CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Thad » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:21 pm

...I assumed it was satire, making fun of the ridiculousness of the recent resurgence of flat earthers. (Which I also think is largely made up of poes.)

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:43 pm

<Doug> Found another one:
<Doug> "It needs to be said that Doctor Who is still an OVERWHELMINGLY white show and that issues of representation do not exist in isolation from each other. It’s not as if you fix the "woman" problem, THEN fix the "race" problem, THEN the "queer/trans" problem, etc. It all has to happen in tandem."
<Sti> All problems need to be fixed by having a black trans gay furry as the main character.
<NJ> Red Dwarf sort of tried that.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby TA » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:56 pm

... the statement your friends seem to be seeking out to make fun of is 100% true, though.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:15 am


I mean, the response we all had to NJ was "Yeah and it was great!"

Unionically - The Cat was awesome.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Lyrai » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:11 pm

<Low-G-Ham> the Rearmed 2 art kind of just makes me want to play a game about a bad-ass rogue park ranger
<Stush> Hahah
<Low-G-Ham> "Littering? Not on MY watch!" (missile launcher)
<Stush> Like a GTA style game, but set in a huge national park.
<Low-G-Ham> Yeah
<Low-G-Ham> you can ride bears and so forth
<Frocto> well hey there you young fellas you best not be causing trouble or I'ma have to git REARMED on you asses
<Stush> And you have to go around and stop people from littering, save animals, take on hunters.
<Stush> But there'd be no guns.
<Low-G-Ham> prevent forest fires
<Stush> You'd just be this super burly dude.
<Frocto> mmm, burl
<Stush> With a huge mustache.
<Nerd> Yogi makes off with the picnic basket. 1 star

<@Friday> what is this chronoboost shit
<+Kayin> Friday: temporarily doubles build speeds.
<+Esperath> it's the protoss macro booster thing
<+Kayin> It charges up at the nexus
<+Skulrai> Friday: Every 50 energy, you can pretend to release a third game, but instead you C&D the other player to stop that shit

[22:33] <Stush> God
[22:33] <Stush> This stuff tastes like medicine
[22:33] <Silversong> maybe it is curing you, Stush
[22:34] <Stush> Curing me of any desire to drink it

[19:00] <Esperath> !surge
[19:00] <Haruhi> SURGE: 2069 Caster's home is stolen
[19:00] <Esperath> haha
[19:00] <Esperath> hahaha
[19:00] <Esperath> ...:3
[19:00] <Mr_Saturn> How do you steal that
[19:00] <Mr_Saturn> how
[19:00] <Mr_Saturn> HOW
[19:01] <Brent|Knytting> Be a bank?

<@Squizzle> Meikai, I'm going to wand you, hard, like you've never been wanded.
<@Squizzle> !wand Meikai, in the butt
* Aoko waves the "Fossil Hammer of Doom" and points it at Meikai, - 136 Frisbee flies out.

<+Esperath> that's one way to use copperplate gothic
<@Romosome> lost it at the first line
<@Romosome> you're right the font makes it even better
<@Friday> I love angry notes.
<@Friday> They are the world's greatest gift to comedy.
<+Esperath> yeah, but seriously
<+Esperath> poop in a book?
<@Romosome> enough to fill several books
<+Esperath> re-shelved?
<+Esperath> fkgjh
<@Romosome> it's the date that gets me
<@Romosome> ON 06/02/10 THERE WAS POOP
<+Esperath> THE YEAR IS 2010
<@Romosome> BUT THE FUTURE

<@Squizzle> Froctopus, listen to me.
<@Squizzle> Dee mermaid world, it's a mess.
<@Squizzle> Life in Australia is bettah den anyting dey got down dere.
<zaratustra> UNDER THE TROPIC
<zaratustra> UNDER THE TROPIC
<zaratustra> life's much better
<zaratustra> in the serengeti
<zaratustra> I can't rhyme

<Roger> Silversong your next cosplay is
<@Silversong> Do you have any idea how hard it is to point your bust and your butt at someone at the same time?
<R^2> No Silversong, but I'd like to see pictures of you trying it.
<@Friday> I doubt many men have tried.
<@Silversong> and why are there zippers down the backs of her hotpants?
<yeoz> warning: do not let hatsune miku pilot your space ship. she is not a real space captain

