GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

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GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby Friday » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:54 pm

hi! I'm Friday, you may remember me from such threads as: "all my fucking threads are lists now that werewolf is dead"

anyway I'm here bringing you a comprehensive tier list of EVERY GoT character, because 1. I have a compulsion to make lists and 2. it will generate some discussion maybe to fill the endless void before the final season is out WHAT IT GOT DELAYED ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS

so here's the rules:

I'm basing this on the TV Show only. I've read the first book and that's it, I'll get around to reading the rest someday, but in the meantime this is a filthy casual TV show only list.

This is all based on my current feelings of the character, post-latest season. For example, I didn't care about the Hound at all in the early seasons but he slowly worked his way up to one of my favorites.

I'm including dead characters on this list, based on my feelings on them when they died.

Villains are being included, but as they are harder to "like", in general (with some exceptions) I'll be basing their tier on how interesting of a character they were from a emotionally divorced standpoint, because otherwise Joff and Ramsey go like, all the way past F to Z tier.

As you may suspect at this point, there are massive spoilers ahead and I'm not going to bother spoil tagging any of them. Click away now if you care.

And as always, these are my personal subjective opinions but they're right and you're wrong except I'm usually pretty open and maybe you can convince me so and so needs to be higher or whatever give it a shot or not I'm not your mom unless you're Romo then I'm still not your mom but I end up saying a lot of things his mom would like "just get the work done and stop being lazy"?

There are too many characters to actually list all of them, so C tier is going to contain every character that I don't mention. Unless you think I forgot someone, which is possible, then bring them up and I'll place them (RIGHT BACK INTO C, BITCH)

Alright lets get to it

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Re: GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby Friday » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:07 am


These are the characters that REALLY stand out to me. A Tier characters are all super great, but these special few are a head taller than even them.

1. The Hound
Everyone's favorite murdering asshole. Clegane the Younger is fundamentally a tragic character. His growth in recent seasons after parting with Arya has been marked. Him deciding to join the brotherhood and go north to "make a difference" for "something larger than himself" is a serious departure from his previous philosophy. The time he spent with Arya was my favorite part of the show, full stop.

2. Jamie Lannister
Start off by pushing a kid off a tower and gradually grow into everyone's favorite dude. (With one major dip due to a poorly written (and changed from the book) rape scene.) Jamie's arc, is, of course, probably going to terminate with him choking his sister to death, both because that's the prophecy and also she's basically the fucking Mad King 2.0.

3. Varys
What if Littlefinger was a good guy instead of a piece of shit, but used the exact same underhanded methods and assassins? Well, then you'd have Varys. Mirrors of each other, Littlefinger worked toward personal gain while Varys served the realm. Because someone has to. Oh, and his monologue before opening the box with that dude who cut off his dick inside was bar none the coldest fucking shit I have ever seen.


Friday what the fuck is T Tier

Well, I don't like Tywin quite as much as I like the S tier three, but I like him more than the A listers, so he gets his own Tier. This is my list I can do whatever I want bitch

1. Tywin Lannister
Let's get something out of the way. Tywin is a villain. He acts in self (well, family) interest at all times, authorizes The Mountain to torture and rape, etc etc. He's a son of a bitch and in real life I would kill him myself given the chance. But he's also smart and he knows how to rule (with an iron fist), unlike, well, pretty much everyone else on the fucking show, and yes I'm including everyone's favorite Dragon Queen. Varys was okay with him "on the throne". That says a lot. Oh yeah and his introductory scene is him skinning a deer, which Charles Dance learned how to do irl for that scene. Also Charles Dance is just amazing in general as an actor and I literally cannot imagine anyone else in the world pulling off Tywin as well as he did.

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Re: GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby Newbie » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:34 am

If this thread had a "like" button, I would click it.
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Re: GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby Friday » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:37 am


The standouts. The greats. Aside from the four above them, they're the best and most entertaining characters for me to watch.

1. Arya
Murderchild, murderchild, please do not murder my child. Arya is a fan favorite for a reason and it's a good reason. Her character's arc is extremely dark and I don't think at this point you could consider her a "good guy." Her refusal to disown her own identity and become a Faceless was pretty much the end of her arc, all that's left now is crossing names off her list. And maybe seeing the Hound again so they can enjoy some chickens.

