren and horses? He keeps bringing them up.

Dren: The monsters aren't going anywhere!

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:33 pm
by nosimpleway
Dren: Lyssa...
Lyssa: I'm happy you're with me, Dren. I can't wait to get started!
Dren: ...Alright. I'm happy I'm with you, too.
Lyssa: Let's go!
Dren: Let's stop by my Dad's. He'll have some gear for sale.
Lyssa: Yeah! Maybe he'll give us some for free, since we're just starting out!
Dren: ... I doubt it. Anyway, don't forget to check around town for other stuff we might need. Spells, skills, food, healing potions and the like. Best to be prepared before we leave town.
Lyssa: I know that!
Dren: Oh? Without me here you'd probably just go running straight outside and get knocked out by the first slime you met.
Lyssa: Okay, Mr. Serious Pants. Shopping is fun too!
Dren: And don't forget what your mom said about the job board. We can get rewards for completing jobs.
Lyssa: Onward, to shopping and quests!

And here we get full control to explore the town to our heart's content.

First I stop by mom's cabbage patch for a look around. Despite one of the plants looking different from the rest, there's nothing here. Heading back into Lyssa's house to raid her own bedroom nets me $10 and a set of Clothes. Raiding the other bedroom just has Lyssa comment "Mom would kill me if I took any of her stuff!" But mom won't miss a few apples, so swinging by the larder nets you five of those. Talking to mom gives you one, and only one, Homecooked Meal.

Girl: Hey there, Lyssa! Did you know, a lot of people will say something different if you talk to them again? You've got to keep those lines of communication open!

Well, sure. Let's try it.

Girl: There you go! You and I could start up a club, and go around talking to everyone twice! We could call it 'The Fresh Talk Movement'. What do you think?

And again.

Girl: There you go! You and I could start up a club, and go around talking to everyone twice! We could call it 'The Fresh Talk Movement'. What do you think? ... Ha! Fooled you! You thought I was repeating myself!

Girl: I know nothing.

Girl: I know nothing.

Girl: The eyes of Ganon are everywhere.


Oh, Friday. I see what you did there. This is the first fight I got into, but the combat system is straight-up jRPG. Choose your attacks from a menu, and characters and monsters take an action in an order based on their Agility. Commands are Fight, Skills, White (Magic), Black (also Magic), Guard, and Item.

After that Eye of Ganon thing I talked to this horse a dozen times expecting some sort of oblique Ultima reference. To this, alas, the horse said nay.

Suspicious person: This stuff will keep the monsters away, 100% for sure, man. If you don't like it it comes with a free disinfec-- I mean, you can just remove it. And it's not cursed, I promise. You'll be able to get rid of it whenever you want. 100%, you can trust me. So wha'dya say man. Keep the baddies away for only 5 GP. It's a steal. 100%.

The options presented are "Alright, I guess." and "What's that smell?" I take the latter.

Very suspicious person: What smell? I don't smell anything. Come on man. Only 3 GP. I'll cut you a deal.

Between "Okay, I'll take it." and "Man it smells like... like... acne and angst!" I again take the latter.

Extremely suspicious person: Alright, alright. I can see you're a savvy guy. I'll shave it down to 1 GP. That's only one gold! Come on, man. You gotta buy this. It's a steal.

Yes, that it's stolen is what I'm assuming. "Okay, one gold." and "Was that a cop?" are my options.

Beyond suspicious person: What?! Where?! Oh man, come on. Here, just take it! I don't even want any gold! I gotta get out of here!

Options are"Yay, free stuff!" and "Guard! This lout is trying to give me free stuff!" You know which one I chose.

Master thief: Oh crap -- I -- ha!
(The man thrust something into your Key Items.)
Well, maybe not: Hahahahaha!
(The thief flees laughing.)


Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:52 pm
by nosimpleway
Most of the townsfolk are tutorials about different things, often including advice for earlygame survival. I'm encouraged to buy equipment instead of spells or abilities.

The training dojo, for instance, allows the purchase of weapon skills. It's pointed out a couple of times that Dren is suited for weapons skills and Lyssa is better off with magic. Either way, I expect to find some dank kush sooner or later, since this skill here requires I have a blunt.

The sword rack in the dojo has the game's ultimate weapon stashed inside... or a pretty good replica of it, at least.

There's a Save Point near the town entrance, despite the world map and saving anywhere being about twenty paces away.

