The Walking Dead: The Comic Book

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The Walking Dead: The Comic Book

Postby Thad » Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:23 am

So, like, is every issue just going to end with Negan announcing that he's won? On the one hand, it's gotten pretty dumb at this point; on the other, I might actually kind of love it.

Anyway, Rick's gonna be fine. We already know Dwight didn't rub his bolts in the zombie gunk; he made a lame excuse about how it would fuck up his aim. Does Negan just not remember that? Does he have a case of Selectively Stupid like everybody else in the cast does right now?

Dwight nonfatally shot Rick on purpose. What he said to Eugene is the truth: he's too big of a coward to turn on Negan directly, but he really does hate him and want him to lose. I mean, dude took his wife and then burned half his fucking face. We're not talking complex, nuanced motivations here; dude wants (1) Negan to die while (2) managing not to die himself. And not in that order.

I really don't know quite what to think of All-Out War. On the one hand, it's predictable, it's dragged on too long, and it relies heavily on characters coming down with a sudden case of the stupids. (Seriously, nobody thought the bag over Holly's head was suspicious?) On the other hand, it's managed to keep up the action in a book that had really earned a reputation for being talky, it's managed to keep a better-than-monthly schedule, and I still find myself looking forward to it despite its glaring flaws.

I'm not sure the book's still good. But for whatever reason, I DO still like it.

(I have no comments on the latest season of the TV show because I have not seen it yet.)

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