CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Silversong » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:40 am

Friday wrote:<BrentDroid> Silversong wants me to go nekkid, I think I'm starting to rub off on her.

Okay to be fair, what I suggested was to go as "sexy" Conan the Barbarian, which I still find a hilarious concept.

Tangentially, my school is extending an invitation to Schwarzenegger to come speak here.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Yoji » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:53 pm

Mongrel wrote:<Faceless> Actually there are 10 genders, binary and non-binary

*hurls tomato*

Friday wrote:<@Friday> Romo what are you doing for halloween
<@Friday> are you dressing up as a cat
<fbm> dressing as a different breed of dog
<@Romosome> I do not know yet Friday
<@Romosome> I should have a party
<BrentDroid> Silversong wants me to go nekkid, I think I'm starting to rub off on her.
<BrentDroid> I immediately regret using that turn off phrase.
<BrentDroid> ...
<BrentDroid> And that typo.
<fbm> refuse to touch any part of that set of statements
<BrentDroid> I'm going back to work now

On second thought, let's not go to #finalfight. 'tis a silly place.
Image: Mention something from KPCC or Rachel Maddow
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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Esperath » Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:30 pm

[16:20:56] <BrentDroid> !haiku
[16:20:56] <Upthorn> Haiku Novicework: You are not the moon / hit while the iron is hot / I have syphillis
[16:21:15] <BrentDroid> Avatar: The Legend of Sokka
pisa katto


pisa katto

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:59 pm

<BrentPhone> I had to be really pushed into getting this.
<BrentPhone> I just realized the stylus has a top clicky botton for no real reason.
<BrentPhone> But you can be Un cannoying pen dickes within
<maou> a clicky button where?
<BrentPhone> Okaycursein recognition
<BrentPhone> isn'tgreat.
<BrentPhone> atthe top, like d per.
<BrentPhone> Like a pen,
<maou> Weird.
<BrentPhone> Ithink it's just- for docking.
<BrentPhone> The penis probably more cable thenthis Ijustwrite likeadrunk
<BrentPhone> Hokay enough off that.
<BrentPhone> Dann Out.
<BrentPhone> Okay now you're screwing auth me phone.
<@Friday> Simo Belmo knew. This wasthe work of god.damn.stylus.
<@Romosome> the penis more capable
<@Romosome> is this some kind of e-pen
<BrentPhone> Oth mean I'mgone documentere Nanowrimo thisway.
<@Romosome> This is giving you an incredible sort of accident.
<@Romosome> Er, accent.
<@Romosome> Somewhere between accent and accident.
<@Silversong> with a slight detour towards "drunk"
<BrentPhone> SimmoQelmo adirippedout hiss trustho e-peers/"Iwanta Runskiss Spence Latter"Y hewill?"Abhest?" askedthe Buriste. Simekdneo homer. Thiswasthe workof VIRTUAL W AMMIRIS!!!hi!
<BrentPhone> Ok I am dying at work now.
<@Romosome> okay yeah that's pretty drunk
<maou> amazing
<@Romosome> what the fuck even happened there
<@Romosome> pretty sure the Runskiss Spence Latter is related to mueller's investigation
<BrentPhone> I'll uh... lemme sit down and attempt to write what I was going for there.
<maou> I think I want to get this phone now just for the sake of handwriting recognition poetry
<@Romosome> drunkophone
<BrentPhone> Simo Belmo whipped out his trusty e-peen. "I want a Pumpkin Spice Latte," he wrote. "What?" asked the Barista. Simo Belmo knew. This was the work of VIRTUAL VAMPIRES!!!!!
<@Romosome> I'm picturing him like
<@Romosome> standing in line at starbucks, writing on a phone while narrating that out loud word for word
<BrentPhone> The "!!!hi!" keeps murdering me.
<@Romosome> except the Barista actually does say "what?"
<@Romosome> while he yells "ABHEST" over them

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Brentai » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:14 pm

Please send helly.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:35 pm

I'm amazed I was actually able to recognize pumpkin spice latte in drunkopenese.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:03 pm