Dren: Hello sir.
Lyssa: Hello sir. How is business?
Drexl: Terrible, ever since those Porcs took over the pass to Favros.
Dren: Well, we might be able to do something about that.
Drexl: Don't tell me you're planning on going through with that ridiculous adventuring idea.
Dren: We're just helping out around town, dad.
Drexl: That's "sir".
Dren: ...Sir.
Drexl: ...Let the elf girl do what she wants. Your place is here. I know you want to help your little friend. That's fine, if that's all it is. Someone could stand to clear out those Porcs so I can get my shipments. But that's as far as it goes. Adventuring is a stupid and dangerous profession, fit only for fools. And you're not a fool, are you?
Dren: ...No, sir.
Drexl: Good. Your mother isn't around anymore to mind the shop, you know. I need you here.
Dren: ...
Lyssa: Uhm, sir, we were wondering if we could buy something from you.
Drexl: That's fine. I could use the business. But don't go expecting a discount on account of Dren being my son.
Dren: We wouldn't dream of it, sir.
Drexl: I'm glad you understand. A man's got to stand on his own two feet.

"No, you can't go adventuring, it's dangerous. And if you want armor to make it less dangerous you have to pay full price, because my business is more important than you making it back home alive." Man, what a dick. He goes on to say that we're just not good enough for any better equipment than the meager offerings he sells now, until we complete a few jobs on the job board. Which means going adventuring! Pick a side, man!

Better to talk to his assistant, who in one fell swoop will give us two Copper Sticks, two Padded Armor, two Cloth Helms, and two Wooden Bucklers. That's the best equipment Drexl will sell us for the money we have. I could probably get one really nice piece of equipment with mom's 500 GP allowance instead, but I go for balance instead of minmaxing for the early game.

As far as I can tell from talking to the townspeople, equipment at this stage of the game is mostly give-or-take. If I buy a suit of heavy armor, defense will go up, but agility goes down. I'm assuming there are enchanted clothes later on that protect as well as plate mail without weighing anyone -- lookin' at Dren here -- down.

I also assume that at one point we'll win Drexl's respect and he'll give us the key to the treasure room in his basement.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:29 pm
by Friday
You have my full blessing to make fun of my game in whatever way you see fit. Don't hold back because we're friends, R^2-kun. Make your LP as entertaining as possible!

Lyssa's thousand yard stare is just her straining her eyes for loot, natch

Dren's portrait was "custom" made in the engine, in that I created it from a bunch of mix and match options. The dreamworks smirk was one of the only mouth options that didn't make him look like he had some sort of syndrome.

For those keeping track, this is actually the second part of the game. I released part 1 about 4 years ago, but didn't consider it complete enough to be played by anyone except a few friends for testing purposes.

Part 1 ends at the end of Senn Valley, after you do the final job on the Senn Job Board. Part 2 begins on the screen where you get your third character. (The parts are bundled together.)

My plan is to release the game in installments, since save files can be imported. I'll hold off on posting a link here until this LP is complete, but if you want to play along, PM me and I'll send you my shitty little RPGmaker game that I spent far, far too much time creating.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:45 pm
by nosimpleway
There are six jobs posted on the job board, each encouraging us to go talk to whoever posted the job for details. The options are:
Gross Slimes! (Lvl 1)
Missing Kitty! (Lvl 2)
Uppity Gobbos! (Lvl 4)
Swamp Cave! (Lvl 6)
Porcs in the Pass! (Lvl 8)

So let's go talk to Amy, in the general store, about these gross slimes.

Amy: My goodness, I'm glad you asked! The grove where I pick my apples has been taken over by a bunch of good-for-nothing slimes! They're probably slobbering over all those wonderful apples even as we speak! It's... it's...
Amy: Oh my! I'm sorry, but I hate Slimes so much! Why couldn't the weakest monster be something cute, like a MagiMouse!

Tradition, probably. Are these slimes onion-shaped with smiley faces?

Amy: My oozelust can only be sated if you bring me the head of the Head Slime.
Lyssa: Uh, alright. No prob.
Amy: The grove is just west of here, across the river and then a bit north.
Lyssa: Fear not! "Killing Slimes" is my middle name!

As far as I can tell, this conversation actually adds "Killing Slimes" to the name bar in Lyssa's status screen.

Amy then goes on to sell us the groceries she has in stock. Apples are apples. Peanuts are described as "difficult to eat", so I assume Lyssa throws them ten feet into the air and tries to catch them in her mouth. Bread is "the best thing since sliced slime mold". Carrots are "so good, you'll go tharn."

Other things in town I'll get back to later. The shopping behind us, it's on to quests!

