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Re: Thundercats

Postby Thad » Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:27 pm

You know what chaps my ass?

I've watched the credits to Thundercats Roar (in slow motion, so I actually had time to read them) and you know what name isn't in them? Bernard Hoffer.

The music credit is "Music by Matthew Janszen." And no disrespect to Janszen, who's certainly contributed some new music to the show and deserves recognition for it, but the vast majority of the music cues are from the original series (and the ones that are new are, in many cases, new arrangements of themes from the original series).

If Wikipedia is to be believed, Hoffer is still alive. I hope he's at least getting royalties, but his name should be in there given how extensively they're using his work.

ETA: found a thread with people discussing it, including someone who claims to be in contact with Hoffer. Hoffer (purportedly) says he sold all the music rights. If he signed away his publicity rights as part of the deal, that's his call to make, but I still think it stinks. I'ma head over to IMDb and see if I can add a "Bernard Hoffer (uncredited) - music" credit or somesuch added.

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