In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby WingSounds » Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:19 am

If not, we must create it!..

Dreamt of slowly choking to death in a vacuum. The thing was, I had an 'enemy' pinned in the vacuum with me, so I was being heroic, I guess? Or maybe just really vengeful...

Then, the bastard stabbed me, and managed to get back in an airlock or something.
So I was just bleeding/asphyxiating. Can't win 'em all, I suppose!..

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby mharr » Wed Oct 31, 2018 3:43 pm

Sounds like bleed through from the timeline where Heat Signature has TV ads.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby WingSounds » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:46 am

I had no clue what that was, and now I'm wishing I had time to add it to my backlog.
Also a better timeline, I'm guessing.

Yesterday's dream, I'd replaced my arm with a metal arm. I think I was trying to kill my cousin (different one then the one I mentioned elsewhere?). No reason why, he's a nice guy, in and out of the dream! But, anyway, he fled, crying, and my metal arm became some sort of pole-vaulting pole, and I could use it to jump up on peoples roofing. So I did, and ate some kind of food and looked balefully up at the sun.

Dream-me seemed to think I looked cool. I felt I looked I like an idiot.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby atog » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:42 pm

Me: Hey dad, let's go see a play
Dad: What's playing and where?
Me: Uh the Gimpy Troika Theatre Company is putting on Rasta Julius Caesar at the Hotbox
Dad: That sounds dreadful
Me: Here's another one. The Pineapple Pizza Players are putting on a modern adaptation of King Richard III at the Socks with Sandals Theatre
Dad: *Gagging noises*
Me: Or there's always the Thursday Night Audience Choice at the Hilltop Coffee Shop. If we yell loud enough they'll think consensus is with My Fair Lady
Dad: Let's try that. Pick you up at 6?
Me: Nah I'm cycling
Dad: It's freezing outside
Me: First chance all year to cycle soo as long as it's not actually black ice...

Then something about spy rings, drones, alternate-universe evil Thor and helpful Loki, Robert Plant writing a score for a movie involving the aforementioned, and an acting clinic with Melissa McCarthy.
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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Defenestration » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:10 am

[6:49 AM]
I just had
a very
very strange dream

[6:50 AM]

[6:50 AM]
I think my subconscious wanted it to be a nightmare, but in the middle of it I was at most incredibly confused more than horrified
I got back from a vacation, and I had my mom pick me up from the airport. Not that unusual, I've done that once to avoid cab fare when she was available.
She brought me to church instead of home, despite me asking her to just take me home because I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open
so I walked into the church, napped for a bit, and then came back out and asked to be taken home
so she takes me to a house she bought on the northwest edge of henderson
"here's your new home" "Where's all my stuff?" "Oh we moved it here or got rid of it"

[6:53 AM]
As always, I am most impressed with how specific all this is

[6:53 AM]
so I called Kristen to pick me up and she took me over to the... new place they bought... in the same housing complex
This incredibly large, enormous, labyrinthine housing complex
and all my stuff I have at my house was there, packed up
they moved to a new place here, got a dog, and kept my stuff, but not my car

[6:54 AM]
You've been sent to the depths of Tract Housing. You must defeat the minotaur to escape

[6:54 AM]
so I walked back to the house my mom bought to get my car
and she refuses to give it to me until I become a republican and agree to live there
"no that's fine, I have a way to hack this"
and I hit the beeper on my key, where it will make my car's light flash
and there are like 8 beeps and flashes all around me
none of them the right color or license plate
and after investigation I find that my car was flattened, like with a hydraulic press, and put under the lawn so I couldn't find it
so I walked back home and told Trevor and Kristen about it and they were just as confused
and we talked about whether or not I should make a claim and report it to the police and I woke up
so there you are

[6:57 AM]
Again, the specificity is amazing

[6:58 AM]
There were no circles or lakes, but the size is right
Like, my mom had a house in the "B" section and we had a house in the Y section
it was a very long walk
I actually forgot where the house was and had to call to be picked up again
Oh, I forgot
my mom wouldn't let me get picked up again from when I called her (to go back to her house to find my car) unless I agreed to get a haircut that looked like Donald Trump's
she really wanted me to be a young republican businessman
I recall a group for youhng republican businessmen that I had to join too

[7:00 AM]
Jesus christ, man. A more Fruedian person might suggest your dream was about being trapped in america right now
You mother was even in it