In a game where one of my first optional conversations was a Zelda II joke, it may not surprise you to learn that there are secrets scattered over the world map.

This gap in the foothills, for instance?

Free Camping Gear, which works like a Tent does in Final Fantasy.

I do some dicking around on the world map for a bit before heading into the grove Amy pointed me towards, but it's not worth relating. I found a snake. Lyssa threw fire at it. The end.

Dren: This would be a nice place if not for all the ooze.
Lyssa: The leader must be up ahead. Let's go!
Dren: Do slimes even have command structure...?

All the visible slimes say this, but do not engage. Random encounters with Slimes and the occasional, more dangerous Slimer pop up. There are no Apples to be found except for those somebody had the foresight to lock inside a treasure chests so the slimes couldn't reach them.

By the time I reach the end of the grove I'm like 10 EXP away from level 2, so I go ahead and fight another random encounter to get it. There's no message about leveling beyond this, but comparing before-and-after shots of her Status screen, Lyssa got +1 attack, +2 defense, +2 magic attack, +2 magic defense, +2 agility, and +2 luck. Which seems pretty substantial. I think.

Dren: "It's slime time"?
Lyssa: You've gooped your last gurble!
Dren: Just stop.

Dren: Lyssa! Take out the adds first!
Lyssa: The what?
Dren: The other slimes!
Lyssa: Oh! Why didn't you say that in the first place?!
Dren: I di-- nevermind! Let's do it!
Lyssa: Yeah! Prepare to meet your slimey maker!
Dren: I told you to stop!

I know I glanced a lot of their establishing text in the words words words words words of the opening posts, but yes, they're always like this.

Being the first boss, there's not much to say. Lyssa takes on the regular slime with regular attacks. Dren, being stronger, takes on the Slimer. Both are defeated around the same time, at which point Lyssa uses Fire Bolt and Dren uses Power Strike against the Head Slime. No one at any point needs a healing potion.

Dren: It looks like the other slimes are clearing out.
Lyssa: They gurple before us!
Dren: STOP
Dren: Er, uh. We need to take the head.
Lyssa: Oh, right. Uh... Which part is the head?
Dren: I don't know, you're the expert, Miss "Slime Time".
Lyssa: I think it's... this?
Lyssa: Hey, Dren, put this in the pack.
Dren: ....
Lyssa: Oops. Sorry, got a bit on your face there.

There are no encounters on the way out of the grove, or indeed all the way back to town.

Dren: I'm not sure what WE think it is, honestly.
Lyssa: One Head Slime's Head, fresh from the grove!
Amy: That's his stomach.
Lyssa: Gross gross gross!
Amy: Hahaha! I'm just messing with ya.
Lyssa *whew* Oh, thank goodness.
Amy: Yeah, Slimes are all stomach.
Dren: I highly doubt that.
Amy: In any case, thank you so much! Now I can pick apples to my heart's content!
Dren: Er, didn't you say all the apples in that grove were covered in slime?
Amy: I wash them first! Besides, a little Slime never hurt anybody. Here ya go! Heroes like you deserve a reward!

(Quest complete! Received 50 EXP and 100 GP.)

Whoa, a free stat up, already? Uh... uh... hmm. Well. I... don't know!

I can pretty well guess what these do from the names: HP up, MP (or AP or whatever) up, and a boost to one stat or the other. I end up going with Vitality, which turns out to be a flat +13 HP. Which I give to Lyssa, because I don't know whether I'm going to have a revolving-door party in this game and Lyssa will probably always be here.

Lyssa: Sweet! With this, I'll be ungorpable!

And with our first quest in the bag, I'm gonna wrap my first update here. Tune in next time for: Rescuing some girl's cat!

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:46 pm
by nosimpleway
Friday wrote:Part 1 ends at the end of Senn Valley, after you do the final job on the Senn Job Board. Part 2 begins on the screen where you get your third character.

Dude, spoilers.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:46 pm
by Friday
Don't worry about wasting skill tomes or stat seeds. Every character is permanent. Think DQ8.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:11 am
by nosimpleway
(Location: South of town)
Return my Kitty to me!
(Psst, you have to tell them who and where you are.)
Oh! I'm Lita and I'm seven!
(...Lita is playing in the town square next to you.)

Lita: I asked my mom and she told me to put a notice up on the job board! Please find my Kitty! He's all alone...

This is the bit I skipped before. I went here first, and Lyssa set a snake on fire.

Another obvious mark on the world map! There must be an item or so--

Oh. That's it. All right then.

Another mission accomplished! The EXP reward from this is enough to bump Lyssa and Dren up to level 3.