2. Tyrion Lannsiter
Most of the time, when you ask someone who their favorite characters in GoT are, they'll say "Arya and Tyrion." Played to absolute perfection by Peter Dinklage (in fact, I think he's the only actor who does a better job bringing the role to life than Charles Dance on the entire show) Tyrion is a much needed moral center for, well, everyone he's around. Without him, Dany would probably be burning thousands of innocent people. Plus he's fucking funny as hell. A+++ would make bad jokes about imps again

3. Bronn
YOU CAN IMPREGNATE MY FORTRESS ANYDAY BR -- er, ahem. Bronn is probably the -least- developed character with major screentime on the show. His character remains basically unchanged from season 1. Pretty much the only thing he's done different from his philosophy since than is not run away during the battle against Dany. But who cares because Bronn is fucking awesome. I was sad when he and Tyrion were split up because I loved their dynamic, but then it turns out his dynamic with the elder brother is equally good! Favorite bit: calling Meryn Trant a child killer to his face and daring him to do something about it.

4. Oberyn Martell
I love Oberyn and I wish he had stuck around longer (though I can't fault the show for killing him off in service to story) and if he had, he'd probably be up in S tier. He just didn't have enough time. But he used what he had so well that I can't put him anywhere but A. Favorite scenes: Him and Varys talking about lack of accents, I will be your champion.

5. Littlefinger
What a manipulative, magnificent bastard. I'll be honest, I would put him up in S tier with Varys if he wasn't an evil little shit. A lot of people were upset how easily he went down. I understand that, but he had to go at some point. I'm not exactly happy about it either, but remember, not everyone gets the ending they "deserve", and well, in a way Littlefinger exactly got what he deserved.

6. Brienne of Tarth
Whenever someone says "I don't like Game of Thrones, they just kill all the good guys wow that's such good storytelling how amazing" I point to Brienne and say "she is literally a Lawful Good Paladin. She is still alive. Try again." From beating the shit out the Hound with a rock to helping Jame see the light, Brienne makes the world a better place with her every action. Or at least tries. She's also the only character on the show to call Jamie "Ser Jamie" rather than Kingslayer or just Jamie. And yes I ship them so hard that I am dead, a blood vessel burst in my brain.

7. Podrick fuckin' Payne with the magic cock
What can I say about Pod except he's the best character ever? I really, really REALLY hope he survives the show. I think he might be the only death that would legit make me sad.

8. Shireen Baratheon

9. Tormund
I wasn't quite sold on good ol' Tormund until his interactions with Brienne and the Hound. Also everyone worried about him being dead is an idiot, they wouldn't kill him offscreen, calm the fuck down.

10. The Queen of Thorns, Olenna Tyrell
More like the Queen of Sick Burns, am i rite
But seriously who the fuck else steals her own death scene than Olenna? You'll be missed, you magnificent bitch.

11. Lyanna Mormont
okay, I lied. I would also be sad if she didn't survive. What a fucking character. She hasn't had much screentime but HOLY SHIT does she use it well.

12. Jorah Mormont
Okay, I admit I have a weird soft spot for Captain Friendzone. I'm really glad he was cured of his stoneskin shit because honestly I just love having him around. I think he's finally accepted that he can't fuck Dany, too, which is good. His devotion to her is still a very real thing, of course.

13. Syrio Forel
Another 1 season wonder character, I was sold the minute he started talking about how there's only one god. I don't buy into the "he's still alive" stuff, because "Meryn Trant had armor, and a big fuckin' sword."

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Re: GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby zaratustra » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:46 am

Mostly agreed, but I don't see Jamie as having an 'arc' as much as him thinking he would maybe like to be a noble guy, while continuing to be a bastard in every way?

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Re: GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby Grath » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:59 pm

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Re: GoT Characters Tier List (by Friday, age 36) SPOILER WARNING

Postby Friday » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:57 pm


While not as great as the A-listers, the B tier is a solid collection of characters that are likable, interesting, or both.

1. Theon/Reek
The Dickless wonder himself. Theon is kind of a piece of shit, but he makes up for it by trying real hard to not be, sometimes. I'll never forgive him for burning two kids alive, but he paid for it at the hands of Ramsay.

2. Yara Greyjoy
The turth is, I like Yara a little more than Theon, but not enough to put her up in A tier. There's nothing wrong with her, really (EXCEPT THAT SHE'S A LESBIAN, EW GROSS) and maybe with some more interesting things to do I'd like her more, but she's still a good character.

3. Ramsay Bolton
I gotta hand it to Ramsay, the dude does not fuck around. Brutal and incredibly evil, Ramsay served as an excellent mini-boss on the way to Cersei and The Night King. Fuck him for killing Osha, though.

4. Osha
Badass wildling girl charged with protecting Bran. Kills dudes and doesn't afraid of anything. Met her end at the hand of Ramsay. Not much else to say.

5. Hodor

6. Davos Seaworth
Onion bro (no, the other one) himself. Proof that old age, experience, and a healthy respect for bribery can take you far. I like that he's consistently afraid of fighting and hates violence in general.

