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Re: Diablo: What fresh hell is this?

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:11 pm
by Defenestration
Mongrel wrote:In my case doubling the RAM (which is now QUADRUPLE the supposed on-paper requirements) fixed most, but not all, issues. I would watch as the game not-so-slowly consumed every scrap of memory my computer could muster, so I finally caved. My only consolation is that RAM is universally useful and the money I spent didn't go to GGG.

It's funny how there are days when we think our connection's gone bad, but it turns out, that nope, it's just PoE's servers being low-budget dogshit again. As much as I give Tanks shit for being a Russian squeeze operation, at least the code is ruthlessly optimized and tighter than a tick, if only because most of the playerbase plays on some variety of ancient shrivelled-up half-potato.

Actually yesterday's patch notes were hilarious. Apparently there were numerous abilities which they patched last patch which had to be re-patched because they were coded so poorly that players imply using those abilities was causing undue server load.

Are there players who play without any issues? Of course there are, otherwise the game would have already collapsed. But are there far too many issues indicative of a sloppy, amateur-hour operation that rushes to put out content with little-to-no testing? I sure as hell think so. It's the old adage about "If one student is doing poorly, it's probably the student who's got a problem, but if half the class is bad..."

I know tens of people besides myself that play PoE, and you're literally the only one that I've ever heard complain about this, so by your own logic it seems pretty okay.

Re: Diablo: What fresh hell is this?

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:56 pm
by beatbandito
I haven't played PoE much, but IME if someone mentions having an issue with a game and other people show up to say that they have never had that issue, that means it probably is a real issue and those people are ready to kill their pregnant girlfriends over the game.

Man I hope everyone reads all the threads so there's context for that if it's needed.

Re: Diablo: What fresh hell is this?

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:19 pm
by Mongrel
And (if we're going by anecdotes) I've seen many many such complaints of the game performing poorly? As in, literally hundreds? When I was having worse performance such that it would slow down a trade, the usual response was basically for the other person to basically nod sadly and comment about similar problems.

Granted the presence of complaints will be outsized, but they're all along a similar theme, of bad optimization/poor performance. Also, since we're talking about a situation which will render the game literally unplayable to many, a sensible person isn't going to make a stink, they're just going to play something else.

Anyway, the usual game fight of "I've had problems" "Well I haven't" probably isn't much good without data, you know? But there are a non-zero number of players who've had difficulties attributable to something other than their own computers or setup.

I suppose if you want harder facts, server complaints are rampant outside of North America - those are certainly accurate as staff have acknowledged them many times. And reading the patch notes always reveals really blatant bugs which should have been caught in testing, and which often take weeks to resolve.

Re: Diablo: What fresh hell is this?

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:21 pm
by Mongrel
Triple G!

Incidentally, that Tweet is currently the only official mention that today's patch is being rolled back in the first place. :D