[14:42] <Friday> Air Bud 13: The Land before Time
[14:42] <Dr_Nerd> Air Bud vs. Freddy vs. Jason
[14:42] <zaratustra> Air Bud And The Mysterious Village
[14:42] <Friday> In this movie Air Bud finds he has the uncanny ability to travel through time. As a believer in accurate science, he uses this ability to go back to The Land before Time and kill Sarah, because triceritops don't exist
[14:42] <Esperath> Air Bud: The Last Airbudder
[14:43] <Friday> How is it that nobody I have ever seen, met or even heard of has seen any of the Air Bud movies yet everyone knows instantly what they are
[14:44] <Upth> Air Bud 28: The 13 Ghosts of Air Bud
[14:44] <Esperath> I had only heard of them in passing before
[14:44] <Friday> like you could call australia and ask if they've seen Air Bud and they will say "no, but isn't it about that dog who plays sports"
[14:44] <Esperath> I mostly just learned from all the links people posted here
[14:44] <Cait> Commercials.
[14:44] <SimonTheDigger> Air Bud: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bud
[14:44] <Esperath> I don't even think I've seen any TV commercials
[14:44] <Upth> Friday: I remember there being a ton of commercials all over TV for the first Air Bud
[14:44] <Esperath> the only exposure I may have had were posters at movie theaters
[14:44] <Upth> couldn't fucking avoid them
[14:45] <Cait> Esper: The commercials pass right through your brain, leaving only a faint residue
[14:45] <Esperath>
[14:45] <Friday> Air Bud: The Dark Side of the Bud
[14:45] <Upth> I also remember that the first time I saw such a commercial
[14:45] <Upth> I decided never to see the movie
[14:45] <SimonTheDigger> Air Bud 48: Bud Harder
[14:45] |<-- Priitsi has left (Quit: The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars...)
[14:45] <Friday> I saw the preview to Transformers 3 when I saw Tron.
[14:45] <Esperath> Air Bud 489: Air Bud with a Vengeance
[14:45] <Friday> I laughed
[14:46] <Esperath> Live Free or Air Bud
[14:46] <Dr_Nerd> Transformers 3: Michael Bay still hates black people
[14:46] <Cait> I want to see Tron. I might try to find a theatre during my free time on post-test day.
[14:46] <Friday> Air Bud and the Chocolate Factory
[14:46] <Dr_Nerd> air bud noooooo
[14:47] <Dr_Nerd> he'd eat until he died :(
[14:47] <Friday> Air Bud's List
[14:47] <Friday> How Air Bud got his Bud Back
[14:47] <Asuna> I just had a Draenei ask if I wanted to participate in their RP
[14:47] <Asuna> He then said that my gnome would basically be raped to death by her and her friend.
[14:47] <Niku> was it in the tram
[14:47] <Niku> oh, so yes
[14:47] <Friday> I don't think anyone will top Live Free or Air Bud
[14:48] <Friday> Niku
[14:48] <Friday> have you seen tron
[14:48] <Niku> nope!
[14:48] <Friday> Olivia Wilde loses a limb
[14:48] <Niku> Not of either variety
[14:48] <Friday> this is all you need to know
[14:48] <Niku> So I hear. I have some boning up to do.
[14:48] <Niku> something something innuendo
[14:48] <SimonTheDigger> Air Bud 57: Inglorious Budsterds
[14:48] <Cait> Losing a limb leads to boning, etc.
[14:49] <Dr_Nerd> Air Bud and Costello Meet the Wolfman
[14:49] <Friday> Air Bud 63 1/3
[14:49] <zaratustra> Transformers 3: Legend of Air Bud
[14:49] <SimonTheDigger> Sweet Sweetback's Budassssss Song
[14:49] <zaratustra> Bud Hard
[14:50] <Niku> Airbudtar
[14:50] <Esperath> Air Bud Hustle
[14:50] <Dr_Nerd> Air Budstar Galacticca
[14:50] <kashan> Air Bud 73: Air Apparent. Officer Air bud discovers he has an uncanny talant for following the paper trail, which he uses to trace drug money back to the campaign funs of an up and coming politician.
[14:50] <Esperath> Air Bud - Dogs in Tights
[14:50] <SimonTheDigger> Oh Air Bud Where Art Thou
[14:50] <zaratustra> The Budfather
[14:50] <Friday> Dr. Jekyl and Air Bud
[14:51] <Esperath> The Fellowship of the Air Bud
[14:51] <Esperath> No Country for Air Bud
[14:51] <SimonTheDigger> The Crying Bud
[14:51] <Esperath> Air Bud and the Deathly Hallows
[14:51] <zaratustra> The Air Bud Redemption
[14:51] <Esperath> Air Bud and the Temple of Doom
[14:51] <Asuna> Star Wars: The Air Bud Strikes Back
[14:51] <Niku> How The Grinch Stole Air Bud
[14:51] <Asuna> Samurai Air Bud
[14:51] <kashan> In which air bud discovers he has an uncanny ability to get killed by an evil hitman after stealing 2million worth of mob money.
[14:51] <SimonTheDigger> I Married An Air Bud
[14:51] <Asuna> Harvey Air Bud: Attorney At Law
[14:51] <Friday> Budbusters
[14:52] <Esperath> Honey, I Air Budded the Kids
[14:52] <Asuna> Super Air Bud Super Show.
[14:52] <zaratustra> Air Bud, Gone Tomorrow
[14:52] <Esperath> Con Air (Bud)
[14:52] <zaratustra> Bud Air
[14:52] <SimonTheDigger> Air Bud/Off
[14:52] <Friday> Xenobud
[14:52] <BongoBill> Air Air?
[14:52] <Asuna> The 5tory of the Air Bud 5tar 5ystem
[14:52] <Friday> Final Bud XV
[14:52] <zaratustra> The Prince Of Bud Air
[14:52] <Esperath> The Legend of Air Bud: A Bud to the Past
[14:52] <zaratustra> er
[14:52] <kashan> I really feel like you should have to write a plot description involving the word uncanny if you're going to post a title.
[14:52] <zaratustra> Fresh Prince of Bud Air
[14:52] <Niku> For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Air Bud is Enuf
[14:52] <MarsDragon> Simon I've been playing J
[14:53] <SimonTheDigger> Confessions of A Dangerous Bud
[14:53] <SimonTheDigger> Mars: Yes
[14:53] <SimonTheDigger> ?
[14:53] <zaratustra> Air Bud Solid
[14:53] <Friday> Symphony of the Bud
[14:53] <MarsDragon> It's nifty! I just got the Layzyer guys
[14:53] <MarsDragon> They're very 80s
[14:53] <zaratustra> Air Bud discovers he has the uncanny ability to make love bloom im a battlefield
[14:53] <SimonTheDigger> Laynzer is 80s as fuck.
[14:53] <zaratustra> Air Bud and the Seven Dwarves
[14:53] <SimonTheDigger> Layzner, even
[14:53] <Esperath> Castle Airbud: Portrait of Doggy
[14:54] <Friday> Wizards and Air Bud
[14:54] <SimonTheDigger> Airbudladdin
[14:54] <Esperath> Tengen Toppa Gurren Airbud
[14:54] <Friday> Bubble Bobbud
[14:54] <Niku> MIA
[14:54] <Niku> Men in Air Bud
[14:54] <MarsDragon> I can't wait for the G Gundam guys to show up
[14:54] <Dr_Nerd> What about Air Bud?
[14:54] <Xerox> Air Bud Full of Grace. And that's not a word pun. I would LOVE to see him as the star in that movie.
[14:54] <MarsDragon> Gonna SHINING FINGEEEEEEEEEEEEER the whole battlefield
[14:54] <zaratustra> There's Something About Air Bud
[14:54] <SimonTheDigger> Meet The Air Buds
[14:54] <Friday> The 40 Year Old Air Bud
[14:54] <Esperath> Airbudlander
[14:55] <MetalSlime> M. Night Shymalan's The Air Buddening
[14:55] <Esperath> Air Bud: Deep Space Bark
[14:55] <zaratustra> air bud discovers he has the uncanny ability to not die unless his head is removed
[14:55] <Friday> Vampires vs Air Bud
[14:55] <kashan> Air Buderfield!
[14:55] <zaratustra> Budzilla
[14:55] <SimonTheDigger> Airbudkira
[14:55] <Esperath> Air Bud and the Masters of the Doghouse
[14:55] <zaratustra> Air Bud & Max Hit The Road
[14:55] <kashan> In which air bud discovers he has the uncanny ability to destory New York.
[14:55] <Esperath> Teenage Mutant Ninja Air Buds
[14:56] <Friday> Air Bud: Beyond Basketball
[14:56] <Esperath> Azumanga Airbud
[14:56] <Dr_Nerd> Who Framed Roger RaBud?
[14:56] <SimonTheDigger> Galaxy Cyclone Air Bud
[14:56] <kashan> The irresponsible captain airbud.
[14:56] <Friday> Oh! My Air Bud
[14:56] <SimonTheDigger> Air Bud Muyo!
[14:56] <zaratustra> Air Bud And The World of Tomorrow
[14:56] <Niku> Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Air Bud
[14:56] <Dr_Nerd> Guess Who's Coming to Air Bud
[14:57] <SimonTheDigger> Mobile Suit Airbuddam
[14:57] <Friday> To Kill an Air Bud
[14:57] <Esperath> Magical Dog Pretty Air Bud
[14:57] <Niku> The Imaginarium of Doctor Air Bud
[14:57] <SimonTheDigger> Panty and Stocking with Air Bud
[14:57] <kashan> We should all work for disney.
[14:57] <Esperath> 101 Air Buds
[14:57] <Friday> Four Weddings and an Air Bud
[14:57] <Niku> "We've got all these pitches for new Air Bud movies."
[14:58] <Niku> "Yeah, what do you call them?"
[14:58] <Niku> "The Airbudstocrats!"
[14:58] <kashan> Really I think they based the air bud movies on the catch phrse puns.
[14:58] <Friday> Air Bud Almighty
[14:58] <kashan> Golden retriever, world pup, seventh inning fetch, and spikes back.
[14:58] <Esperath>
[14:59] <Dr_Nerd> Plain 9 From Outer Air Bud
[14:59] <SimonTheDigger> Kamen Rider Air Bud
[14:59] <kashan> spikes back was pretty weak though.
[14:59] <Koah> Lock, Stock and Two Air Buds.
[14:59] <Esperath> Airbudspotting
[14:59] <kashan> Two?!
[14:59] <kashan> You can't have two air buds. It would be too uncanny.
[14:59] <Esperath> There's a river.
[14:59] <SimonTheDigger> He accidentally learned how to play all the sports twice, now he's...
[14:59] <SimonTheDigger> TWO AIR BUDS
[15:00] <Esperath> The Mighty River Air Bud
[15:00] <Friday> Planes, Trains, and Air Bud
[15:00] <Niku> Schindler's Air Bud
[15:00] <Esperath> I fell into a burning ring of Air Bud.
[15:00] <Dr_Nerd> butch cassidy and the sundance bud
[15:00] <SimonTheDigger> Mein Airbud
[15:00] <Friday> I did Air Bud's List
[15:00] <Xerox> Hmm. "Spikes Back" really isn't a dog pun, is it?
[15:00] <Esperath> I went down, down, down, and the Air Buds went higher.
[15:00] <Niku> WELL FUCK YOU
[15:00] <Friday> ok
[15:00] <Esperath> And it burns, burns burns, the ring of Air Buds.
[15:00] * Niku crying self to sleep
[15:00] * Friday loses an arm
[15:01] <Esperath> The ring of Air Buds.
[15:01] <Xerox> Just sounds like Star Wars.
[15:01] <SimonTheDigger> The Air Bud Strikes Back
[15:01] <Esperath> I shot Air Bud in Reno just to watch him die.
[15:01] <Friday> That's a fucking fifty Air Bud Minues
[15:01] <Dr_Nerd> If only there were enough hours in the day
[15:01] <Friday> groups 7 and 9 are air bud groups
[15:02] <Niku> let's do this
[15:03] <Friday> Tempest Keep was merely an Air Bud
[15:03] <Friday> You are not Air Bud
[15:03] <Koah> I do this for Ai(u)r Bud!
[15:03] <Friday> Entaro Air Bud!
[15:05] <Esperath> Dude Looks Like an Air Bud
[15:05] <Esperath> Air Bud in an Elevator
[15:05] <Niku> White Air Bud
[15:05] <Esperath> Same Old Air Bud and Dance
[15:05] <Esperath> Livin' on the Air Bud
[15:06] <Dr_Nerd> Air bud to the bone
[15:06] <Dr_Nerd> ouch
[15:06] <Dr_Nerd> that one even hurt me
[15:06] <Friday> Air Bud Can't Jump
[15:06] =-= Esperath has changed the topic to “Happy Hogswatch to all | Eversion is now on sale until January 3rd: | Still Alive Choir Better Video (Honestly) | <sei> you know what would have fixed lulu? voldo animations. | Live Free or Air Bud”
[15:08] <SimonTheDigger> Stephen King's Air Bud
[15:08] <Esperath> Air Budatar - Hit Me with your Best Air Bud
[15:09] <Niku> Fire and Air Bud, you come on like a flame but then you turn a cold rover
[15:09] <Asuna> Air Bud Saga
[15:09] <SimonTheDigger> The Air Bud has spread to another channel I'm in
[15:09] <kashan> The Budshank Redemption.
[15:09] <Asuna> Air Bud: The Spirits Within
[15:09] <SimonTheDigger> I couldn't help it
[15:09] <Asuna> Whose Air Bud Is It Anyway
[15:09] <kashan> Haha, what chan?
[15:10] <Asuna> Tenchi Air Bud
[15:10] <SimonTheDigger> it's a roleplaying channel on a little server called Aniverse
[15:10] <SimonTheDigger> "roleplaying" as in "people who do P&P RPGs hang out there"
[15:10] <kashan> Airen Budkovich
[15:10] <SimonTheDigger> Team Airbudtress 2
[15:11] <kashan> In which air bud discovers he has the uncanny ability to argue class action lawsuits.
[15:11] <BongoBill> Inglairious Budsterds
[15:11] <SimonTheDigger> In which Air Bud discovers he has the uncanny ability to POOSH LEETLE KART>
[15:12] <kashan> Air bud is clearly a scout.
[15:12] <BongoBill> And scouts are the best pooshers of leetle kart.
[15:13] <Esperath> Braid U - Air Bud
[15:14] <SimonTheDigger> World of Airbudcraft
[15:14] <Esperath> Recettear - An Air Bud Tale
[15:14] <Esperath> Air Bud - Barkham Asylum
[15:14] <SimonTheDigger> Airbudmancer
[15:14] <Niku> The Walking Bud
[15:15] <Esperath> Knights of the Air Bud Republic
[15:15] <Dr_Nerd> Evil Bud 2
[15:15] <SimonTheDigger> Army of Budness
[15:15] <Esperath> Sid Meier's Air Bud IV - Beyond the Bark
[15:16] <Esperath> A.I.R.B.U.D.S. - Shadow of Dogfort
[15:16] <SimonTheDigger> GET OUT OF HERE AIR BUD
[15:16] <Esperath> Air Bud of War
[15:17] <SimonTheDigger> Air Bud May Cry
[15:17] <Esperath> Air Bud: Total War
[15:17] <Koah> Air Bud versus Predator.
[15:17] <Esperath> Plants vs. Airbuds
[15:18] <SimonTheDigger> An Air Bud on Elm Street
[15:18] <Esperath> Air Bud-ty: Armored Collie
[15:18] <Esperath> Grand Theft Air Bud - Bark City
[15:18] <Koah> Airmored Bud: Last Rover.
[15:18] <Esperath> Air Bud Age - Origins
[15:18] <kashan> Oh. Nice one Koah.
[15:18] <Koah> Collie of Duty: Modern Air Bud.
[15:19] <SimonTheDigger> Borderbuds
[15:19] <kashan> Oh shit. Koah is bringing it.
[15:19] <kashan> Let me hear some more cainine puns yo!
[15:19] <SimonTheDigger> and the expansion, Borderbuds: The Doghouse of General Barxx
[15:20] <Esperath> Air-Bud 2: Episode Three (expected release date 20XX)
[15:20] <Esperath> just after the release of Air Bud Forever
[15:20] <SimonTheDigger> I'm here to chew Milk Bones and play basketball...AND I'M ALL OUT OF MILK BONES.