[7:00 AM]
look I don't know okay
I just wanted to get my car so I could go back to work, and my mother was begging me to live with her, promising that I wouldn't have to work
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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby atog » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:10 am

ok that's trippy. that subdivision looks like it was planned by the same guys who a) carved the Nazca lines and b) designed the zool magnet building in Ghostbusters

And yeah i agree with Bal. A lot of issues in the dream sequence about losing agency and self-determination (no car, separated and relocated, people in your life holding you political hostage with the threat of limiting your access to employment).
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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Thad » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:01 am

I was getting ready to board a plane, and I was taking my dog.

I needed to fit her into my carry-on, and so I separated her into pieces. Her head detached from her body, which itself separated into two pieces. It was a twist-and-pull kind of interlocking thing.

I put all three pieces into a duffel bag. My plan was that I would take her head out once I got on the plane and keep it in my lap so she wouldn't be too upset.

My dream was unclear as to whether this happened or not, because there was a time jump to my opening the bag after I got off the plane. She was staring up at me and did not appear happy to be a disembodied head not connected to her body.

At this point I awoke to my real, non-interlocking dog pushing up against my back. She was twitching with a dream of her own.

I petted her head and said, "It's okay, Artie. I know you're not really modular."

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Friday » Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:40 pm

I was in chat on #finalfight and it became clear to me that you guys were all watching something, but I couldn't find any activity on #outerheaven, so I asked Romo to tell me what was going on, and he told me about a secret channel where everyone was watching the final episode of Zelda vs Pokemon, a long running anime based on a manga that had been airing for over seven years, but I couldn't tell anyone it was him who told me about it.

I loaded up the show and watched as Link and Zelda descended deep into the ocean (complete with deep sea diving suits that allowed for Zelda to show off her impressive cleavage) to confront the League of Pokemon and stop them from deploying a shitload of magma/fire pokemon to activate an underwater supervolcano and destroy the world.

As I joined the secret channel (it didn't have a name in the dream, which I suppose is fitting) I instantly saw all of you discussing the show in detail and making predictions about what would happen, including if:

1. Charmander would switch sides at the last minute one last time
2. Team Rocket would come back from the dead to fight
3. Link and Zelda would finally kiss and resolve seven years of sexual tension

As I'm switching between reading chat and watching the show, Link and Zelda are discussing the upcoming fight as they sink deeper into the water (beneath them, a lit up underwater palace probably ripped straight out of Chrono Trigger is beginning to emerge from the murky depths) and Link confesses his feelings for Zelda, and the two share a passionate kiss as they merge their jellyfish blob helmets. Everyone in chat goes nuts. I will transcribe the rest of the dream verbatim as I remember seeing it:

<Lady> yessssssssss
<Silversong> I want that suit
<Romosome> How are they even still alive isn't this like 2 miles under the water
<leeham> well excuse YOU, princess
<Friday> wow I show up right as they finally actually kiss

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Silversong » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:28 pm

That's pretty great, Friday.

I had a weird night. Woke up screaming shortly after falling asleep (I do this sometimes, something indistinct and quickly forgotten was going to get me), then had a bad dream that our assistant dean had started coming to my desk every day to ask me to do unrelated work for her. Brentai was working upstairs so I asked him to get lunch with me so I could complain about it, but then I realized it was already 5:00 and I couldn't remember what I had done for lunch.

tl;dr: I want anime dreams.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Brentai » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:45 pm


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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Mothra » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:41 pm

Just had find my Prius' tires fucked up. Went into a place that was both clothing store and library.

I was waiting for a punk guy with gauges and tattoos and such to try shirts in a cramped area, wanting to look at the shirt section. He kept checking each one with his girlfriend who was there. I am reading a magazine despite not having interacted with a single magazine since EGM went down like the hindenberg.

He eventually is like, "nice seeing some representation" and gestures to the back of my magazine, which has an alien tentacle with suckers on it like War of the Worlds. I notice he himself has a pair of arms like that, which is part of his costume? My brain basically gave him tentacles, then was like, "nah this is a bit much to process right now," and explained it away as a costume. That's when it was revealed that we were here on Halloween at night.