<Friday> you
<Friday> fucking.
<Friday> named your dog.
<Friday> weed.
<Romosome> It's actually an obscure nerdy reference to a Japanese manga
<Romosome> But yes it's also weed, my best friend
<Romosome> ... prov=sfla1
<Friday> this is
<Friday> the most perfect summation of you
<Friday> "you named your dog WEED?" "yes but it's not what you think, it's actually an obscure manga reference"

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby beatbandito » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:23 pm

TIL what possibly the worst episode of excel saga was referencing.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby LaserBeing » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:49 pm

When I first came to BC as a little kid, the previous owners of our house hadn't bothered to take their cat with them, so she ended up with us. Her name was Weed.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:18 am

<+MarsDragon> It's very hard to turn kids off pizza
<@Friday> on the other hand, it's very easy to turn me on with pizza
<Utsuho> So that dream I had about rolling around on a giant pizza was you, Friday?
<leeham> now I want pizza :(
<@Friday> pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime
<@Friday> when pisa's on a katto, you can pisa katto anytime
<@Friday> "kids now a days will never understand how fun it was to not have the luxury of fast-forwarding through commercials this was the best part of watching Saturday morning cartoons!"
<@Friday> this is it
<@Friday> I have found
<@Friday> the dumbest fucking youtube comment
<Mr_Saturn|laptop> ?
<@Friday> saturn the quoted line
<Mr_Saturn|laptop> enh thats a 6/10
<Mr_Saturn|laptop> gotta dig in the comments of those "rational" types for even dumber shit
<Utsuho> Look, I'm not trying to start something, but I'm just saying, Hitler had the right idea.
<@Friday> Lyrai I'm not trying to start something but Envy was Ruby Weapon
<Utsuho> Friday I will stab you in your goddamn throat
<Utsuho> I will break into your house
<Utsuho> I will lean down to your bed
<Utsuho> And whisper
<Utsuho> Guild.
<Utsuho> Before shoving the knife in
<@Friday> Lyrai so that fortune teller who told me how I was going to die when I was 6 was right
<@Friday> "You will be slain by Envy"
<Utsuho> Just before you bleed out
<Utsuho> Niku will jump out of the closet going "I'M THE WERETIGER"
<Mr_Saturn|laptop> hahaha

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:34 am

That ending


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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:00 pm

<Glocks4Interns> So Amazon LotR is confirmed and it will be doing stories "set before the fellowship of the ring"
<Glocks4Interns> I'm excited!
<Dantes> Amazon can bankroll it, so at least it will look good. But man, this is one of those things to only be cautiously optimistic about.
<Cannonball Fun> I wish it was HBO.
<Glocks4Interns> Ah, a fellow hobbit boob enthusiast.

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:48 am

<Stush> Man, I wish i could have been a surveyor
<Stush> I would have given everything awful names
<Stush> ... up-cut.jpg Like this
<Stush> All real names
<Sede> We pretty much did the same with one of our greatest mountain ranges in the NW. Had been calling it some whigger name for a few decades and then Obama went "Dudes, it had a name before then for HUNDREDS of years, and we're officially calling it that again"
<Sede> but the white people were all "but we carved signs with the new name.. and it'd cost 1.5bil to carve new wooden signs"
<Stush> Government budget: 7.5 billion for new signs
<Sede> budget for protecting the environment/animals there-in, -3.5billion dollars
<Stush> Sorry, we can't fix the environment, we had to buy that giant laser that only kills whales.
<Stush> In case whales declare war.
<Sede> Star Trek 4 was a fantasy movie. So we must prepare for the opposite

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:49 pm

That's what happens when you let sailors name everything. A map of Newfoundland is very similar (including one town simply named "Dildo").