<Aoko> Seriously,. she smells bad. Like, very heavy smoking, some sort of perfume distilled from old leather, it gives me a headache
<Mali-gone> But must be in a seperate case.
<Romosome> Lyrai is this family
<Aoko> And if I mention it to her, she;'ll respond the same way she has literally responded to every other thing in the entire time in the class - about how her boyfriend beat and raped her 8 years ago
<Aoko> Yes, I understand it's a traumatic experience and yes, it can cause damage
<Romosome> you should beat her and rape her so she has something new to talk about
<Mali-gone> take a fucking shower,y ou hipper.
<Mali-gone> hippy
<joxam> Saturn, I have two. I feel kind of like a hypocrit advocating gun control and education with a glock (two high capacity clips) at my desk and a berreta in my mother's china cabinet..
<yeoz> some stuff is hard to move on from
<Mali-gone> Sorry.
<Aoko> But you have sat here and explain to the class, in very uncomfortable detail, about how you're waiting for 2012 so "the world will be bathed in fire, and I can dance in it as I die."
<zaratustra> Aoko: Reply with "Yeah, I can still smell him on you"

<Upthorn> oh, I have a story which may appeal to #finalfight's interests
<Upthorn> some friends I visit frequently have roommates which watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on netflix all the time
<Upthorn> but their roommates just call it "rape".
<Upthorn> "Hey guys, what are you watching?" "Rape."
<JD> It's accurate
<Upthorn> "Wanna watch some rape with us?"
<Upthorn> So, when the episode ends, and the first credit is "Created by Dick Wolf" it just makes so much sense.
<Brentai>, seriously?
<Upthorn> yes.
<Brentai> Guy named Dick Wolf. Created a show pretty much about rape.
<Esperath> ...
<Esperath> .......
<Upthorn> well apparently
<Upthorn> he actually created /all/ of the law and orders
<Upthorn> but
<Upthorn> it is more important
<Upthorn> that he also created rape.
<Brentai> Yes but somewhere in that mess he decided
<Esperath> Creator:
<Brentai> OKAY
<Esperath> Dick Wolf
<Brentai> SPINOFF
<Esperath> holy shit
<Brentai> ALL RAPE
<Brentai> ALL THE TIME
<Brentai> And everyone just looked at him.
<Brentai> And he was like
<Brentai> WHAT
<Brentai> I AM DICK WOLF
<Upthorn> and they were like
<Esperath> it is a series
<Upthorn> and they made the show.
<Esperath> about rape culture
<Esperath> Law and Order: Rape Culture Unit
<Brentai> I did not know there was such a thing as rape culture.
<Cait> It's what you use to make rapegurt.

<StushSleep> Rice is good, though!
<StushSleep> You can eat all the rice you want and you'll never gain weight
<StushSleep> Believe me, i'm a science
<@Friday> The Scientific Field of Stush.
<@Friday> A new breakthrough was made today by scientists studying the field of Stush. You can now build: Hams, Jet Packs, Woman's Suffrage
<StushSleep> Delicious women's suffrage
<maou> Stush leads to Suffrage? News to me. I guess that's what I get for not looking at the tech tree before joining #finalfight.
<+BongoBill> Jet Packs were invented in New Zealand by studying the behavior of airborne Stush Particles carried by the gulf stream from Australia.
<StushSleep> I love to see women suffrage
<@Friday> The Theory of Stush says we were evolved from land-faring hams
<@Friday> The first hams to descend from their trees and make those first few momentous steps before getting killed and eaten by large killer-hams
<@Cait> These 'hamosaurs' as they were later called roamed the earth for millenia
<@Friday> Eventually the killer hams evolved in the Hamosaurs, which ruled the planet for 5 billion years with a Ham-fist
<@Friday> damn it cait
<maou> Millenia later, an eccentric old man invests in the building of his new theme-zoo, jurassic pork.

<@Friday> oh, wow
<@Friday> it was Nigeria, too
<@Friday> can we just ban Nigeria from the internet?
<+BongoBill> Friday, but then we'd have no Nollywood movies.
<Stush> Man
<Stush> Seriously, $200,000?
<@Friday> sure.
<Stush> That's nuts.
<@Friday> Romance cons are fucking easy.
<@Friday> they do themselves.
<@Friday> no pun intended.
<Stush> If someone wanted $200,000 from me, they'd have to come to my house and like, I dunno, show me their bottom
<@Friday> cons are easy in general, but getting some poor lovelost sap to wire you money to "help you out" is like shooting fish in a barrel
* @Friday flies to Stush, shows bottom
<@Friday> WHERES MY 200,000!
<@Friday> FUCK
* Stush fades away slowly, laughing

<zaratustra> drinking a mint julep at the kentucky derby has to be the whitest possible action
<+Ridley> zara no
<maou> I thought the whitest possible action was oppressing a minority.
<MetalSlime> Wrong
<MetalSlime> It's country music

<+Esperath> !haiku for wolfgame
<Upthorn> Haiku Novicework: He doesn't talk much. / No one's gonna eat your eyes / I got off scott free.

[01:30] <Brentai> Estimated cost of Japan earthquake is over $300 billion.
[01:30] <+Smiler> Would that be around how much we spend on wars in a year, or how much we spend on wars every couple years?
[01:30] <+drethelin> i think that's about the yearly cost of iraq
[01:31] <+Smiler> Man, just imagine.
[01:31] <+Smiler> If we weren't in Iraq, we would have almost 10 Japans by now
[01:31] <Brentai> Total cost of Iraq War since its inception is around $704 billion.
[01:31] <Brentai> So no, just two Japans.
[01:31] <+Smiler> Okay 2.33 Japans
[01:31] <Brentai> Er, yes.
[01:32] <Brentai> Oh, that figure is for both Iraq AND Afghanistan.
[01:33] <Brentai> The actual cost is significantly higher because of debt though.
[01:33] <Brentai> None of that is actually paid, haw haw.
[01:35] <Brentai> But yeah the earthquake is about as expensive as three years of heavy combat.
[01:35] <Brentai> Well, for varying definitions of heavy.
[01:36] <Brentai> Japan is about as fucked as Iraq was in 2006 is what I'm saying.
[01:37] <Stush> But at least we got saddam out of japan.

[01:21:02] * +Aoko presses the Shihorin pressure point in Brentai's body
[01:21:13] <Brentai> Um
[01:21:37] <+Aoko> According to this "List of Pressure Points shown in the anime and manga"
[01:21:44] <+Aoko> The Shihorin Point...allows you to read Sanskrit
[01:21:54] <Brentai> Oh that one.

[16:15] <zaratustra> shit my gf is home
[16:15] <zaratustra> I think I didn't close the porn tabs
[16:16] <zaratustra> shit she might be reading this
[16:16] <zaratustra> shit
[16:16] <@Silversong> why is that bad, zara?
[16:16] <JDigital> can she read english
[16:16] <zaratustra> she does not like it when I look at porn
[16:16] <+drethelin> just photoshop her face over all the faces
[16:16] <+drethelin> then it will be ok

[01:07] <+Tyria> myew keeps getting more and more coherent
[01:07] <Guild> it's...
[01:07] <Guild> spookhy
[01:07] <myew> Tyria: Well i thought they were coherent.
[01:07] <+Tyria> myew, terrify guild
[01:07] <myew> Tyria: Yeah guild, you're making me want to see a doctor.

<+ME-tan> Friday
<+ME-tan> Just in time for another gift to you
<+ME-tan> "NEW YORK, April 5 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves says a script is being written for a third installment in his "Bill & Ted" big-screen comedy franchise."
<Brentai> Friday
<Brentai> Just in time for another gift to you
* Brentai gives Friday a gift.
<MetalSlime> Is the gift molesting her?
<+ME-tan> It's his penis.
<Brentai> (You are supposed to imagine sex.)
<@Friday> Wow Bill and Ted
<@Friday> Nice Lyrai
<@Friday> WoW a Penis
<@Friday> Nice Brentai
<@Friday> No idea why I typed "WoW" as if Brentai gave me a penis in the game
<Brentai> World of Warcraft: a Penis
<Brentai> (It's an EXPANSION)
<MetalSlime> Everyone complained how unbalanced it was though
<MetalSlime> They said it wasn't hard enough

[23:44] <@Fridaway> hahaha
[23:44] <@Fridaway> and old friend of mine
[23:44] <@Fridaway> was a good looking girl, short brown hair, kinda tallish (not as tall as me)
[23:44] <@Fridaway> but she had
[23:44] <@Fridaway> just
[23:45] <@Fridaway> the hugest fucking ass
[23:45] <@Fridaway> ever
[23:45] <@Fridaway> so there are some stories but the best one is just
[23:45] <@Fridaway> we're walking in the mall
[23:45] <@Fridaway> black guy walks past
[23:45] <@Fridaway> turns
[23:45] <@Fridaway> leans over sideways
[23:45] <@Romosome> :D
[23:45] <@Fridaway> "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!"
[23:45] <@Romosome> are you
[23:45] <myew> That thing needs gasoline and a sideways face.
[23:45] <@Romosome> serious.
[23:45] <@Fridaway> yes.
[23:45] <@Romosome> that guy is a hero.
[23:46] <@Romosome> A FIGURE OF LEGEND
[23:46] <@Fridaway> She really did have an enormous ass though.
[23:46] <@Fridaway> A really wide hips.
[23:46] <@Romosome> BUT I SAW HIM THAT DAY

[17:29] <myew> Krabby, snubbull, venonat, mankey, chansey and zubat, slowking, ditto, butterfree, lugia and caterpie! Oddish, poliwag, goldeen, elekid and nidoqueen! Victreebel and magneton, everybody polkamon!
[17:30] <Popoie> ...
[17:30] <Popoie> myew, I love you
[17:30] <myew> Popoie: Are you i love you myew.
[17:30] <Popoie> soon, we will merge

<Brentai> sei how do i purchase bed
<sei> at sit'n'sleep blah blah blah OR YOUR MATTRESS IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEE
<Brentai> ...
<+Dejiko> ...I thought sei was myew there for a second
<Brentai> Oh fuck I forgot you get those commercials too.
<Brentai> sei I'm going to have to punch you
<Brentai> I'll be
<Brentai> ...
* Brentai shades

<@Friday> ok so is anyone else MORE attracted to Samus now that's she's half metroid
<@Friday> because I totally am into that
* @Romosome raises hand
<@Friday> we've seen that metroids can return/transfer energy
<@Friday> so it's not all soul-sucking
<@Friday> maybe she can like
<@Friday> give you
<@Friday> really hyper orgasms
<@Romosome> energy blowjob
<Brentai> I would be if the Metroid Suit didn't look like Bill Cosby threw up all over it.
<@Friday> with the bippin' and the boppin' and the HURRRGHHGLHGHGLGHHLLGLH
<Brentai> And that's what the jazz is all about!

