CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby François » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:59 pm

Works of the most brilliant genius always seem obvious in retrospect.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:54 am

<@Friday> I can get over every weirdo-british thing
<@Friday> like elevator/lift
<@Friday> trunk/boot
<@Friday> all of them
<@Friday> EXCEPT cookie/biscuit
<@Friday> what the fuck
<@Friday> why do you call cookies biscuits
<@Friday> and what the fuck do you call biscuits
<@Friday> do you call biscuits crumpets?
<@Friday> then what are crumpets?
<@Silversong> I think they don't eat biscuits
<@Silversong> I think they just have scones instead
<@Silversong> crumpets are leaky english muffins
<nosimpleway> Friday teeechnically the only people who get biscuits right are the Italians
<Stushcinta> Crumpets are like weird thick bubbly pancakes
<nosimpleway> "Biscuit" means, if you dig back enough, baked twice. And the only one that's baked twice anymore is Italian biscotti
<nosimpleway> Oh yeah where pancakes are crumpets and crepes are pancakes
<@Silversong> mmm, biscotti
<Stushcinta> But yeah, like, chips are the following things
<Stushcinta> The thin sliced potato ones in a packet, the fried rectangle ones, the ones made of corn in a packet
<Stushcinta> But, if they're thin they're fries
<@Friday> NO
<@Friday> I just don't understand
<@Friday> was there some sort of flour/bread demon?
<@Friday> he was like
<@Friday> hahahaha
<@Friday> I'm gonna make it so
<@Friday> nobody who speaks english from other countries
<@Friday> can fucking talk about bread
<@Friday> at all
<@Friday> without confusion
<Stushcinta> That's a scone
<Stushcinta> Like, that's not a goddamn biscuit
<Stushcinta> That's a scone
<nosimpleway> That's not a scone, scones and American biscuits (and English biscuits) are made of entirely different batters/doughs

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:14 am

Technically "Biscuit" is a French word,'bis' (archaic term for twice or second) 'cuit' (cooked).

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby mharr » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:41 pm

But how do you differentiate cookies and biscuits? Cookies are the awesome chewy almost-cake things, where biscuits are dry and crunchy and often vaguely disappointing. Also where do jaffa cakes and brandy snaps fit into the language?

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby beatbandito » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:24 pm

Put some flour, egg and butter in a bowl with sugar or whatever else for the type of flavor you want and make it hot until it looks different, then let it become less hot and put it in your mouth.

Anything past that is overthinking it.

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