Weird handhelds

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Weird handhelds

Postby Thad » Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:47 pm

Beat recently mentioned the GPD XD Plus and it got me thinking about weird little handhelds mainly used for emulation.

I'm kinda curious about the cheaper end of the spectrum, and there are a lot of sub-$100 MIPS-based handhelds.

None of them are quite what I want yet -- the RK2020 is powerful enough for N64/Dreamcast emulation but only has one stick (meaning two-stick PlayStation games like Mega Man Legends 2 are going to be a problem), whereas the RG350P has two sticks but isn't powerful enough for N64/Dreamcast emulation. The rumor is that there's an RG350P successor coming called the RG351P; if it can do everything they say, that might be the one to get. If you're in the market a sub-$100 Chinese handheld for emulation during a period where you can't leave your house anyway.

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