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Lyrai » Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:19 am

Popoie flips the table
Popoie ( ╯‵口′)╯︵ ┻━┻
Guildenstern`s_Expensive_Lawye ow hey what
Guildenstern`s_Expensive_Lawye you guys what stop it
Brentai molests the table
Guildenstern`s_Expensive_Lawye what the fuck that is my table
Brentai I just made the table mine.
Popoie ┳━┳ ( ゚ -゚)
Popoie ┳━┳ (゚ -゚ )
Popoie ┳━┳ .....( ゚ -゚)

(1:07:29 PM) madmaxjr: I'd give you criticism, but you have a history of not taking it well.
(1:07:44 PM) gg: i have a history of defending my work
(1:07:48 PM) gg: that's quite different
(1:07:55 PM) gg: but if you're like scared of me or something fine

[12:21:03am -7] <@Romosome> okay does Game of Thrones have something to do with Dire Wolves
[12:21:41am -7] <drethelin1> dire wolves are in it
[12:24:42am -7] <LaserBeing>
[12:25:07am -7] <+Haruhi> Romosome
[12:25:26am -7] <@Romosome> haha I was reading both of those
[12:25:30am -7] <@Romosome> I love the fact that
[12:25:32am -7] <@Romosome> dire wolves were real
[12:25:42am -7] <@Romosome> and lived up until 10,000 years ago, scaring the shit out of our ancestors
[12:26:08am -7] * SoftMeatcurtains is now known as Guild
[12:26:16am -7] <FuckGuardian> Apparently so are wargs.
[12:26:33am -7] <@Romosome> what's the different between a warg and a dire wolf
[12:26:39am -7] <@Romosome> "American Alsatian A new breed of dog bred to resemble the Dire Wolf's size and bone structure."
[12:26:50am -7] <@Romosome> oh wait there's a link right there
[12:26:57am -7] <FuckGuardian> Wargs are just an old word for wolf.
[12:27:05am -7] <FuckGuardian> Dire wolves are dire.
[12:27:06am -7] <@Romosome> oh huh.
[12:27:28am -7] <FuckGuardian> So a dire wolf my also be considered a dire warg.
[12:27:40am -7] <LaserBeing> the difference between a dire wolf and a warg is the same as the difference between a hobbit and a halfling
[12:28:03am -7] <drethelin1> dire halfling
[12:28:10am -7] <FuckGuardian> In other words, there once existed such a thing as Dire Wargs.
[12:28:26am -7] <FuckGuardian> That is a thing that happened.
[12:28:51am -7] <@Romosome> yep
[12:29:53am -7] <FuckGuardian> The American Alsatian (English pronunciation: /æl?se???n/), formerly known as the Alsatian Shepalute,[2][3] is a large breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) originating in the United States of America, bred back to resemble the Dire Wolf's bone and body structure.
[12:30:25am -7] <FuckGuardian> I knew they were wolflike but did not know they were specifically meant to be DIRE WARGS.
[12:30:52am -7] <FuckGuardian> Pictured: A fat kid about to be devoured by a Dire Warg.
[12:31:00am -7] <@Romosome>
[12:31:20am -7] <@Romosome> I want a Mini Dire Wolf.
[12:31:24am -7] <FuckGuardian> Pictured: A cage holding the hungriest hellspawn.
[12:32:09am -7] <drethelin1>
[12:32:15am -7] <FuckGuardian> Although the American Alsatian can be trained to work and some have been successful as wilderness search and rescue dogs, this breed does not possess a strong desire for the physical demands of most working dog endeavors.[5] The American Alsatian is most suited for the gentle work of therapy dogs or Reading Assistance Education Dogs (READ).
[12:32:17am -7] <drethelin1> pretty fucking expensive laptops
[12:32:36am -7] <myew> What is a powerful piece of shit to be dire wargs.
[12:32:42am -7] <FuckGuardian> EXACTLY
[12:32:50am -7] <myew> What exactly is the part where he kills you.
[12:33:43am -7] <FuckGuardian> It's the part with all the mashy spike plates.
[12:34:03am -7] <FuckGuardian> So do the clockwork components actually do anything?
[12:34:07am -7] <@Romosome> I like the idea of using a dire warg as a therapy pet
[12:34:14am -7] <myew> Like with a kind of therapy.
[12:34:15am -7] <@Romosome> or a reading companion for children
[12:34:22am -7] <drethelin1> how would they
[12:34:26am -7] <drethelin1> I'm sure they're just decorative
[12:34:32am -7] <FuckGuardian> Lame.
[12:34:45am -7] <@Romosome> in fact at this point the entire breed sounds like an Aperture Science project
[12:35:10am -7] <drethelin1> I am loving the keyboards on this site
[12:35:52am -7] <@Romosome> We rebred dire wolves as pets for kids! Why? Because I pay the bills around here, that's why. You can put your stuff in a box, you're out. Yes, you. Cave Johnson, we're done here.

<Aoko> One time, my security question was a youtube link
<Aoko> So I thought I had hidden a passcode there or something
<Aoko> I rickrolled myself
<Aoko> :/

<Shoger> ... 2011:70111
<@Squizzle> 'This limited-edition version of Raiden also glows in the dark, demonstrating his mastery of electricity!'
<@Squizzle> Wh-wh-whaaaat?
<@Squizzle> I'm so electric, I [phosphorous].
<TedBelmont> Well, electricity DOES make things grow in the dark
<Shoger> ...
* Shoger scoots away from TedBelmont in awkward silence
<TedBelmont> Err
<TedBelmont> Glow.
<TedBelmont> GLOW

<adrenaline> sex is when you put your balls in a girl's butt
<Smiler> I thought that was 5th base

* @Friday is forced by their mother to take Brentai along
<@Friday> but mooooooooooom
<@Friday> he's touching my butt
<Brentai> I am your butt.
<@Friday> Brentai would definitely be the guy quoting Tactics while the rest of the party talks about Geopolitics and plot.
* Brentai touches Friday's butt.
<Brentai> I had a good feeling!

<@Romosome> In Isle of View, it is revealed that summoning the stork will release an "ellipsis" (...) into the air to fly off to the stork. This is a play on the joke that all the "adult" things happen after a paragraph ends in an ellipsis. Most inductees actually discover the specifics of the act "by accident" after marriage, or under the influence of a love spring
<@Romosome> that's the thing
<@Romosome> there's this joke about fucking being represented in text as an elipsis
<Brentai> Okay, so the secret to becoming an adult is not having sex.
<zzar> the secret is to -have- sex
<zzar> once you have sex you're an adult
<Brentai> ...
<zzar> just like real life
<zzar> see you just summoned a stork there

[17:28] <JDiggital> - Kaede's Madness
[17:35] <@Romosome> man
[17:35] <@Romosome> can you imagine the kind of person who would react to a breakup by running off to make an AMV for youtube
[17:35] <@Romosome> were they like crying while sitting there on sony vegas
[17:37] <Roger> "He-he-he's a horrible JERK okay dissolve wipe here"
[17:38] <maou> -roger after discovering that megatron won't go to the prom with him

<Zaratustra> "He wanted a change in society and, from his perspective, he needed to force through a revolution," Lippestad, the lawyer, told public broadcaster NRK. "He wished to attack society and the structure of society."
<Zaratustra> the problem with attacking society is that society will attack you back.
<TedBelmont> Society will shunt you back
<maou> society will fuck your dog if given a chance.
<SimonTheDigger> Society will fuck your dog and then convince your dog afterwards that it was consensual and that your dog enjoyed it
<yeoz> the dog did enjoy it!
<yeoz> wait a second
<@Friday> Society will fuck your dog, your cat, your mom, your friends, your entire extended family, your couch, your other cat, your other other cat, your girlfriend
<@Friday> Society: fucking everything it can, whenever it can, however it can
<+BongoBill> Have society and Brentai ever been photographed together?

During Outer Heaven, showing Tiny Toons:

<beatbandito> Oh man, the search for big butt sounds like my love life.

<Lee-Ham> when (my little sister) was little she got scared by the ending of Diablo, so whenever she was annoying me I would pretend to shove a rock into my forehead and she would scream and run away

<Esperath> the new 1v1 ladder maps feel so samey to me
<Friday> heh
<Esperath> they are all about the same size, all 2-base maps
<Esperath> all with destructible rocks everywhere
<Esperath> ... gned_bras/
<Friday> now i want a bra with destructable rocks
<Esperath> if your boyfriend is a zergling
<Esperath> it'll only take him 1000 hits to open it
<Esperath> plink plink plink

<Mr_Saturn> isn't there a fanpatch that fixes the HURR ANOTHER FUCKING KNIFE issue
<@Friday> i love hurr knives
<@Romosome> what is hurr knives
<@Friday> every enemy in the game, when looted, gives up a knife.
<@Friday> knives suck
<@Friday> so you dump them out of your inventory
<@Friday> only to get another
<@Friday> and another
<@Friday> and another
<@Friday> and another
<@Friday> etc
<myew> Which is better than cosmo.