Tune in next time as w--

Eh, guess I should keep going.

Dren teases Lyssa some more before the conversation really gets underway. Did you know Dren looks nice in hair ribbons? The Ribbon accessory at the store even says that it looks nicer on Dren. Anyway, there's a new Gobbo chief up in the mountains, and that's spurring the lesser Gobbos on to attack people outside of their normal range. So we gotta go take out the new Chief.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:41 am
by nosimpleway
Lyssa: ... What's the matter, you tired?

I don't have any better directions to get to the Gobbo camp than "north". And our beloved peasant village is just to the south of a lake, so I get to pick which way to go around. I choose to wrap around to the east, which stops me for this next cutscene before I get altogether very far.

Lyssa: Man, I wish we had a tent. I mean, I don't mind sleeping in the open...

I have to sets of "Camping Gear" in my inventory... hey, how come tents and stuff in RPGs get used up when you sleep in them once, anyway? That doesn't make any sense at all.

Dren: Why... are you doing this?
Lyssa: Why am I doing what?
Dren: This. Adventuring. I mean, I know you've always wanted to be a hero, or whatever. But...
Lyssa: Not always, actually.
Dren: Oh?
Lyssa: When I was little, I was afraid all the time. I was made fun of and bullied for being different. I hated it, but I didn't know what to do...

Willy: Freak! Freak!
Lyssa: Shut up!
Billy: You're a freak! You killed your own father!
Lyssa: That's not true! *sniffle*
Billy: Awww, is widdle Lyssa gonna cry? You long eared crybaby!
Lyssa: *sniff, sniff... whaaaaaa~*
Billy: Hahaha! What a freak!
Dren: What's going on here?
Willy: Uh oh, it's Dren!
Dren: Are you picking on Lyssa again? I told you if I caught you making her cry again I'd beat you up!
Willy: Let's get out of here!
Billy: I'm telling mom you said you were gonna beat us up!

Exit Billy and Willy. Since they're not included in the cast of the dozen or so people living in town, I assume they got eaten by Gobbos sometime in the last ten years.

Dren: Are you OK?
Lyssa: Stay - *sniff* - stay away from me! I hate you!

Lyssa runs halfway offscreen.

Dren: What'd I do?!
Lyssa: Just... just leave me alone!
Dren: Lyssa, wait! Come back! Where are you going?

Dren: Yeah, I followed you.
Lyssa: That's when we planted that sapling, up north of town. ... And... I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry anymore. It was thanks to you that I made that promise, you know. I decided that I was gonna fight. No more crying.
Dren: So you're saying it's my fault that you became an adventurer?
Lyssa: ... Well... I also want to find my parents.
Dren: ...Your parents?

This game was not translated from Japanese, don't start this "one character's dialog is whatever just got said to them with a question mark at the end" nonsense.

Lyssa: My real parents, I mean. Don't get me wrong. I love my mom. She'll always be my mother. But I want to find my
birthmother and father. I want to find my own people.
Dren: ... But nobody has seen any elves in almost a hundred years now.
Lyssa: Except for my mother. I mean, my birthmother. My mom told me that she saw her. After she had left the basket with me in it.
Dren: I never knew...
Lyssa: Yeah. That's how my mom knew what to call me. "Her name is Lyssa..." It's the only thing my birthmom said. As I grew up, it became obvious I wasn't a full-blooded elf. Which means I've got a human father out there, somewhere. I want to find him, too.
Dren: I... I understand. I'd probably feel the same way, if I was you. I can take you as far as Favros. I've been there before with my father. It's bigger than Senn. You might be able to find some information about the elves there.
Lyssa: You won't be coming with me after Favros?
Dren: ... I can't. My dad needs me at the shop... Because mom is gone.

See, that's why I gave Lyssa the HP+ boost. For all I knew Dren is a crutch character for the earlygame, a Jeigen, or maybe a Cerberus, or at least a Butterfree. But any dramatic tension on this topic has been dispelled by Friday's last post, so... never mind.

Lyssa: ... Are you sure? You're two years older than me, Dren. You can make your own choices.
Dren: I know that! And I know I'm worried about you too, damn it! I can't just have you running around out here! You could get hurt! Or worse...
Lyssa: I can take care of myself, you know.
Dren: Let's just go to bed. I'm tired.
Lyssa: Dren...

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:48 am
by nosimpleway
Oh, I was supposed to come this way when I was going to Favros anyway. Whoopsie.