We start giving each other shit in a very bostonian way, like, initially seemingly hostile, then jumping on an idea and running with it for laughs. Get on the idea of a human-sized penis that would die if he ever ejaculated, since his body would be drained of like 70% of its fluid. Everyone present loved this goof-em-up.

I wake up feeling like I haven't had an unguarded conversation with a bostonian punk like that in a decade, feel old, but, also kind of enjoyed the dream.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Friday » Wed May 01, 2019 2:10 pm

just had a dream in which I was eating a bagel and it had the most amazing cream cheese on it and I asked my friend what kind of cream cheese it was and she said "it's dream cheese" and i woke up laughing really hard

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Brentai » Wed May 01, 2019 3:06 pm

She finally got it.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Brentai » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:32 am

I dreamt that my GPS became emotionally abusive.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Mongrel » Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:42 pm

Mine could basically have been described as Ghormenghast meets The Prisoner meets Skyrim.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Grath » Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:01 pm

Brentai wrote:I dreamt that my GPS became emotionally abusive.

If you use Google Maps I could see if we can code that in as an easter egg for you.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby MarsDragon » Sun Jun 30, 2019 2:04 pm

I was watching a generic Christmas movie. The basic hook was that Santa had a small son who got lost somehow, and the kid was picked up by greedy-yet-bumbling-so-you-know-they're-actually-good-hearted corporate types. They start using Santa's son to make magical dolls or some shit, because the kid has Christmas magic too. Meanwhile Santa is frantically looking for his son and having various "Santa in the modern world" adventures. (most of this stuff was background knowledge I had during the dream)

I actually watched one of the big scene of the film, where the corporate types find Santa and confront him. At first they were really aggressive and Santa actually got violent with them, but then my brain called a reset because that was clearly way off tone for a Christmas movie. In the retake, the main corporate type tries to negotiate instead. He finds Santa and goes "hey, spare me that sanitized, holiday card crud. Show me who you really are," and Santa does. The familiar fat guy in red image is burned away, replaced by progressively more and more pagan versions until finally he becomes Wodan, king of the gods.

The corporate type gives his offer, they reunite Santa and son in return for Santa helping them make toys, and Wodan gives a bunch of careful non-answers until the corporate guy declares success and heads back. He cheerfully tells his partners + kid that he's worked everything out, Santa agreed...well, he sort of agreed...wait, he didn't actually agree to anything! Me-watching-in-the-dream had the clear thought: "what were you thinking, choosing to bypass the nice, friendly-to-humans one and negotiating with the known liar and trickster figure?"

Then I woke up.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby Friday » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:11 pm

Some of you (literally none) may remember me posting about an insane dream I had that had most of the community in it and how I was gonna get around to telling it in full

