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Postby Thad » Fri Nov 25, 2022 1:14 am

Don't have much to add to what I already said about Anodyne -- great job on the mood, and the gameplay remains mostly-excellent throughout. A little too heavy on the jumping in the late-game, both in traversal and in combat; I hurt my thumb doing one of the sequences where you have to do long diagonal jumps, and the last boss took me a bunch of tries mostly because it relies heavily on jumping to dodge. Look, jumping in top-down games is tricky to pull off effectively; Link's Awakening does it, and Anodyne does it in the early going, but it pushes it too much near the end.

Still and all, a really quite good indie game. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't played Link's Awakening, because, much like Axiom Verge and Metroid, it's such a direct inspiration that I don't think you can really understand it without playing the game it's riffing on. But then, I'm not sure "person who's interested in playing Anodyne but never played Link's Awakening" is a demographic that even exists.

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