[18:16] <@Fridaway> <@Romosome> I went to carl's jr and tried to get a salad
[18:16] <@Fridaway> what is wrong with you
[18:16] <@Fridaway> no
[18:16] <@Fridaway> go buy a salad at like a deli or something
[18:16] <@Romosome> no I was in a hurry
[18:16] <@Romosome> don't judge me
[18:17] <@patito> did you get a drive thru salad
[18:17] <@Romosome> yes I got a drive through sala
[18:17] <@Romosome> d
[18:17] <@patito> eat it while on the road
[18:17] <@Romosome> no what
[18:17] <@Romosome> one that is insane
[18:17] <@Romosome> two I drive stick
[18:18] <@Fridaway> three you're a dog
[18:18] <@Romosome> yes I have to stick my head out the window

<+Smiler> Okay, in Yakuza 4 I had a task to stop someone from jumping off the roof of a building. You do this by fighting.
<+Smiler> I just used a special finisher that involved throwing the guy off the roof

<Tewi> I searched google for APO Mailbox
<Tewi> It suggested "i wish i had a real metapod so he could wear a sombrero and i could scare my dad by putting him in the cupboard"

<Friday> i have aisen bra
<Friday> that
<Romosome> you have what.
<Friday> did not come out right.
<Romosome> what is aisen bra.
<Friday> I have raisen bran.
<Friday> AIZEN BRA
<Romosome> no you have aizen bra
<Romosome> Friday
<Romosome> when did you start thinking you were wearing a bra

<zaratustra> my understanding of ff7's plot is train, aeris dies, cloud is a retard for more time than any human being can stand, ira vehementi sephiroth the end

<zaratustra> I have a lego insect-thing that I build on whenever my computer crashes.
<zaratustra> it's nearly the size of my head now
<zaratustra> it has begun to direct its own construction.
<zaratustra> this may be my final entry

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:55 pm

<@Friday> welp
<@Friday> that was probably... the second? worst date of my life
<@Cait> What's the bodycount?
<+BongoBill> sorry about your bad date Friday
<@Friday> and also the second time I've actually walked out of a date
<@Friday> Bongo it happens, no worries
<@Friday> I'm not upset, just a little dissapointed
<fbm> gatdamn that must've sucked, sorry friday
<+BongoBill> commiserations about your bad date Friday
<@Friday> She seemed pretty nice when I met her before but wow
<@Friday> anyway
<Lady> was she dumb or mean
<@Friday> both! treated the waitress really badly.
<@Friday> from a rich family, seemed very spoiled.
<+BongoBill> mistreating waitstaff is an instant disqualification I think
<@Friday> yeah
<Lady> yuck
<Lady> better luck next time
<@Friday> next time I'll just date Silversong
<@Friday> happy fun tea party time
<fbm> a fine plan
<Sede> unless you're looking for a no-frills relationship
<+Mazian> ba-dump *tsssss*

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:13 pm

<MindWarped> just imagine the administration as charlie and the chocolate factory: trump is wonka, and his cabinet members are the kids, who each meet their demise, in turn.
<MindWarped> so when perry gets duped by russian pranksters, the oompa-loompas come out.
<MindWarped> sessions recuses himself from the russia investiagion, and the oompa-loompas come out.
<Grak> Get Spicer down to the juicing room immediately.
<Jack> Oompa Loompa doppity dagents
<Jack> You should not arrange secret meetings with self-identified foreign agents
<Grak> there's no earthly way of knowing what healthcare bill the senates showing
<Grak> there's no knowing where rates are going
<Grak> are they raising are they lowering is a death spiral blowing
<Grak> not a speck of text is showing so the senate must be voting
<Grak> is the house's expectations lowering? is the GOP kowtowing?
<Grak> YES! The danger must be growing for the senate keeps on voting
<Grak> and they're certainly not showing any signs of legislative slowing!!!!!!!!!
<Doug> What do you get when you
<Doug> Try to buy dirt
<Doug> A handful of nothing and
<Doug> An FBI alert
<Doug> What's going to come of
<Doug> Sneaking around
<Doug> Getting investigated like
<Doug> A
<Doug> Clown
<Doug> No one likes the look of it
<Jack> Who can take two stances
<Jack> Put them in the same tweet
<Jack> Separate the factuals
<Jack> And just pump them full of shite?
<Jack> The Trumpster man can
<Khaos> i can't help but imagine the oompa loompas as smaller, less orange versions of trump

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Büge » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:23 pm

But who is Slugworth?

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Yoji » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:43 pm

Me and my big mouth... (apologies to Facebook brontos who probably already saw this)

Image: Mention something from KPCC or Rachel Maddow
Image: Go on about Homeworld for X posts

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mazian » Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:54 pm

<NotBrentDroid> !cah Make America Great Again
<Utsuho> When you get right down to it, the systematic destruction of an entire people and their way of life is just Make America Great Again.
<NotBrentDroid> I'm... not going to CAH any more.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:23 pm

Grant wrote:Because comparing the U.S. to the Roman Empire is pretty common, I was starting to think that Trump is Caligula. But that was all wrong - he's actually the horse.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Lyrai » Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:35 pm

[18:21] <+BongoBill> #FINALFIGHT
[18:21] <+BongoBill> CLOSE EYES
[18:21] <+BongoBill> DRAW BATMAN
[18:21] <+Ridley> BONGORBILL.
[18:21] <+Smiler> NO
[18:21] <+Ridley> GETTING PAPER
[18:21] <+Smiler> batman is a master of stealth no one knows what he looks like
[18:22] <+Ridley> this is an awesome bat-drawing.
[18:22] <+BongoBill> SHARE WITH THE CLASS
[18:22] <+Ridley> 1sec.
[18:22] <+BongoBill> I did mine in Paint and it is small and shitty.
[18:24] <+Ridley>
[18:24] <myew> Kayumi is full of shit.
[18:24] <+Ridley> FUCK YOU MYEW
[18:24] <+Smiler> ahahahahahah

] <+Tri-Edge> When I was 12 I searched the internet for porn and came across a hentai dojin where a guy ripped the ey out of his maid and then skullfucked it while she remained indiffierent about it the whole time
[04:43:26pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> I was safe by the time I reached 19.
[04:43:36pm -7] <Lottel> "safe"
[04:43:42pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> ...relatively speaking
[04:47:07pm -7] <yeoz> Tri-Edge: link?
[04:47:50pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> yeoz: :|
[04:48:15pm -7] <@DonkeyFromShrek> Lyrai I don't think she was indifferent, I remember her crying a lot
[04:48:22pm -7] <zaratustr> Tri-Edge: Hey, I remember that eye thing
[04:48:28pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> See
[04:48:29pm -7] <@DonkeyFromShrek> and she wasn't a maid
[04:48:31pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> This is the kind of community this is
[04:48:35pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> "When I was twelve, EYEFUCKING"
[04:48:38pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> "Oh man I remember that"
[04:48:45pm -7] <@DonkeyFromShrek> she was some kind of sex toy who came in a box that had a penis pacifier and everything
[04:48:47pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> That, right there
[04:48:50pm -7] <+Tri-Edge> Is pure bottled final fight
[04:49:09pm -7] <@DonkeyFromShrek> listen when we were 12 you could count the amount of crazy japan sex doujins online on one hand
[04:49:17pm -7] <@DonkeyFromShrek> we didn't have a million nips flodding shit onto danbooru daily
[04:49:35pm -7] <@DonkeyFromShrek> we had scans of Sex Tails and Secret Plot at 100x200 resolution

<@DeusRomo> so uh.
<@DeusRomo> I managed to free Gunther
<@DeusRomo> I threw a LAM into the room
<@DeusRomo> one guard ran away from it entirely
<@DeusRomo> running through the laser tripwires
<@DeusRomo> without setting them off
<@DeusRomo> the door was blown open by the LAM
<@DeusRomo> Gunther and I killed like 5 guards in a massive shootout
<@DeusRomo> then Gunther just ran in circles with his knife in the lower level
<@DeusRomo> chasing guards
<Mr_Saturn|Laptop> yeah thats gunther
<beatbandito> Oh man is this your first playthrough?
<@DeusRomo> and when there was no more guards
<@DeusRomo> he turned on me
<@DeusRomo> and stabbed me to death
<@DeusRomo> for no reason
<Mr_Saturn|Laptop> HA
<@DeusRomo> I fucking hate this game

<@Fridaway> ok so
<@Fridaway> you guys aren't going to believe this probably
<@Fridaway> I have a hard believing it happened and it just happened to me
<@Fridaway> so I'm cleaning the garage gutter
<@Fridaway> up on the ladder
<Brentai> And then Brentai?
<@Fridaway> and I hear a yell
<Brentai> And then Brentai?
<@Fridaway> and then hear like, rapid footsteps/rustling
<@Fridaway> and I turn around on the ladder
<@Fridaway> to see a group of deer
<@Fridaway> rapidly running away
<@Fridaway> toward me
<@Fridaway> one of them, a buck
<@Fridaway> is coming DIRECTLY AT ME
<@Fridaway> and he's fucking
<@Fridaway> Fear-blind
<@Fridaway> I can see it in his eyes
<@Fridaway> so I have about, oh
<@Fridaway> 1 second
<@Fridaway> and I just jump off the ladder
<@Fridaway> and he slams into it
<@Fridaway> really hard
<Lee-Ham> holy shit
<@Fridaway> and then scrambles away
<@Fridaway> the ladder goes fucking flying
<Lee-Ham> are you ok?
<@Fridaway> yeah
<@Fridaway> I landed and rolled
<@Fridaway> thanks, jujitsu
<Lee-Ham> that must have sucked for your arm though
<Brentai> And then, a mountain lion.
<@Fridaway> my legs kinda hurt
<@Fridaway> my arm is ok
<@Fridaway> That would be a good inscription I think for a Roguelike gravestone
<@patito> deer are fucking dumb
<@Fridaway> "Here lies Friday: Survived Mountain Lion in her Garage, Cancer, slain by Deer"
<Vance> Friday of the Jungle
<Lee-Ham> there was a guy up here who got killed by a deer just yesterday
<@Fridaway> My mom was surprisingly calm about the whole thing
<@Fridaway> "oh, good thing you jumped"
<@Fridaway> *goes back to facebook*
<Brentai> Stuff her in the gutters.
<Lee-Ham> ... er-111013/
<@Fridaway> Lee-Ham jesus
<Caithness> domesticated?
<Caithness> who domesticates deer?
<Lee-Ham> people in New Brunswick evidently
<@Fridaway> we have a semi-tame pack around here
<@Fridaway> I see them all the time
<@Fridaway> almost hit probably that same buck with my truck once
<Vance> Yeah, you can't just domesticate wild animals. It takes generations of selective breeding
<Lee-Ham> like the kwisatz haderach
<Brentai> It's gonna be like this for the rest of her life.
<Brentai> She'll be slowly sneaking up on a raptor
<Brentai> And then
<Brentai> THAT DEER
<Lee-Ham> that one buck is going to hunt her forever, like Jaws
<@Fridaway> standing at the altar
<@Fridaway> Groom unzips
<@Fridaway> THAT DEER
<Brentai> DUNnaaaaa!