Well I never did

But a few days ago I had a part 2

<Friday> I had the most literal finalfight meme dream a few days ago
<Friday> it's almost not even worth telling you about
<XxSedexX> yeah
<XxSedexX> cuz
<XxSedexX> we're here
<Friday> basically it was part two of the dream i had years ago
<XxSedexX> but go on..
<Friday> that dream was more interesting
<Friday> we were all stuck in the desert in this
<+BongoBill> bus
<Friday> huge cylinder? it was hollow and we were setting up a society in it
<Friday> like, huge
<SlimeDroid> I want to see Amano draw/paint JoJo characters
<Friday> and made of sandstone
<+BongoBill> was the circular face of the cylinder the top/bottom or the dies
<+BongoBill> the sides
<+BongoBill> fuck typing
<Friday> anyway i don't really remember the details, it was years ago
<Friday> i remember sharkey set himself up as pharoah
<Friday> and we were forced to bring him tribute
<XxSedexX> i am a kinda ashamed to admit on MULTIPLE occasions i have had dreams where as they were happening i was like, oh snap i can't wait to tell FF what is happening right now
<Friday> anyway in this more recent dream
<Friday> we had set up a society that was very egyption
<Brentai> TRIBUTE
<XxSedexX> and then waking up its like.. oh actually that was very dumb and the talk about kirby's penis is much more enthralling right now
<Upthorn> sadly, all my #ff-related dreams have been me dreaming about chatting in #finalfight
<Friday> we had aqueducts and tiered hanging gardens and cool buildings
<Friday> i remember there was this one image of me standing knee deep in a stream that wound its way through the city it was really pretty
<Brentai> What the fuck this Keurig coffee tastes kinda good.
<Brentai> I think I must be getting sick.
<Friday> so anyway
<Friday> I'm a fisherman (fisherwoman?) and I'm checking all my "fish baskets"
<Friday> which are full of bait
<Friday> and they float
<Friday> and the fish just jump in
<Friday> and get stuck
<Friday> so i check them all and go home
<Friday> and Silver is in my house and she's like
<Friday> done up in this -amazing- egyption cosplay
<Friday> with the super heavy eye shadow and dress and everything
<Friday> and i say "going to a con?" and we both laugh like
<Friday> we're in on a joke, because no it's just how we live now
<Friday> and she informs me that sharkey wants to see me
<Friday> and i'm like great
<Friday> he probably wants my fish
<XxSedexX> natch
<Friday> and then Mazian and Bongo come in and start explaining to me how even if Sharkey wants tribute fish
<Brentai> He only likes you for your fish.
* @Silversong lulz
<Friday> i'll still have enough to sell to make a living
<Friday> anyway they start drawing diagrams
<Friday> and i'm confused because i'm trying to understand but their writing is doing that dream thing where it changes whenever you're not looking at it
<Friday> so finally Cait and leeham come in
<Friday> and they're done up like uh
<XxSedexX> DUN DUN
<Friday> whatever the royal guards were called
<Friday> all formal with spears
<Friday> and they're like we are here to escourt you to Sharkey
<XxSedexX> poinyas, they're called
<Friday> and i'm like you guysssssss
<Friday> this is silly why are we even giving sharkey tribute
<Friday> and leeham looks me dead in the eyes
<Brentai> TRIBUTE???
<XxSedexX> *hitting a little too close to home*
<Friday> and says "it is necessary"
<Friday> so i go with them but on the way
<Friday> We are attacked by a pack of wild dogs
<Brentai> Please tell me my only role in this was to shout "TRIBUTE?" every time somebody says "tribute".
<XxSedexX> were they irish?
<Friday> the dogs get me to follow them and lead me deep under the river
<XxSedexX> shush, tribute
<Friday> where GUESS WHO, THE LEADER OF THE DOGS is there
<@Silversong> Romo?
<Friday> of course
<Friday> he's
<XxSedexX> :D
<Friday> wearing dog ears
<XxSedexX> did he have a face scar?
<Friday> and i'm like oooooh are those the ones that japan made that move around based on your mood?
<Friday> and he takes them off and shows me that they are controlled by nanomachines
<Friday> and puts them on me
<Brentai> God damn it I just got Down with the Sickness on my playlist and I can't not laugh at that song now.
<Friday> so for the rest of the dream i'm acutely aware that i'm wearing weird nanomachine dog ears and i'm worried they're gonne give away my mood
<Friday> anyway
<Friday> Romo explains that the time to overthrow Sharkey has come
<XxSedexX> yes
<Friday> and he's been recruiting wild dogs
<Friday> but he needs my help
<Friday> and i'm like "this is silly i'm just a fisherwoman"
<Friday> and he says that "someone on the inside" will "make contact" with me
<Friday> and then tells me to go back to Cait and leeham
<Friday> so i go back to where we were attacked
<Friday> and they're just waiting there
<XxSedexX> i'm glad you're only dreaming of 2009 still
<Friday> and they take me up this MASSIVE STAIRS
<Friday> like
<Friday> huge steps
<Friday> really hard
<myew> You also don't really feel like that's backwards somehow.
<Friday> we're almost climbing up each step
<Friday> and there's like a million of them
<Friday> but finally we reach the top and go inside this huge building, it was nice and cool inside
<Friday> and there's a bunch of random #finalfighters milling around inside
<Friday> including Esper, the god of Cats, surrounded by hundreds of cats