You might recall "Porcs in the Pass" being the level 8 quest available on the job board back in Senn. I'm only level 4 right now, so to keep from being porced in the pass I'm gonna leave this spot for later.

But I can probably take monsters intended for level five... right?

Oof. The battle's not unwinnable, or anything, but the EXP and gold from fighting them doesn't seem to be well worth the trouble. I head back to town, take a nap in Lyssa's bed, and head around the west side of the lake.

Image the point that I go in a near circle and end up facing the same landmass I just left. I keep going north, instead of crossing the bridge.

Gobbos don't hit as hard as Lil Lizards, and while the MagiMouse occasionally casts Blaze to hit both Lyssa and Dren, the fight is overall easier. So I must be going the right way.


That little cap, that dopey mustache... is this a cameo for Torneko Taloon?

I can also borrow somebody's tent up in the top right, but having bought one of the three ability potions for sale here, I actually didn't have the dosh for it. And it's only 5 GP...

Many comments are made about the awful smell, but this is the place.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:00 am
by nosimpleway


The Gobbo drops my first (Blunt), and the MagiMouse casts Blaze. eyyyyyy lmao

Dren: I think they mean "No trespassing".




The Gobbo cave is the first real dungeon, so while it has a few branching paths it's overall pretty straightforward. Back in town, a few people reminded me to bring food for dungeons for between-fight heals. But I'm stuffed to the gills with Apples and have some Carrots and Bread if I need 'em, so I'm set.

Gobbo Shamans are a little tougher than plain ol' regular Gobbos, and can cast Firebolt and Heal. For all my running around in here I hit level 4. I thought I was already at level 4, but it turns out I was not. Whoopsie again.

I must be getting close to the boss room.

Turns out yes, I am. Before I engage the Gobbo Boss, or Gob-boss, I steal his bread.

Gobbo: Eeek! That's "Gobboss!"

So I said.

Dren: ...Clever.
Gobboss: You will regret coming here!
Dren: You're right. The smell alone...
Gobboss: My smell is strongest of all Gobbos!
Dren: I agree.
Gobboss: Now I will crunch you up into little bits!

The stylized ogre in the middle looks pretty out-of-place among the two cartoony imps flanking him, but that's what happens when you pull your art from a preexisting catalog. Not every handcrafted game has a Temmie to do art and self-insert wackiness, okay?

I don't think Gobboss hit with a single Bodyslam, so I assume it's one of those high-power low-accuracy moves you run into once in a while. Perhaps the fight would have gone differently if he'd ever successfully hit with it.

I did have to use my first healing potion just from the regular hits, you see.

For the Head Slime fight I had Lyssa and Dren each take on one of the lesser targets. In this one I had both of them aim at the Shaman, since it has healing magic. Once that was done I dispatched the Gobbo and turned my special attacks onto the Gobboss. A little more complicated than the Head Slime, but it's still only the second boss fight. I'd say "no sweat" but I'm pretty sure there's no shortage of musk wafting about.

That passage off to the right leads back outside through the hole I spotted on the way in.

And that's a wrap. Next time: some sort of Marsh Cave!

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:50 pm
by Newbie
I'm enjoying the liveblog! I'm also enjoying the game, which I need to get back to, because you're father than I am. (However--I have a Monster Medallion that you don't, it would seem!)

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:14 pm
by Mothra
100% into this

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:23 pm
by nosimpleway
The only joke there is to be made about caves in swamps is already included in the game, when Lyssa reassures the questgiver that she intends to buy 99 PURES before heading in.

I said at the beginning that I'd take simplicity over minmaxing, but as it turns out, money's pretty tight in this game. Random encounters don't give much, and quests can only be completed once for their more generous rewards. So there's not much reason to buy my way up the progression ladder for equipment -- I save my cash and jump straight to the best item I can afford. Here Lyssa swaps out her quilted clothes for a robe enchanted to give the same armor bonus, but also a boost to her magic attack.

Also, the superior version of the quarterstaff is the dollarstaff. You'd think it'd be exactly four times as powerful, but it's not.

Completing three, maybe only two, quests is enough for Drexl to relax his butthole a little and sell you the better gear he's got in stock.

Of the sound effects that follow I think only one of them actually sounded like a piano chord. I think the horse neigh got mixed in somewhere, in fact.

I'm sure the topic will never come up again.

It's funny because I had just noticed they were there, and thinking the exact same thing.

Anyhow, now that I've gotten a few levels under my belt, I'm a little more comfortable exploring the world map a bit. So the Swamp Cave can wait. This little grove, for instance? Not much more than a treasure chest with an Oak Sword inside, but a hardwood bokken is still better than a stick with a bit of copper on the end.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:32 pm
by nosimpleway

Sure enough, it's exactly that. The smell was a giveaway.