[15:58] <SimonTheDigger> You know what I really hope they'd do, but I know they won't?
[15:58] <SimonTheDigger> Make Galactus vulnerable to P. Wright's level 3 hyper
[15:58] <Mr_Saturn|Laptop> HA
[15:59] <SimonTheDigger> <Galactus> D:

<@Romosome> sometimes I worry about like
<@Romosome> having a sudden heart attack
<@Romosome> and dying with my porn tabs still open

[00:57] <@Romosome> If I ever get a million dollars
[00:57] <@Friday> You will fuck two bitches at once
[00:57] <@Romosome> I will pay for an elaborate cosplay sex scenario where two girls pantomime the Mana Sword spell gesture
[00:58] <@Romosome> at my erect penis
[00:58] <@Friday> ...
[00:58] <@Friday> So I was right
[00:58] <@Romosome> well duh
[00:58] <Guildenverse> dead on
[00:58] <Brentai> Romosome's penis became the Mana Sword!
[00:58] <Guildenverse> i'd invest it
[00:58] <@Friday> *thunder*
[00:58] <+Utsuho> ...
[00:58] <@Romosome> OH GOD TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF
[00:58] <+Utsuho> I heard Mana, but now I wish I didn't.

[15:27] <+Esperath> this man is doing it right
[15:27] <+Esperath> ... o1_500.jpg
[15:29] <Sede> how did anonymous find out the number to my hamburger phone??!
[15:30] <+Esperath> HOLD MY CALLS (IN A WARMING TRAY)

<Mr_Saturn> OK game industry metaphor
<Mr_Saturn> guy shoved is legit users
<Mr_Saturn> guy thrown off bridge is drm
<@Cait> Am I the boot stomping on your face forever for trying to make heavy-handed and dumb metaphors?
<Mr_Saturn> yes
* Mr_Saturn was kicked by Cait (Check.)

In response to:

[21:35] Brentai Nebula interference causes Data to believe that he is Benjamin Franklin. Riker loses a bet and has to crossdress for 5 stardays.
[21:36] Brentai The Abraham Lincoln clone from TOS invades the Enterprise-E, intent on killing all the Klingon on board. Data teaches Spot to flush the toilet.
[21:37] Esperath Q causes deep space to turn into an ocean; Picard has to negotiate with a race of space merpeople. Barclay sticks his finger into a holodeck port.
[21:38] Friday Data accidently interfaces with the Holodeck while Spot takes over the ship.
[21:39] Esperath The warp core's warp core goes critical, featuring a cameo by Xzibit. Meanwhile, Geordi still can't get laid.
[21:39] Esperath The command crew goes back in time to the 1980s, gets Rickrolled. Keiko and O'Brien have angry make-up sex.
[21:41] Friday Esperath goes back to 1999, plays Brood War with teenage Friday. Meanwhile, Data teaches Riker how to love.
[21:41] Esperath Shodan takes over the ship's computer while the crew is on shore leave. Data implants a party chip and blacks out, remembers nothing.
[21:41] Brentai The adolescent daughter of a Vulcan diplomat goes into Pon Farr and sets her sights on Worf. Geordi relaxes with a holodeck simulation of a room full of Star Wars toys.
[21:42] Friday An unstable virus infiltrates the ship and transforms the crew into random animals. Romosome must defeat a host of foes on the way to the Warp Core where he will destroy the virus by barking at it for several hours.
[21:42] Brentai The Borg return and challenge Data to a chess match to decide the fate of the human race. Riker begins a relationship with a Horta that lasts for four episodes.
[21:43] Brentai An unstable virus causes intoxication-like effects to the crew of the Enterprise and... wait.
[21:43] Esperath Cardassians transport a nanovirus onto the Enterprise, causing the entire crew to break out into cold sores. Picard remodels his room to have exactly four lights.
[21:44] Friday The crew of the Enterprise discover an amazing new technology! Data is fired for texting while navigating
[21:44] zaratrout A space virus infects the human members of the Enterprise, despite all biological reasons against it. Friday decides to drive the ship backwards for the whole week.
[21:45] Esperath A rip in the space-time continuum causes Garibaldi from Babylon 5 to materialize on the bridge of the Enterprise, introduces the crew to Looney Tunes. Crusher paces through 10 Forward restlessly.
[21:45] Brentai To survive in a nebula, Geordi seeks out a retired Mr. Scott to retrofit the Enterprise-E with dilithium crystals. A visiting Sisko joins Geordi in a holodeck simulation in which he is John Shaft.
[21:45] Lee-Ham Q traps the crew in an off-Broadway production of Rent. Barclay must shut up and jam.
[21:46] Brentai Protesting the income inequality aboard the ship, the occupants of the saucer stage an Occupy Battle Bridge movement. Picard teaches Worf to play the flute.
[21:48] zaratrout Data struggles with human emotions for the twentieth fucking episode. Wesley Crusher tries to grow pot in the warp nacelles.
[21:49] Brentai Picard must somehow reverse a temporal anomaly from three different points in history. Riker and Worf bond over their mutual love of Troi's ass.

[15:32] <@Romosome> You know what's cool?
[15:32] <@Romosome> Microgravity flames
[15:32] <@Romosome> Without gravity, fire is spherical!
[15:32] <zaratustra> that can't beeeeeeeeeee
[15:34] <@Romosome> well apparently it took us until 2000 to confirm this experimentally
[15:34] <@Romosome> but it seems pretty obvious
[15:34] <@Romosome> I mean, what direction does a flame go in
[15:34] <@Romosome> someone socrates with me here WHAT DIRECTION DOES A FLAME GO IN
[15:34] <+BongoBill> towards the sun
[15:34] <@Romosome> :|
[15:35] <+BongoBill> wait I mean the sky

<@Romosome> Friday: YOU
* @Romosome pulls lever
<@Friday> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............
<@Romosome> somewhere, kayin gets a boner
<Brentai> Yes, Kayin.

<R^2> Last time I had a job interview they asked me if I had a police record. I told them I have Don't Stand So Close To Me.

<@Friday> oh god
<@Friday> my friend is messaging me
<@Friday> about how she just went pants shopping and NOW SHE IS DEPRESSED BECAUSE SHE IS FAT
<@Friday> how do i
<@Friday> I thought only guys had to deal with this shit
<@Friday> WHAT DO I SAY
<Caithness> lol
<Caithness> what would you want her to say to you?
<@Friday> that doesn't work, because I'm not her
<Mr_Saturn> has she in fact gotten fatter?
<@Friday> nope
<Caithness> sounds like that's what you say, then
<MetalSlime> THOUGHT NOT
<@Friday> hahaha
<@Friday> YOU WILL NEVER BE AS FAT AS KAZZ is probably the thing to say to me, yeah
<+BongoBill> Facetiously, the solution is to say that she should be depressed for being stupid instead. That would be a tremendously cruel thing to tell her.
<Dr_Nerd> oh man why do people play the fat gambit
<Dr_Nerd> that never ends well
<+BongoBill> Fat Gambit isn't even in UMvC3
<@Friday> I'm just going to ignore her I think
<Dr_Nerd> Try changing the conversation
<Dr_Nerd> Try talking about the weather, or the local sports team which you like
<@Friday> wait oops
<@Friday> I meant uh
<@Friday> how about those jesus your legs are like trees and your neck has a zipcode
<Dr_Nerd> yeah but their butts are still pretty tight right
<Dr_Nerd> no matter how fat they seem to get
<TheTsunami> How about a fashion change up? I heard mumus were in this winter!
<@Friday> So I heard it was gonna rain tomorrow and jesus h fucking christ oh my god oh my god the moon is going to collide with the earth we're all doomed oh shit oh shit oh wait that's just your ass
<MetalSlime> wait a minute
<MetalSlime> why does your ass have craters
<MetalSlime> oh god

<Esperath> feeling any better?
<@Fridayquest> a little
<@Fridayquest> got really naseated
<@Fridayquest> dunno why
<Esperath> :(
<Esperath> are you preggers
<Stush> Pregnesia
* Esperath pregs all over Stush
<Esperath> pregophobia
<Esperath> a fear of pasta sauce
<@Fridayquest> If I'm pregnant I'm going to have a very stern talk with my imaginary boyfriend
<@Fridayquest> he told me he was imaginary and I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant
<Esperath> they lie like that
<Esperath> because it feels better
<Esperath> without an imaginary condom
<kashan> Friday is imaginary pregnant? Congrats Friday.

<NexAdruin> haven't we had this discussion. almost everyone in star wars has a name and backstory. there's one guy in the entire mos eisley cantina that doesn't have a name
<Lady> I'm sure that will change soon, NexAdruin
<NexAdruin> if it hasn't changed yet I don't know why now would be the time
<Brentai> Because I'm here!
* Brentai opens up Word, starts crafting tail of Simor Balmor.
<Brentai> Yes, tail. For soup.
<Brentai> Simor Balmor took a sip of his fine Aldebaraan tea as he contemplated the fact that it was noon and he was not wearing his space shades. Simor Balmor knew. God damn Gungans.
<Brentai> Good God, why.
<quairlzr> thought Simor Balmor.
<@Fridack> Suddenly a 190007 Chevy Malibu Speeder burst through the wall.
<Brentai> Simor Balmor and his 1903 Chevy LandspeeNO
<@Fridack> "I'm a dodge," said the 190007 Chevy Malibu Speeder.
<Brentai> Suddenly the Made of Laffy Taffy Motherfucker Space Vampire rose up from behind the Cantina bar. "I'm made of Laffy Taffy, motherfucker!" blahed the Made of Laffy Taffy Motherfucker Space Vampire.
<Brentai> This is quality work. I think I'm going to add it to my portfolio.