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Friday » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:41 pm

<Pisa|Katto> !haiku Friday
<Kuddy> Shameful Bootleg Haiku: Let's cuddle for warmth / Hello Kitty Massager / Dragon kick your ass
<Pisa|Katto> that's Chie's 9 heart social rank


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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:33 am

Paco might like this one

[talk about the requirements for being a librarian]

<Khaos> i dunno man, just throw out an example of a legal issue that you might commonly encounter as a librarian
<Cannonball Fun> "I am your boss and a citizen has asked us to remove this book from the library and I am doing it"
<Rylinks> is there any like constitutional barrier to this? local laws about control over the library may vary of course
<Rylinks> it sounds like government speech, but i guess it's not impossible that there's some special exception for libraries somewhere
<Cannonball Fun> Depends on the content and the process and a million other things.
<Cannonball Fun> Let's say you only ever get complaints about books featuring muslims.
<Cannonball Fun> Even if you follow a consistent process for the challenges you're still creating a constitutional problem.
<Rylinks> I don't believe that is the case for government speech.
<Rylinks> If the white house press office decides to issue a list of recommended books, or congress passes a law that purchases particular books and gives them away, their inclusion of muslims or not is not subject to first amendment freedom of speech review.
<Rylinks> And again I wouldn't be too surprised if libraries were special and not just government speech but if there's case law saying that I can't find it anywhere
<Rylinks> okay I'm reading about this and I think the position of the American Library Association is that librarians should be above the law.
<Rylinks> i mean geez:
<Rylinks> "In other words, our second point is that a library is very much like a public university which this Court has several times indicated is a... is a special sphere set off for the governmental promotion of private and free expression ... I believe it is a First Amendment concept that there are certain kinds of relationships or certain kinds of institutions in which the amount of speech that is being allowed is decided by the people who are designated as professionals to run that institution."
<Nemryn> Sounds reasonable
<QED2> but only while in the boundaries of the library
<Grant> the dewey despot system
<QED2> a shelf for everything and everything on its shelf

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:35 am

<ToadBrews> You all know full well that season one of the lesbian mars missions would be great and character driven and then season two they get to mars and wow there's life on mars and it has tentacles how odd

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:00 pm

Doug wrote:When a faction is losing in Cthulhu Wars, a leader gets everybody together and rallies them, saying "People, we mustn't give in to sanity and hope"

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Mongrel » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:58 pm

<3w13> welp
<3w13> the republican party is giving money to the pedophile again
<DeathSquiggle> Which one?

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Re: CHAT DUMP (and Quotes)

Postby Lyrai » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:52 am

[18:32] <R^2> When I have children the first word I will teach them is "brains"
[18:32] <R^2> For a while I will have an adorable little toddlerzombie stomping around my house.
[18:36] <Caithness> is that really how it works?
[18:36] <Caithness> children aren't like birds
[18:36] <Doomykins> Yeah! Birds are smarter.

<Lee-Ham> FF7 was a lot more experimental in many ways than 6
<Roger> And worse translated.
<maou> sic transit woolsey
<@Friday> Yeah, like when Cloud gets gang raped by a bunch of burly muscle men
<Lee-Ham> exactly
<maou> the debug/cut data for that whole sequence is fucking weird
<@Friday> How many other games have your main hero dressing up as a girl
<Lee-Ham> yeah there was a ton more stuff in the Honey Bee that ended up getting cut
<maou> like that you could get Cloud a pair of Marlene's panties at some point
<@Romosome> wh
<@Romosome> what?
<@Friday> hahahahaha
<@Romosome> isn't marlene like
<@Romosome> the little girl
<@Friday> maou are you serious
<@Romosome> they wouldn't fit!

<TedBelmont> Hahaha
<TedBelmont> I just caught a fly
<R^2> I once stabbed a fly to death with a pencil eraser.
<TedBelmont> R^2, that explains your terrible luck!
<TedBelmont> The fly's family put a curse on you.
 R^2 tries to find some flaw in this logic
 R^2 cannot

<zara2> I dated a girl over 6' that liked 4" heels
<zara2> she moved primarily by stumbling
<@Friday> i don't like heels because
<@Friday> yeah
<@Friday> you can't fucking move
<+Esperath> I once dated a girl over 6" that liked 4' heels
<@Friday> I once dated a girl over 6" that liked air bud
<+Esperath> they all do at that size
<Lee-Ham> when they're that tall, Air Bud is the only one who can jump high enough to get at the peanut butter

(10:47:30 PM) Friday: CAN YOU GET TO THE LOWEST FLOOR OF MY DUNGEON just got a different meaning in my mind
(10:47:32 PM) Friday: thanks brent
(10:47:39 PM) BongoBill: ... o1_400.gif
(10:47:42 PM) Romosome: well now the sound works again
(10:47:57 PM) ***Brentai equips his sword of paradise with exotic armor and descends.
(10:48:00 PM) Romosome: yay
(10:48:05 PM) Brentai: yay
(10:48:13 PM) Friday: yay
(10:48:28 PM) BongoBill: yay