Ey, bee. Bee Aggressive aren't particularly noteworthy but I've showed off every other enemy I've met so far, so why not?

The cave has some treasure in it, and the monsters are mostly the same that are hanging out on the world map. But since I can't afford much in the way of equipment upgrades in town, a few items that are either better than what the shops sell, or salable to the shops for some more cash, is nice. This, for instance? It's just a dagger. Despite the name implying that it functions as an off-hand weapon, it does not. And since Dren is more dangerous with a sword than a dagger, I end up cashing it in.

You're given a choice of whether to engage this monster, so I took the opportunity to retreat back to the cave's central save point and heal up.

Hey guys guess what the monster called Blaze Bat likes to do. Here's a hint: fire-elemental spell, hits all targets.

It's a tougher fight than the Gobboss, but it's a matter of trading hits and quaffing potions once it casts Blaze a couple of times. My reward is my first Monster Medal; according to a soldier back at the pub, there are ten to be found in Senn Valley.

The lower level of the cave is all gray and foreboding, until you get to the lakeside, where... well, we're underground, it can't be grass... Moss? Some sort of algae-based biofilm? covers the ground.

If you step off the path that the arrows point you on, the chests in the center lock. Inside is some cash, a ring that boosts HP, and an Epee to replace the Oak Sword already. This is the end of the non-quest-related Gobbo cave, so I head back to town and rest up.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:48 pm
by nosimpleway
This is up north, around the lake, at the top edge of the map. The quest-based Gobbo cave is to the west, the area that I shouldn't go into until I'm level 5 to the east. (I hit level 5 in the cave I just finished, so now I can go that way too.)

Last time I saw this map, that wasn't water down there.

Dren: Yeah?
Lyssa: Do you... remember this place?
Dren: Of course.

More flashbacks! How the hell did Lyssa get up here as a small child, anyway? There are Gobbos and Snakes and other tough-at-level-1 enemies in random encounters in this part of the world.

Lyssa: *sniff, sniff*
Dren: Lyssa...
Lyssa: Leave me alone!
Dren: You can't keep running away like this.
Lyssa: Shut up!
Dren: Your mom is worried about you...
Lyssa: She's not my mom!
Dren: She is! Just cause she's a human and you're...
Lyssa: And I'm what? A freak!
Dren: That's not what I meant.
Lyssa: Everyone hates me...
Dren: That's not true...
Lyssa: They make fun of me... They call me a freak...
Dren: They're just being dumb. Nobody hates you.
Lyssa: Yes they do! Billy said I killed my dad!
Dren: That wasn't your fault! It was an accident...
Lyssa: But I...
Dren: Lyssa...
Lyssa: *crying*
Dren: Lyssa, here.
Lyssa: What is this?
Dren: It's a seed, dummy. I found it on a walk.
Lyssa: A seed?
Dren: It's yours now.
Lyssa: It's pretty...
Dren: Why don't you plant it?
Lyssa: Plant it?
Dren: Yeah. You can plant it right here. Then, whenever you're sad, you can come and visit. But Lyssa... you gotta stop running away all the time.

Dren, you're two years older and the blacksmith's son. I know you're trying to help but you might consider that you have a bit more leverage than Lyssa does against bullies Lyssa's age. Also, again: slimers, bees, gobbos, and snakes are random encounters on the way here. Maybe don't encourage her to come back this way if you can help it.

Dren: I won't be around to save you forever, you know. You have to fight on your own.
Lyssa: ...on my own...
Dren: Er, I mean, I -- I'll always be your friend, Lyssa. You can count on me. But... You should be able to stand up for yourself!

Maybe learn how to throw darts made of pure elemental fire with your mind and a wave of your hand. That'd probably work.

Dren: I... sorry, that came out wrong.
Lyssa: No, it's OK. *sniff* I know.
Dren: Lyssa...
Lyssa: I won't cry anymore! Even if they call me a freak and make fun of my ears!
Dren: Well, your ears are rather enormous.
Lyssa: *smack* Jerk!
Dren: Ow! Lyssa, that hurt!
Lyssa: Serves you right for being a jerk!
Dren: Why cna you hit me when I tease you, but not Billy? He's a much bigger jerk than me.
Lyssa: Barely.
Dren: OK, OK, I'm sorry I made fun of your ears.
Lyssa: ... Really?
Dren: Yes, really. I... I think your ears are pretty.