[00:14] Friday I haven't seen a real life naked woman in real life
[00:14] Friday in about
[00:14] Friday looks down
[00:14] Friday nevermind
[00:14] Esperath friday has marsdragon in her lap
[00:14] Finnel <MarsDragon> Please don't get a boner Please don't get a boner Please don't get a boner Please don't get a boner Please don't get a boner Please don't get a boner
[00:14] Finnel <MarsDragon> She did. :(

<zaratoast> I've noticed girls like to wear shirts that say "I Love Nerds" but never want to hear all 45 ways I would have improved the Watchmen movie.
<Brentai> #1: Use Saturday Morning Watchmen instead of Graphic Novel Watchmen as source.
<Brentai> #2: Make Dr. Manhattan's naked blue schlong much larger. Make Dr. Manhattan a small blue pony.
<Brentai> #3: Instead of replacing it wholesale with a nuke, make massive psychic squid more believable by replacing it with massive amorous squid.
<Brentai> #4: 20 minute fight scene in which Rorschach disables the whole prison with his deep fryer. At the end he thrusts it into the air triumphantly, spilling the grease in his own face and giving him permanent patterned scars.
<Brentai> #5: Actually show one of The Comedian's stand-up comedy routines.
<Brentai> 6: Night Owl should be massively overweight. He should also own a video game company.
<Brentai> #7: After being called a prostitute, Ozymandias gasps and says "How did you know?"
<Brentai> #8: Doomsday clock strikes twelve. Dracula is released from his thousand-year sleep.
<Brentai> #9: After Dr. Manhattan decides to go make some humans, we see him mining for redstone and diamonds. Later, we see that he has actually made an eternally shitting butt.
<Brentai> #10: Bubastis can talk, but can only say "Bubastis".
<Brentai> #11: We see Dr. Manhattan's first girlfriend, who he DIDN'T figure out couldn't breath in space.
<Dr_Nerd> #12 Bubastis also survives and gets work as the mascot for his own brand of sugary frosted corn starch cereal. Paparazzi eventually reveals his sordid affair with Count Chocula.
<Brentai> #13: Redesign Silk Spectre's costume. Add cat ears.
<Dr_Nerd> Tagline for #12's cereal was "THEEEEY'RE VEIDT!"
<Dr_Nerd> (yes it was necessary)
<Brentai>#14: Instead of destroying New York, Ozymandias's plan is to rip off millions of people for small amount of petty cash. When asked when he's going to do it, he answers "I did it 90 minutes ago." Film ends immediately.
<Dr_Nerd> #15 Dancing Queen plays over as the soundtrack for the entirety of the movie. All 2+ hours.
<Brentai> #16: Added subplot where Nicolas Cage discovers codes embedded in Silk Spectre I's Tijuana Bibles that lead to the truth about Abe Lincoln's assassination. The Comedian did it.
<Brentai> #17: Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan both discover that The Comedian was also THEIR fathers.
<Brentai> #18: Rorschach reveals the awful truth to the world: That Silk Spectre is a man. Nite Owl is not sure how he managed to miss that.
<Brentai> #19: The newspaper kid reads through Rorschach's whole diary, jerking off the entire time.
<Ridley> #20: Ozymandias reads through Rorschach's whole diary, jerking off on the newspaper kid the entire time.
Dr_Nerd> #21 Nixon wears a massive sombrero in every scene he's in for some reason
<Shana> #22: Hats feature more prominetly
<Dr_Nerd> #23 Fuck it, everyone gets sombreros.
<Ridley> #23 The truth is revealed that The Comedian was not only the Silk Spectre's father, but her mother as well. Danny DeVito cameos to explain how.
<Ridley> FUCK YOU
<Dr_Nerd> :)
<Mr_Saturn> #24 Manhattan's dick tripled in size
<Ridley> Brentai did that one.
<Ridley> But better.
<Shana> #26: Everyone gets glowing blue dongs
<Brentai> #27: Redesign Dr. Manhattan's costume. Add cat ears.
<BongoBill> #28: Set it in Tokyo instead of New York.
<Shana> #29: Darth Vader cameo.
<Shana> #30: Redesign Darth Vader costume. Add cat ears.
<Ridley> #31: And blue glowing dong.
<patito> #32: Psychic squid with blue dong tentacles destroys Tokyo
<Smiler> #33: Goku shows up
<Mr_Saturn> 34 pointless cgi gophers
<Ridley> #35: Someone survives the psychic alien nuke by hiding in a fridge.
<Shana> #36: Motorcycle chase.
<Brentai> #37: Picard and Data must fight a ship that is loose on the holodeck. Riker finds out The Comedian is his father.
<Dr_Nerd> #38 Moloch has a 10-minute tap-dancing scene with Hooded Justice, wears adorable little tuxedo while doing so.
<Ridley> #39: But still shows off his glowing blue dong.
<Mr_Saturn> #40 Comedian played by reanimated groucho marx
<Brentai> #41: The attempted rape occurs on a pinball table.
<Ridley> #42: and leads to a high score.
<Dr_Nerd> #43 Pinball Wizard plays in the background inappropriately
<Mr_Saturn> 44: a robot hitler
<BongoBill> #45: The aristocrats!

<SimonTheDigger> !surge Jeanette
[01:11:49am -8] <+Aoko> SURGE: 4967 Target can cause his scent to mimic that of any normal animal
[01:11:55am -8] <SimonTheDigger> !wand Jeanette
[01:11:55am -8] <+Aoko> * SimonTheDigger waves the "SnakeScale 2HSword of Wonder" and points it at Jeanette - 369 Jeanette is teleported to a place SimonTheDigger would consider safe.
[01:12:06am -8] <myew> !Wand mr_saturn's butt - 167 projects image of he-man in front of the sf equivalent.
[01:12:06am -8] <+Aoko> * myew waves the "TuttleRock Helmet of Wonder" and points it at mr_saturn's butt - 750 mr_saturn's butt's stats are reduced to 1 until sunrise.
[01:12:21am -8] <myew> Saturn's tits need some blog hits" "insult a popular game as a whole lot of points for the butt.

[21:35] *** Romosome has signed off IRC ().
[21:38] Aoko: You're one year older, one year wiser, rock 'n' roll star, king czar and a kaiser! A room full of friends, a mouth full of cake, every present if for you and it feels pretty great! You're the man of the hour, the V-I-P, you get the first slice, of the P-I-E! But first blow out the candles, and make a wish! Put a smile on, cause it's your birthday, BITCH!
[21:38] Aoko: ...
[21:38] Aoko: DAMMIT ROMO

<@Romosome> okay
<@Romosome> my mom liked this image on facebook
<@Romosome> ... 0165_n.jpg
<@Romosome> I am sorely tempted to comment on it with "WOMEN don't know how Bluetooth and Wifi work"
* Meikai hits romo
<Ted> Haha
<Meikai> Also, why aren't you my facebook friend, Homo
<@Romosome> I don't really use facebook like
<@Romosome> a ton
<@Romosome> only when I am being bored and useless and to talk with friends
<+BongoBill> Romosome is the joke that the person who made this doesn't actually understand the technology in question, or is the joke that I'm a big dork for saying that
* @Friday scans all users of #finalfight
* @Friday connects to ...
* @Friday ...
* @Friday ...
* @Friday ...
* @Friday ... myew.
<@Romosome> Bill: no that's my point
<@Friday> Romo stop using facebook it is for women and gays
<@Romosome> Friday how else am I going to keep track of the women and gays in my life

<Stush> I watched a 4 player LP of battletoads.
<Mr_Saturn|Laptop> i beat iwbtg and i still cannot fucking hate myself enough to try beating battletoads
<Stush> The death counters were at like 252-450
<Stush> Battletoads looks like a terrible game.
<@Friday> Stush: me too!
<Stush> I wouldn't get past the first screen.
<Mr_Saturn|Laptop> i'd rather have a leather clad friday stomp on my balls
<Stush> Why did people play it!
<rainwarrior> Battletoads is a wondereful game.
<Stush> It's a terrible looking game.
<Stush> By looking I don't mean the graphics
<rainwarrior> I played it because it looked like Ninja Turtles.
<Stush> I mean, it looks like it isn't fun at all.
<sede> Stush would beat the first 3 levels easy!
<rainwarrior> Now I play it because I love the gameplay.
<Stush> Can I like, bust through the bric65ks adasdkaaa6fra
<Stush> 77777777Kitty on keybaoel
<Stush> 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

Friday I really like Lolo
Friday a lot
Friday In fact you could say
Friday I'm
Friday shades
Lee-Ham a lolocon
Friday DAMN IT

<Lee-Ham> my rigid collision physics are interacting with your softbody calculations
<Lee-Ham> I like the way you're rigged, baby
<Lee-Ham> take off that cloth deformation mesh and let me see your normals

<Sqbedzle> Oh god. :(
<Friday> ?
<Sqbedzle> Tiff started vomiting all of a sudden. She's back to sleep now, but now I'm wide awake and worrying.
<Romosome> if she went back to sleep and is breathing normally she's probably fine
<Romosome> dogs do puke a lot
<Sqbedzle> She was like "My stomach feels kind of funny", then two minutes later, vomit. The five minutes after that. Then ten or so minutes after that.
<Romosome> oh
<Romosome> Tiff isn't a dog?
<Romosome> I don't know who Tiff is.
<Romosome> I'm sorry.
<Sqbedzle> She's my girlfriend/de facto fiancee. It's cool.
<Niku> ....
<Roger> Tiff is Squizzle's lovemuffin
<Romosome> thanks, terribly embarassed.
<Niku> romo just had some epic win

<Stush> I am worried martha might have something in her eye
<Stush> Is there anything I can do about that?
<Stush> Or will it just fix itself?
* Romosome ( has joined #finalfight
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Romosome
<Mr_Saturn> Martha is a Cat or Dog?
<Mr_Saturn> I don't remember
<Stush> Cat
<Roger> And Tish is a Wife

<@Squizzle> After sex this morning, I made Tiffany watch the part of Star Wars where Vader and the stormtroopers burst into Leia's ship, to drive home a metaphor about ejaculation.
<Stush> Hahah
<@Squizzle> I made grunty-groany noises!
<CUI> by that logic, all ship boardings are rape
<Elfin> Squizzle, is Tiffany your wife?
<@Squizzle> Ask Romo.

