My gf turns blue when we have sex (advice)

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My gf turns blue when we have sex (advice)

Postby Friday » Tue May 07, 2024 12:49 am

Me (28 F Drow Paladin) and my brobdingnagian muscle demon partner (29 F Tiefling Barb) recently had sex for the first time. I noticed that after getting aroused, her eyes turned blue (they are normally yellow slits) and also she caught on fire, but it was blue. The fire tickled a little when I touched it but otherwise did not burn or hurt. We talked to her doctor and he said that her heart was going to explode unless she went back to hell. My partner won't go back because "fuck that". She then fangirled out about some old druid woman who supposedly both killed and fucked a god.

Is it normal for tieflings to catch on blue fire when aroused? Should I be concerned about her heart exploding? Any advice/help is appreciated, thanks in advance

edit: the bitchy smug british vampire prettyboy told me that I should just let him bite her to "cool her off" is this for real or is he full of shit as usual

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