Venezuela, oh shi-

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Venezuela, oh shi-

Postby Mongrel » Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:01 am

So it's not making it into the general news yet, but Spanish-speaking folks in a couple of places are describing Facebook and social media stories circulating that Venezuela has just erupted in a full Ukraine. Allegedly thug patrols on motorcycles are swarming through middle-class neighbourhoods and beating down anyone who might be construed as a protester.

A few photos, such as this one are circulating.


Again, nothing confirmed yet through conventional media, but it certainly seems like something is happening. Certainly the ground was ripe as there have been stories in the regular papers of severe economic mismanagement and of the Venezuelan economy teetering on the edge of catastrophe for about two or three months now. According to recent regular news articles, the Venezuelan state oil company is literally the only part of the government generating positive cash flow and it is barely able to do so, due to the massive revenue drain paying for everything else in the country. Some employees have not been paid for two months and cash problems are so bad they are unable to buy some basic refining supplies.

EDIT: Okay, apparently BBC world is now starting to run stories on this.

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