When you enter the skills dojo for the first time, Dren makes fun of Lyssa's ears again. She makes some snappy comments but doesn't smack him around anymore. Some things you earn.

Lyssa: *smile* OK, I forgive you. I wanna plant the seed... Will it be OK on its own?
Dren: I think so. Besides, you'll come and visit it, right?
Lyssa: Yeah! I'm not gonna cry anymore...

And back to the present. You can examine the tree for comments on how big it's gotten (and more teasing about Lyssa's ears) but there's nothing else here. But given this was the location Lyssa dreamed about in the intro sequence, we'll no doubt be back.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:10 pm
by nosimpleway
One of the villagers tells you to look in the hills for a guy who has a job for you, name of Noah. The sign upon entering this place tells you it's Noah's Shack, so this is the place.

This is several pages into his diary. Two pages ago was Noah scoffing at the idea of the save point in town, saying he was perfectly capable of warping space/time by himself. That was around day 50 or something.

The Dragon is introduced back in the magic shop as the progenator of magic. So this guy's a good enough mage to travel through time, but doesn't have a whole lot of respect for tradition.

Lyssa: Uh, sorry to bother you. We're just exploring.
Noah: Explorin'? You wouldn't happen to be adventurers, would ya?
Dren: Well, I guess we are...
Noah: Perfect! I've got a job for ya!
Lyssa: Great!
Noah: There's a water elemental in my well. Go kill it!
Lyssa: ... Uh, what?
Dren: Yeah, what?
Noah: What are you, deaf? I thought I was the old man!
Noah: I said: There's.
Noah: A.
Noah: Water.
Noah: Elemental.
Noah: In.
Noah: My.
Noah: Well.
Noah: Go kill it.
Dren: Yeah, we heard you the first time. What we're wondering is how a water elemental got in your well.
Noah: Because I threw it in there. Dern youngin'. Look, are you gonna do the job or not?
Lyssa: ...I guess so...
Noah: Good. Cause she tastes horrible.

Dren: I don't see anything...
Lyssa: Let's take a closer look. I don't...
Mysterious voice: Hello...
Lyssa: Did you hear that?!
Dren: I did.
Lyssa: Maybe someone really is down there!
Mysterious voice: I'm down here...
Lyssa: I definitely hear a voice!
Dren: Maybe the old man is playing a trick on us...


Lyssa: Holy smokes!
Strange Woman: I wish thee a good day, Holy smokes.
Lyssa: W-w-whwhat?
Strange Woman: I apologize. Is that not thy name?
Lyssa: No! My name is Lyssa!
Strange Woman: I see. Among my people, it is customary to speak one's name before addressing a soul new to oneself. Forgive me for causing thee confusion. My name is Dyneh.
Lyssa: Wow! There really was a water elemental in the well!
Dyneh: A common misconception. True elementals are much more primal and aggressive. It would be more accurate to refer to me as a "water spirit".
Lyssa: But... whatever you are... What are you doing in the well?
Dyneh: I was summoned by an old man and bound here. I was, apparently, placed here in order to improve the flavor of the water...
Dren: You're kidding.
Dyneh: I truly wish I was.
Lyssa: Uh. So the old man is crazy. Big surprise.
Dyneh: I do not think so. Eccentric, perhaps. But it takes someone with great wisdom and power to summon a spirit like me.

Someone with courage too could wish for anything they wanted. And have you noticed that Dyneh stopped using contractions once she appeared? Now it's all this formal "do not" and "I am" when she stated "I'm down here" before appearing onscreen.

Dyneh: Though, I do admit to being a bit uncomfortable. It's really dark down there.
Dren: Why don't you just leave?
Dyneh: Alas, I cannot. Powerful magic binds me to this place.
Dren: You should know that the "wise" old man wants us to kill you.
Dyneh: Ah, I see. He takes pity on me. Destroying this corporeal form would merely set me free. Regrettably, I do not think the two of ye are up to the task. Put simply, I would flatten ye.
Lyssa: Hey, don't count us out.
Dyneh: Perhaps another solution could be found...

The choice appears: "Nope, you gonn' die" or "Keep talking...". And when an ageless spirit of pure elemental force tells me I'm not up to fighting her, I am inclined to believe that. So I let Dyneh think things through.

