Chicks Dig Giant Robots

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Chicks Dig Giant Robots

Postby Thad » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:07 am

Machinima's doing a new Transformers cartoon. Which apparently is set during the Combiner Wars, which apparently is part of the IDW comics? I dunno, I quit reading them after All Hail Megatron sorta fizzled out near the end.

I'd rather see something set in the original universe (either G1-post-season-4 or anything post-Beast Machines), but what the hell, let's have us another new Transformers universe I guess.

I've also recently re-watched the first five episodes of Transformers Prime. I didn't really like them any better the second time, but now I have a four-year-old nephew to watch them with so that makes it better. (Really anything I can get him to watch in-between episodes of Ninja Turtles. Lord knows I like some Ninja Turtles now and again, but not all day long.) I hear it gets better maybe?

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