7. Dany
Haha, see what I did there? You don't get any of your stupid titles from me, bitch
I'm kidding, Dany is a good character. She's a fan favorite for a reason and I enjoy her arc. I just find her a little bit tiresome at times. She's pretty freakin' awesome though, so it balances out. Now if she could just learn why burning people alive is a bad idea.

8. Daario Naharis
Honestly, I only enjoy Daario because of his interactions with Jorah, but then again, Tormund's up in A tier and I love him pretty much solely because of his stuff with Brienne and The Hound, so.

9. Samwell Tarly
I read the book and followed the instructions.

10. Joffrey Baratheon
The hero of his own story. Joffrey was raised as a spoiled little shit and that's exactly what he turned out to be. If anything, I hate Cersei more for not reining him in as a kid. Joff is impossible to like (except when Tyrion is slapping him) but as a character he's pretty interesting. And no I don't feel pity for him or Cersei over the way he died, and I don't understand anyone who does, they're monsters who murder kids whenever it suits them.

11. Margaery Tyrell
Played by my hollywood crush, Margaery was probably the best person to rule Westeros, full stop. She knew how to get shit done but was actually kind and compassionate. Dany is like if Margaery was also a crazy person who loved fire and killing.

12. Khal Drogo
Some people forget that Dany's first love was also a murder-crazy rapist. He kind of gets a pass morally due to being raised by a society where you're either a murder-crazy rapist or you get raped and killed, I guess. Aside from the murder-rape, he's a pretty cool guy. Also he killed Dany's murder-crazy rapist brother, so that's a plus.

13. Sansa Stark
For a long time she was my most hated character on the show, but she's gradually (oh so gradually) climbed her way up out of Z tier to a pretty solid woman. She's suffered a lot at the hands of two of the worst characters on the show, so whatever price is owed for her early season idiocy is paid and then some in my book. That's actually a pretty common theme with these characters, actually: They're kind of shit early on (Jamie, Sansa, Theon) and then they suffer a lot and try to be better people.

14. The Mountain
Did you ever expect to be rooting for the Mountain? I didn't, until he was pitted against the fucking High Sparrow and his fanatical idiots. By far the most intimidating baddie on the show, even more than The Night King and his undead legions. Cleganebowl is coming.

15. The High Sparrow
Remember back when I just hated Joffrey and Ramsay? Holy shit, I fucking hated the High Sparrow. What a gigantic piece of shit hypocrite. He pretends to be this kind dude who is there for you and will listen to your problems but then as soon as he's out of sight he orders his minions to brutalize you. He's the absolute worst kind of fanatic and it was worth Margaery dying (just barely) to fucking end him. But my hatred for his shit aside, he's a pretty interesting character.

16. Jon Snow
I'll be honest, while I like Jon enough, he barely makes B tier. He's just sort of boring. Kit does a fine job with the acting, but. He's the main hero of the story now, which is fine, I just wish he used his brain a little more. Being goaded by Ramsay during the Battle of the Bastards and then confessing his loyalty to Dany in front of Cersei has proved that he is at best, a basic bitch. Sure, he follows his honor code but we all know where that got his dad uncle! That being said, he does do some stuff right, so he's better than a C-lister.

17. Melisandre
I despised this bitch in the early seasons but since the death of Stannis her arc has gotten a lot more interesting. I'm curious what they're going to do with her in the final season other than kill her off.

18. That one priest guy that was with the Hound for one episode played by Ian Mcshane
SWERGIN! okay okay I just fuckin' love Ian McShane. Can you blame me? A single episode only character, but he left an impression both on me, and The Hound, letting our favorite Clegane know that the past is the past and it will always be there to haunt you, but all you can do is go forward and try to be a better person with what time you have left.

19. Cersei fuckin' Lannister
Gah. I spent a long time wrestling with whether I should put Cersei on B or C list. In the end, Lena Headey's acting bringing Cersei to life gives her the edge needed to be here. I still think Cersei is an idiot who can't see past her own fucking nose. As Tywin said, she's smart, but she thinks she's a lot smarter than she really is.

20. Grey Worm
Another borderline case, but I guess if Cersei gets to be B tier, so does Grey Worm. He doesn't have much of a character, really, but he's cool and he can still do oral.

21. Barristan Selmy
The man himself. What a waste killing him in an alley was.

22. Gendry
Hammer bro got off the boat! Onion bro made a reference to the meme! What a time to be alive. I really hope Gendry and Arya meet back up and get married and have hammer assassin babies because aside from Brienne and Jamie it's my hardest ship on the show.

Next up; I'll lump almost everyone left into the middle, and talk about a few of them.

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