Dyneh: I can sense, faintly, a nearby fairy spring. Doest ye know of such a place?
Dren: Maybe you're talking about the lake northeast of Senn? I've heard stories that fairies live there... But nobody has ever seen any.
Dyneh: The fey are adept at hiding themselves. They would not reveal their forms to mortals without reason. Indeed, I myself only showed this form to ye because of the Fae blood that runs in Holy smoke's veins...
Lyssa: Ha! Suck it, Dren, you loser!
Dren: Whatever, thy holiness.
Dyneh: I believe you are capable of taking me to the spring.
Lyssa: But how will we, uh... take you? You said you were bound here...
Dyneh: I will give ye a small flask of water from this well. My essence will be contained within. If ye pour the water into a suitable spring, I shall be freed... But the water ye release me into must be suitable. Otherwise I will remain bound here... Ye must find the center of the magic spring...
Dren: Well, I've heard about some kind of hidden cave that leads under the lake. We should search for it.
Dyneh; Ye have my gratitude... Here is the water. Take it. And I shall restore thee to thy full powers.

*sparkle sparkle*

Lyssa: Wow, that tingles!
Dyneh: Good luck. I shall be here if ye need me...

And Dyneh disappears with another splash.

"Slime Killer" is no longer Lyssa's middle name. She's Holy smokes now.

Re: Another LP? It must be Friday! Let's play Windseal!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:30 pm
by nosimpleway
I'll handle Dyneh's predicament in a little bit. I've already started heading southwest, so I'm gonna clear out the marsh cave before I forget or anything.

It's possible to step in those pools, and doing that costs around 10 HP every step.

The enemies here are new but only somewhat dangerous, but with my HP sapped by that poisonous water I end up retreating to return with better healing items. Maybe I really do need to go buy 99 PURES.

One of the Snakers drops an item advertised to cure 100% of all HP and status ailments. I'm not ready to believe monsters are dropping actual Elixirs yet, and given the name my skepticism is only reinforced.

So the swamp cave can wait. Maybe I'll go handle Dyneh's quest after all.

Okay, so you want to stick your face up to the hole?
Yes No ->What? No! Just... peer in from a distance.
So like ten feet away?
Yes No ->Well closer than that, obviously.
So 1 inch?
Yes No ->'re doing this on purpose, aren't you.

Somehow I have a completely clear idea of what it's like to be in one of Friday's D&D games.

Whereas just sticking your hand in and grabbing the thing nets you a key without any fuss.

Lyssa and Dren go "OH BY THE WAY THIS ISN'T PART OF THE DYNEH SIDEQUEST" when you walk into the nearby cave.

The key I found outside unlocks a gate on the first cave screen.

The red chest was a Lesser Smite spell, which is more powerful than Fire Bolt by a pretty good margin. Shame I'd already bought Lyssa one back in town. Under the assumption that I'll get at least one more magic-user in my party eventually, I'll hang onto it. Anyway, here's this crab.

Aww! Hey, little guy!



The Tiny Enemy Crab is far and away the toughest fight so far, since a single swipe of its claws can hit for more damage than I can use a Minor potion to heal, and it knows the Energy Fork spell to hit both Lyssa and Dren (or one of them twice, for again, more damage than I can effectively heal).

Did I mention its crazy high defense means Dren's Power Strike only does about 2 damage? So basically Dren's throwing around potions to keep Lyssa on her feet while Lyssa casts Lesser Smite... which I assume is why that's a freebie in this very cave.

Okay. So, the magic/skills system. AP is the same as MP in any other game. Spells consume it, and when you run out, you can't cast any more. TP is a complicating factor -- you start any fight with 10, and most actions like fighting or guarding will net you +5. But skills and spells have a TP cost in addition to any AP cost! Dren's Power Strike costs 5 TP, so I up to this point I would have to stop and let Dren do something else before he could charge up enough TP to use Power Strike again.

Lesser Smite takes 6 TP to cast. Firebolt doesn't cost TP, but gives back 4 (as opposed to the 5 for just using a physical hit instead). So this fight was a tough balance of using healing potions (which themselves give 5 TP), casting my most damaging spell, and holding back with just plain ol' Fire Bolt to recharge TP while still doing some damage.

Eventually I run out of Minor Heals and resort to chugging the Snake Oil. Surprise! It does nothing at all.

Shortly after running out of heals, I manage to pull off a narrow victory. Lyssa and Dren had maybe 100 HP left, and Lyssa was starting to run dangerously low on AP.

I assume that the crab is vulnerable to lightning or some other elemental property that I don't have. Or has a debilitating status ailment that never misses. Or something. What I'm getting at is that I have no idea what the weak point that I can hit for massive damage was, but I can't imagine it doesn't possess one.

My reward is a Defense Seed and another Monster Medal.