* Upthorn mills about
<@Cait> Man, that doesn't sound like me at all
<XxSedexX> does the cait and leeham have actual faces in your dream or are they still just like, the concepts they exist?
<Friday> I told you this was really straightforward memes
<@Cait> dream Cait sounds like a tool
<Friday> haha
<Friday> so
<Friday> I'm looking around
<Upthorn> Yeah, the whole pharoah guard thing doesn't fit my image of Cait's personality
<Friday> for "my contact"
<Friday> and Cait taps me on the shoulder
<Friday> and leans in
<Friday> and he's like
<Friday> "it's me"
<Upthorn> Yeah, I knew it was gonna be cait
<Friday> and i'm like O_O
<Friday> so he leads me to "the resistance"
<Friday> in this side room
<Friday> and there's this bent over guy in a heavy cloak
<Friday> with a staff
<Friday> and i'm like
<Friday> no really i yelled it
<Upthorn> is it Thad? Or Mongrel?
<Friday> I was kinda fed up at this point
<Kishi> [wearing dog ears] SHOW YOURSELF
<Friday> So he straitens up and throws off his cloak dramatically
<XxSedexX> yall killin me
<Friday> and it's Brentai of course
<Brentai> And it's GUIoh
<Friday> so Brentai explains to me that he's going to overthrow Sharkey
<Friday> and he's got roughly half the guards on his side
<myew> He's sort of fucked up the guards.
<XxSedexX> and my axe
<Upthorn> yes, myew, that's exactly what happened
<myew> That's the kind of happened to the myew.
<Friday> and Cait explains to me that under Brentai's new administration, my fish tribute would actually go up, but it would benefit society
<Friday> and i'm like "okay whatever you want to do socialism that's fine"
<Friday> "my luxury money will actually increase despite additional taxes"
<Friday> but then Brentai tells me that I'm going to have to kill Sharkey myself
<Friday> and i'm like
<Friday> what
<Friday> the fuck
<XxSedexX> did not see the fish coming back around into this
<Friday> just kill him
<myew> Brentai is that going for the cell finds the front lawn.
<Friday> you have half the guards
<Friday> why do you need me
<Upthorn> look, it's your dream, you're the only one who can cause events to happen
<Friday> and Cait explains that Sharkey never lets anyone near him
<Friday> and it's our only chance
<Friday> but that leeham is always closeby
<XxSedexX> i believe this, though. it could only be friday
<Friday> (despite coming to get me)
<Friday> so Brentai
<Friday> and i swear to god this is true
<Friday> hands me a white sword
<Friday> and says
<Brentai> God damn it.
<Upthorn> oh, ok
<Friday> so i take the sword wordlessly
<Friday> and finally
<XxSedexX> god. so cheesy, brent. right to the end
<Friday> I'm shown into the throne room
<@Silversong> Friday....I think we need to have an intervention. This is your brain crying out for help.
<Friday> and leeham and Silver are there
<Friday> and Silver is looking even more magnificent, she's changed her hair and dress and makeup
<Friday> and leeham is like
<Upthorn> Silver is obviously on the side of Pharoah Sharkey
<Friday> "I know you're here to kill Sharkey, but I won't let you"
<Friday> and draws this fuckoff massive katana
<Friday> like sephiroth levels
<XxSedexX> wait did silver take the final step and even cosplay a blonde?
<Friday> and somehow this becomes a dual for Silver's heart? i got very strong utena vibes
<Upthorn> Cleopatra wasn't blonde, so no
<Friday> anyway we fight to a draw
<Friday> it's sort of lackluster
<Friday> one of those "you're dreamfighting so nothing is happening"
<Friday> and Sharkey comes in
<Friday> and he's in a toga.
<Friday> and announces that the theme of our society will now be rome instead of egypt
<myew> Now i will go to egypt.
<XxSedexX> just like furcadia..
<Friday> and i throw my sword down and tell Silver she looks really pretty and i'm looking forward to seeing her roman cosplays
<Friday> and leave and go back home to my fish
<Friday> the end
<Brentai> As usual, my plans are thwarted by a lack of attention span.

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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby atog » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:23 pm

What a civ game that would make
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Re: In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Postby LaserBeing » Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:08 am

Dreamed I was a ghost haunting a painting in a spooky house, noclipping around and trolling ghost hunters with freaky poltergeist shit. The painting was a self-portrait so everyone thought I was the ghost of the artist, but it turned out that actually I was some kind of mutated fungal colony that had gained sentience and telepathic powers due to exposure to a crashed UFO, and then somehow accidentally got mixed into the paint as the piece was being painted. Being transformed into an objet d'art caused the mould to psychically imprint on the artist, taking on his personality but not his memories. But the mould did retain some knowledge of the alien technology and had spent decades trying to manipulate humans to reunite it with the UFO (which the government had captured and was trying to reverse engineer) so that it could increase its own understanding of the universe and basically compete against humans in a new space race.

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