MTG Artwork Scavenger hunt

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MTG Artwork Scavenger hunt

Postby Mongrel » Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:45 pm

Once in a blue moon, I too run a game. Hur hur.

The following items are all present in the artwork of one or more Magic cards. How many can you find? Post one as soon as you find it and I'll tally the running totals in this post, as well as crossing off the relevant lines. Game ends when they're all found, or you collectively decide to call it quits, at which point top score wins, though really it's not much of a winner/loser game, just see how many you can find!

Un-cards are valid answers (and in a non-zero number of cases the only source for an answer). Some have multiple valid answers, some have only one.

1. The number 8
2. A pot of gold
3. A man winking
4. A toothpick
5. "Sin" as a discrete word
6. A letter (as in, postage)
7. A second place finisher
8. A cigar
9. A puzzle
10. Two people high-fiving
11. Someone's lap
12. A carrot
13. A lute
14. An eyepatch
15. A gondola
16. A hardhat
17. A wig
18. A test-tube
19. A die (as in, singular of dice)
20. A shovel
21. A bookmark
22. A chef's hat
23. A padlock
24. A gold tooth
25. A cog
26. A playing card
27. A toe-nail
28. A potplant
29. A crosshair
30. A clownfish (aka FINDING NEMO)
31. An armpit
32. A nose piercing
33. An exhaust pipe
34. A severed eel
35. Some dreadlocks
36. A paper aeroplane
37. A knife and fork
38. A triptych
39. A green and white flag
40. Some high heels
41. A fishhook
42. A seal
43. A shattered sword
44. An untied shoe-lace
45. Some alcohol
46. Opera glasses
47. A cactus
48. A cake
49. The Mona Lisa (Circle of Protection: Art)
50. A baby
51. A beret
52. A steering-wheel
53. A Chandelier
54. Someone crying
55. A poster on a wall
56. Someone 'shhhing' (Finger over mouth)
57. A pair of boxershorts or boardshorts
58. A skull belt-buckle
59. A utility belt
60. An open birdcage

Can you find them all?



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