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Re: Hot game deals

Postby Thad » Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:16 pm

Eye of the Beholder trilogy free on GOG.

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Re: Hot game deals

Postby Newbie » Fri Jun 19, 2020 8:23 pm

Since it's finally available on Steam, Outer Wilds is 33% off, making it $16.65 USD. If you somehow haven't heard me evangelize about this before, Outer Wilds casts you as a fledgling alien astronaut/archaeologist in a disproportionately fascinating star system. You're free to set your own goals and explore as you'd like, but don't confuse this for a survival game like No Man's Sky: here, there are no tools to construct, no abilities to level-up, and no upgrades to unlock. The only factors limiting your exploration are the laws of physics, the sturdiness of your body, and your own understanding of the worlds around you. Armed with complete knowledge of the game and its secrets, you could bring the narrative to a successful conclusion in less than half an hour, but most players will spend 15 to 20 hours investigating all of its mysteries.

There is no other game which impresses me as much as this one. When I first finished it, I had to watch as many different Let's Play streams online as I could find, because the moments of revelation and existential awe are so powerful, even when experienced vicariously. I encourage you to go in with as little foreknowledge as you can.
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Re: Hot game deals

Postby beatbandito » Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:08 pm

Outer Wilds is out on Steam and 33% off for two weeks.

I just finished it myself after over a year of on-and-off playing and the entire experience through the final end credits was

Trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible, It's for the best if you're able to go in completely blind as I did and stop reading here.

But, to describe it at all, I do need to at least lay out that it's exploration and 3D platforming in a time loop. You start in a really great in-universe tutorial that covers the gameplay basics and controls / tools in natural ways that are still as obvious as they need to be about the actual applications and then you just explore the solar system. That's it. You're given a beautiful means of finding other members of the Outer Wilds Ventures who you can ask for directions, but just going to the first thing you see, the coolest thing you see, or where you end up when trying to do any of those three things will get you to something worth seeing. The solar system itself and planets are rather small, but dense. You wont see everything that exists out there, but it's not too hard to find the important and story bits if you can manage to focus on the area you're in without getting compelled to check something else cool out.

Narratively it's basically an open-world walking simulator. There is a full story of the history of your solar system and the events you're caught up in that you're not required to complete, but is the only means to learning where and how to progress with any real direction. The fact that you can reveal individual points of information in any order means you control the narrative course of your adventure, even if it always ends up in the same place. I managed to trip my way into some "endgame" areas early and missed an obvious area that I had written off for a long time, making the information in there a complete shock to me. My idea of how the story would be resolved had developed naturally and seemed to be on point until a single revelation put some other points into perspective or, more-so, revealed them to be just perspectives from characters and not solely as information from designers for you to find for your experience.

Gameplay wise things are pretty chill. The controls for your ship took me a long time to work out, and I could then pick it up again months later and have no issue. You'll learn about the planets and technology of system and solve problems with that information. There's very little real performative challenge. If you can see where you want to be or do next and can't get there you're probably going about it wrong and are missing information or just need to look around for another route. Until the very end, the final task after the narrative has been completed is left for you to figured out based on the information you have, and I was sure I must've been wrong about it because it seemed like a lot more than the game had ever asked me to get done in one go.

The ending is fantastic, but there's not much that can be gone into there in a "spoiler-free" recommendation. But it wont disappoint you if you've made it that far. Unless you're a complete monster.

I can't recommend this game enough, GOTY 2018 and probably 2019 and 2020 too.

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