Stush Heh, I like all the moles saying that they're the third strongest.
Friday No. 3
Friday in the background
Stush Yes.
Stush I was like "Wait, wasn't the last guy Number three?"
Stush And then I went back and read.
JDigital Wikipedia had a list of people the media had named second or third in command of Al Qaeda
JDigital there are like twenty
Stush Haha, oh man
Stush Someone should photoshop them in front of the backdrop.
Stush With the text
Stush "I am between the second and fourth members of al quaeda in terms of power"
Friday but like all desert people they are vulnerable to psi freeze

23:22:29 <+Aoko> Brentai, is it possible for you to fit a volleyball inside your anus?
23:22:48 <@Squizzle> Does it have to be inflated?
23:23:12 <+Aoko> In his ass, yes. He can deflate it, then insert it, then reflate it
23:23:18 < Brentai> I think my ass might be in danger.
23:24:33 <+Ridley> it is
23:25:21 < myew> Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It is to do is take those cleaning products
and clean the inside of the questions (i forget what it is.
23:25:45 < Brentai> ...
23:25:54 <+Ridley> laff
23:26:05 * Brentai protects his ass from myew's cleaning products.
23:26:16 <+BongoBill> Brentai, there were some suspicious-looking men with guns and one of them
dropped this polaroid of your ass
23:26:38 < Brentai> Shit shit shit I'm gonna call my ass up and tell it to skip town.
23:26:50 < Brentai> Look see I'm calling it now on my cell phone.
23:27:12 < Brentai> Hey, ass. Ass! Listen, ass, you gotta... no, fuck, I didn't pick up any
goddam Listerine, just LISTEN TO ME.
23:27:38 < Brentai> Ass, they're onto you. No, not in a good way. Yes. No. Yeah, like, ALL the
way through. Uh huh. Okay. Yeah, I'll tell her.
23:28:02 < Brentai> Just... take care, okay? You're my favorite ass. ... .... ...I uh...
23:28:10 * Brentai hangs up hurriedly.
23:28:30 * Brentai screams in pain as his ass rips itself off his body and bounces out the door.
23:29:03 * Brentai passes out from severe blood/ass loss.
23:29:44 < Brentai> THE ARISTOCRATS!
23:31:34 * BongoBill applause.

<Malikial> WHat is tsundere?
<Brentai> DON'T HURT ME
<Brentai> That's tsundere.

<R^2> I like nymphs, but I wouldn't say I'm a maniac.

<SimonTheDigger> Now you've got me wondering about things.
<SimonTheDigger> like "What would cisportation be?"
<Mr_Saturn> SimonTheDigger when you get off at the same place you got on

<R^2> After the woodland-nymph stole Magicbane, Lee-Ham went to look for her. Instead he was eaten by a crocodile.
<+Ridley> Can I have a go now?
<+Ridley> As a sexy human female rogue?
<R^2> Ridley the aforementioned kind of rogue. Name your dog.
<+Ridley> Snarktooth.
<@Cait> Ridley the Rouge.
<R^2> Drop short sword, drop five of six daggers, name dagger, name dagger again so it's different from the ones on the floor, pick up daggers, quiver daggers for throwing, adjust sack to (b) and lockpick to [k].
<R^2> Rogues take a lot of fiddling around to start your game.
<+Ridley> hmmm
<R^2> Ridley sexily, humanly, and rogueishly steals some food and protective gear from a shop.
<+Ridley> tee hee.
<R^2> Slash! Stab! Two hits from a hobbit and Ridley goes from full HP to 0. I'm not saying the hobbit was carrying Grayswandir, but shit.
<+Ridley> god damn hobbits
<R^2> Looks like Ridley was finally done in by his own
* R^2 shades
<R^2> bad hobbits.
<+Ridley> I hate you.