<@Romosome> grats on wife
<notKazz> thanks
<@Romosome> they are the most elusive pokemon'
<notKazz> i'm extremely lucky
<notKazz> cause like, i'm fat and poor
<notKazz> so i had to master ball this shit
<MetalSlime> Just be careful they don't evolve into Divorcea
<notKazz> They only become Divorcea if they level up while holding a Bitch Stone

Romosome> okay guys
<Romosome> do you want to know like the biggest nerd quibble EVER
<Romosome> Okay I worked on World of Warcraft right
<Romosome> they have the Tauren
<Romosome> every race in Wow has its "culture kit"
<Romosome> like its own little set of objects to decorate their town
<Romosome> not just buildings but like crates and decorations and graveyard stuff and all that
<Romosome> it's pretty significant, it makes it clear when you step into a new little townlet "this is a Tauren place"
<Romosome> one of those unnoticed but vital bits
<Romosome> anyway so the Tauren graveyards have these like, weirdass things
<Romosome> they have these wooden scaffolds with mummies on them
<Romosome> cow mummies wrapped up laying on them
<Romosome> like they look like a pyre that hasn't been burned
<Romosome> so I actually researched this
<Mr_Saturn> Like the native American burial practice?
<Romosome> and by research I mean I watched Last of the Mohicans and Dances with Wolves
<Romosome> and checked wikipedia
<Romosome> and yes it's actually what they do because the ground is too hard to bury people down far enough to keep them safe from scavengers
<Romosome> so they put them up high enough for the wolves not to get at them
<Romosome> anyway because of this I made sure NOT to treat it like a pyre
<Romosome> I made a whole funeral scene
<Romosome> and made sure the tauren weren't shown burning their dead
<Romosome> and all this
<Romosome> and then when Cataclysm launched the guys doing the death/funeral of the Tauren leader used that object and just lit it the fuck up
<Romosome> fwoosh
<drethelin> haha
<Romosome> OH WELL

myew 0x08 O5ã2 o5 žooqÝtp.
Stush Whoah
Brentai Who broke the bot?
Finnel myew, ou a® h®®, in ¼h® dak, i ¾ill ¼®ll ou a@ou¼ ¼h® %un, no ®%²ap®, fo\ \ pi%on of ¼h® ¾old
myew Finnel: No, i mean it. You can't take the pepsi challenge with amsterdam shit any ol' day of the old one has aliens in it.
Brentai !tableflip ou a® h®®, in ¼h® dak, i ¾ill ¼®ll ou a@ou¼ ¼h® %un, no ®%²ap®, fo\ \ pi%on of ¼h® ¾old
Finnel ( ╯‵口′)╯︵ no

<@Friday> I think OoE is an amazing game
<@Friday> the level design is indeed ____________________________ but
<@Friday> apart from that I feel it is the strongest castlevania
<@Friday> er
<+Kayin> Yeah. I think they really wante dto do better with the level design too. It had to be money.
<@Friday> metroidvania
<@Friday> Aria is probably my second choice
<@Friday> SotN my third, then PoR, then DoS
<@patito> they wanted to do more than just a castle with PoR and OoE
<+Kayin> PoR also seemed like a 'ran out of money' game
<@patito> but I feel PoR did that better
<+Kayin> But it ran out of money less..... severely.
<@patito> and oddly enough the castle was the best level in OoE
<@Friday> hahah
<+Kayin> PoR was sorta just lacking in details.
<@Friday> Kayin remember when I ran the hottest girl ever and like
<@Friday> Shanoa made it to final four
<@Friday> wtf
<+Kayin> I'd love Shanoa if her characterization wasn't so bad.
<+Kayin> Well no I lvoe her anyways
<@Friday> I love Shanoa anyway
<@Friday> her sprite is so fucking amazing
<Elfin> Yes.
<@Friday> like it may be my all time favorite animated 2d sprite
<+Kayin> So instead I write Shanoa fanfiction in my imagination
<Elfin> Yes it is.
<+Kayin> and yeha, it's amazing.
<@Friday> but here is her character:
<@Friday> :|
<@Friday> :|
<@Friday> :|
<@Friday> :|
<@Friday> ...
<@Friday> :)
<@Friday> THE END
<@patito> her character is a perfect mirror of her game's level design

<Brentai> I love Captain N though. It's like a love letter to Nintendo that was actually written by a five year old.

<Caithness> my english dictionary doesn't have corn as a verb, but the japanese one does
<Lady> what does it mean to corn?
<Brentai> I assume it means the same thing as every other Japanese verb.
<Brentai> "To feel intense shame."

<yeoz> (13) In that pool of forty million, there are nonetheless many intelligent and well-socialized blacks. (I’ll use IWSB as an ad hoc abbreviation.) You should consciously seek opportunities to make friends with IWSBs. In addition to the ordinary pleasures of friendship, you will gain an amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice.
<Romosome> an AMULET
<Romosome> You could START by proceeding into the CHAMBER OF DARKIES, and assemble the silver monkey to proceed into the PIT OF RACISM

<zaratoast> hey friday
<zaratoast> I'm in america
<zaratoast> hi
<@Friday> Zara omg
* zaratoast waves all the way over here
<@Silversong> They let you in again, Zara?
<@Friday> where in america is ZARA TUSTERARA
<zaratoast> Surprisingly.
<zaratoast> heh
<zaratoast> ironic friday
<zaratoast> cause I am in sandiego
<@Friday> D:

<drethelin1> why is tsundere even a thing
<drethelin1> it's so dumb
<patito> tsundere is so dumb
<patito> it's not like I like it or anything

<Lee-Ham> I seem to be stuck in Zelda's Butt
<Lee-Ham> there's a weird-looking bush that's keeping me from getting further

<Mr_Saturn|Laptop> all the best D&D monsters have "Created by a crazy wizard" in their description

<Squizzle> Wait, you mean that it and maggot don't refer to different sexes of aggot?

<Romosome> god that poor insane man
<Romosome> can you imagine what it's like to be him
<Romosome> how does he have breakfast without being attacked by imaginary cheerio conspiracies

<Romosome> that's what fist of the north star taught me
<Romosome> if people are bullies because they cannot put themselves in the place of the victim
<Romosome> you have to put them in that place yourself
<Romosome> with your fists

<Friday> On the other hand, fem Demon Hunter is my dream girl
<Friday> think about it
<Friday> what two character traits are most important in bed?
<Friday> Hatred and Discipline.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:01 pm

<Brentai>#14: Instead of destroying New York, Ozymandias's plan is to rip off millions of people for small amount of petty cash. When asked when he's going to do it, he answers "I did it 90 minutes ago." Film ends immediately.

This is still one of may all-time favourite #FF quotes.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Thad » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:25 am

Mongrel wrote:<Doug> Found another one:
<Doug> "It needs to be said that Doctor Who is still an OVERWHELMINGLY white show and that issues of representation do not exist in isolation from each other. It’s not as if you fix the "woman" problem, THEN fix the "race" problem, THEN the "queer/trans" problem, etc. It all has to happen in tandem."

I think the show's certainly been working toward implying that all Time Lords are genderfluid. That seems pretty significant to me, though I'd like to hear what some actual trans/genderfluid people have to say about it. Obviously "sometimes when you're about to die you regenerate into someone of the opposite binary gender" does not reflect anybody's real-life experience.

But yeah they've definitely still got work to do on the race front. Nothing to stop them from Thirteen having a same-sex relationship with somebody at some point over her tenure, though, or even just some flirting.

(This would be an excellent time to bring River back. It's a logical impossibility, but it's not like that's always been a barrier in the past.)

Mongrel wrote:<MindWarped> just imagine the administration as charlie and the chocolate factory: trump is wonka, and his cabinet members are the kids, who each meet their demise, in turn.

There is no way Donald Trump is any character other than Mike Teevee.

...actually, you know what, you could make an excellent case for Veruca Salt.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:08 pm

<QED2> Today I learned to add "MTG" when searching for "white knight beta"

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:49 pm

<fmm> tbh Dennis Rodman is like exactly the sort of person Trump would entrust with negotiating w/ NK
<NJ> This Space Jam sequel sucks

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:28 pm

<@Friday> okay leeham i was tasked by a friend to make up some dumb FF7 jokes on the spot after talking about how much I loved dumb ff7 jokes
<@Friday> i need to stress that I made up the following jokes as I was telling them
<@Friday> are you ready
<leeham> my body is ready
<Upthorn> my body is not ready, but I was not consulted
<@Friday> what do you call Cloud when he's sad
<+MarsDragon> Friday: Rain?
<leeham> afflicted with Sadness condition
<@Friday> Raincloud
<@Friday> what do you call Tifa when she's buff
<Kazz> tougha?
<@Friday> yes
<@Friday> what do you call Vincent without a penny to his name
<Sedoo> Vin
<@Friday> yes
<Sedoo> nice
<+MarsDragon> We know you too well, Friday
<@Friday> hahahaha
<+MarsDragon> We can predict your every move!
<Sedoo> something something punchline: Vincent Diesel
<@Friday> wait Kazz no it's "Toupha"
<Upthorn> Toph?
<@Friday> because of that stupid ring typo
<@Friday> in the american release
<Kazz> what do you want from me
<@Friday> you know the answer to that, Kazz
* Kazz sighs, opens vein
<Sedoo> What do you call Tifa afflicted with Petrify?
<+MarsDragon> Hardbody
<@Friday> Petifafied
<@Friday> ?
<Sedoo> Stifa
<@Friday> hehe
<leeham> three Turks walk into a bar
<leeham> the barmaid says "wow, rude"
<leeham> then she beats the shit out of them
<leeham> that's it, that's my joke
<@Friday> the turks don't fight back because they're off duty
<Sedoo> i laughed at both the second and third panel
<@Friday> same
<Kazz> ok mine is bad
<Kazz> what's rufus shinra's favorite charity
<+MarsDragon> Shinra?
<Kazz> the mako wish foundation
<@Friday> wow
<@Friday> 10 out of fucking 10
<fbm> very upset at that

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:00 pm

<Slearch> trump looked at the eclipse
<Slearch> 6 more years of winter

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:07 am

<@Romosome> In extremely hot regions (above 10078 °U ), dwarves and livestock may die from the heat (specifically, the fat in their bodies will melt, causing them to bleed to death) if they remain outdoors for extended periods of time.
<@Romosome> I love dwarf fortress
<@Romosome> it's the only good things humans have made

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