<Cait> You don't really -need- to cart around the spellbooks, by the time they get stale you're probably set for cash or don't need the spell any more.
<TedBelmont> Spellbooks get stale?
<Cait> You forget a spell after 10,000 turns, give or take.
<Cait> Oh, 20,000.
<TedBelmont> So I guess you could say they have a...
TedBelmont shades
<TedBelmont> Spell-by date.

[1:29] <GauHelldragon> upthorn please stop making CSI spinoffs
[1:29] <GauHelldragon> i know you're the one who is making all of them
[1:30] <+Esperath> you might say that he's
[1:30] * +Esperath shades
[1:31] <+Esperath> the upthorn in your side

<Brentai> I need to be aroused to start working on whatever the hell it is I need to do before I leave.
<Neeerds> And that is: A renegade half-man, half-robot from Detroit who fights internet robots that want to shut down outerheaven for copyright breaches
<Brentai> I... okay.
* Brentai bends over.

<@Romosome> oh god WHAT
<@Friday> UNDER
<@Friday> X
<@Friday> LOOK
<@Friday> UNDER X
<Mr_Saturn> Haha
<@Romosome> Friday no
<@Romosome> nooooooooooooooooooo
<@Friday> :D
<Niku> i don't know
<Niku> playing xenosaga made me feel pretty listless

<@Romosome> oh when I was 11 I like absolutely combed through my parents' books and movies
<@Romosome> looking for porn
<@Romosome> like
<@Romosome> I watched terminator 1
<@Romosome> because it had a nipple
<@Friday> Romo did you pause the VCR
<@Friday> on nipple
<@Romosome> Friday of course
<@Romosome> I found the nipple in STAR WARS
<@Romosome> are you kidding me
<rainwarrior> Romosome: that gives me flashbacks to being a young teenager and finding the frame advance feature on my VCR
<@Friday> and now, nipples are everywhere
<@Friday> oh, internet
<@Friday> ruining sex forever
<Niku> It used to be about the mystery
<@Friday> now it's about the search history
<Niku> fuck friday now i'm hearing it as Ducktales

<@Friday> hahaha
<@Friday> should I include Bof2 to troll
<@Romosome> what
<@Romosome> troll?
<@Friday> yes
<@Romosome> it's one of the best RPGs
<@Friday> fuck you no it is not.
<@Romosome> I'm sick of your disingenuous insinuations
<Niku> i legit love BOF1 but i would not even call that a good game
* @Romosome renegade-punches Friday
<+BongoBill> Breath of Fire 2 can be transformed into a good game with some very minor changes. It is not a good game in its default state. BoF1 is superior.
* @Friday dies
<+Aoko> FRIDAY
<+Aoko> YES NO
<@Romosome> IT'S AMAZING
<@Friday> YES
<+Aoko> OKAY BYE
* +Aoko close dialogue window


<@Friday> blech
<@Friday> i struck out
<@Friday> I knew it was coming but I'm still dissapointed
<+LAVOS> Eh, Freya?
<@Friday> oh, a cute girl I've been crushing on down at the local Subway.
<@Friday> She is, unsurprisingly, not gay.
<+LAVOS> Aw. :(
* +LAVOS hugs Friday
* @Friday insecurity
<Roger> Friday Friday
<+LAVOS> R^2 beat you, and also, GOD DAMMIT.
<@Friday> Yeah, I've already drawn the spram analogy
<@Friday> except I actually asked her out
<@Friday> ZING
<R^2> Well, for how many weeks have you been Facebook-stalking her, here?
<@Friday> I've been crushing for a few months, actually.
<@Friday> but zero fb stalking.
<GauHelldragon> how do you know her
<R^2> Oh. Well, it's not really like Spram at all then huh
<@Friday> I don't really know her.
<@Friday> She just works at the local subway.
<GauHelldragon> oh ok
<R^2> Friday just wanted to "Eat Fresh" if you know what I mean

<+Ridley> SHIT I missed He-Man
<rainwarrior> by 25 years

[22:17] <+Utsuho> Hey Brentai
[22:18] <+Utsuho> What's the definition of trust
[22:18] <Brentai> You tell me.
[22:18] <Brentai> Whatever you say, I will believe it.
[22:18] <+Utsuho> Two cannibals giving each other blowjobs
[22:18] <Brentai> I will never trust again.

<JDigital> Ridley: Then there's Maid RPG, where all damage is emotional
<+Aoko> For the characters or the players

<drethelin1> you should write a steampunk paranormal romance
<drethelin1> with light bdsm
<@Cait> Write a book about declaring bankruptcy
<drethelin1> it will sell a bajillion copies
<@Cait> dreth: 'light BDSM' by cultural standards, or Friday standards
<drethelin1> cultural
<drethelin1> 50 shades of grey style
<@Friday> w.
<@Friday> t.
<@Friday> f.
<@Friday> lady, if being spanked by a ruler causes you to go to your "dark place" I'd like to introduce you to my whip
<@Friday> I call it...
<@Friday> Vampire Killer.
<Mazian> <fx: soundtrack starts>
<@Cait> Now I am picturing a 50 Shades of Grey but all Simo Belmo-ed.
<@patito> 50 shades of grey as read by arc

[00:18] <+Aoko> Is it weird that playing TWEWY to 100% completion has made me remember Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cosecant, Secant, and Cotangent better than any amount of book study?
[00:19] <@patito> what was that in TWEWY
[00:19] <@patito> were they special moves or something?
[00:19] <+Aoko> patito: One of the main villians was Sho Minamimoto, who shouted out math phrases, trivia, and everything for his battle cries
[00:20] <+Aoko> "SINE!" "COSINE!" "TANGENT!"
[00:20] <@Smiler> yeah i don't remember much math in TWEWY aside from him yelling those words
[00:20] <myew> Popular music works the same cosine, right?
[00:20] <+Aoko> "SOH-CAH-TOA!" was also something he frequently shouted in battle
[00:20] <@Smiler> ah
[00:20] <@Smiler> okay
[00:20] <+Aoko> For whatever reason it made all the sine/cosine/tangent stuff stick in my head a lot better than any booklearnin
[00:21] <@Smiler> soh cah toa is the usual way to remember that stuff
[00:21] <@Smiler> i totally remember it but i don't know what to do with it anymore
[00:21] * Brentai ( has joined #finalfight
[00:22] <Brentai> THAT was easy enough.
[00:22] <+Aoko> You rub it vigorously and the results just shoot out everywhere.
[00:22] <Brentai> My head's starting to get funky thou
[00:22] <Brentai> ...
[00:22] <myew> And i got out a whole fuck ton of results.

<@Friday> also i am still
<@Friday> fucking amazed
<@Friday> by how much girls talk about dick
<@Friday> i mean like I'm going to assume guys talk about tits a lot
<@Friday> but
<@Friday> holy shit
<@Friday> the details girls give
<@Romosome> what
<@Friday> they will discuss at length
<@Friday> your length
<@Friday> get it
<@Romosome> really
<@Friday> yes.
<@Romosome> no what the hell else do they say
<kashan> Do they dicuss girth?
<@Friday> basically everything there is to say about dicks
<@Friday> length, girth, balls, hair
<@Friday> coloring
<@Friday> scars
<@Friday> prefernce
<@Friday> size requirements
<@Friday> blah blah blah dick dick dick
<@Friday> I'm just like
<@Friday> GIRLS
<@Friday> I DON'T KNOW
<@Friday> SHOPPING
<kashan> Vaginas?
<@Romosome> what
<@Romosome> you don't like talking about dick
<+BongoBill> then why do you come here

<beatbandito> Isn't gay sex still technically illegal?
<+Kazz> depends where you are
<beatbandito> In a gay man's butt

<Romosome> I am going to make a Silent Hill movie
<Romosome> and it will have all the important scenes
<Romosome> like
<Romosome> reaching into toilets
<Romosome> running into walls
<Romosome> a five minute long scene of the main character trying to open every single door in an apartment hallway

<Brentai> Square's idea of RTS is Heroes of Mana.
<+Aoko> Mana
<+Aoko> where
<+Aoko> mana
<+Aoko> man amana
<+Aoko> i hear mana
<Brentai> In my pants.
* +Aoko lights it on fire
<beatbandito> She tapped too many lands.

<zarawesome> twerking is how teenagers praise their demon lord
<zarawesome> yolo the once-living

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