The Wolf Among Us

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The Wolf Among Us

Postby Thad » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:29 pm

So I finished The Wolf Among Us. This game was pretty great, you guys! 1970's (or early '80's? whichever one has the giant cordless phones) noir with a bunch of fairytale characters.

I've read a good bit of the Fables comic series it's based on (it's a prequel). I feel like I got more out of it for that, but on the other hand I know Certain Things are going to happen (game/comic spoilers: Snow survives, Crane goes away; comic-only spoilers: everyone who goes down the Wishing Well eventually respawns in the Homelands) and also have certain preconceived notions about what Bigby would and wouldn't do in a given situation.

It's interesting how different a beast it turns out to be from The Walking Dead despite having the same gameplay and a similar audience. It doesn't have quite the same share of "oh fuck" shock moments (though it's got a few, usually as cliffhanger episode endings), it's got a more urban setting and the more deliberate pace of a murder mystery.

I guess there's a sequel planned? Even though the game is self-contained and Willingham's planning on wrapping up Fables (and spinoff Fairest).

EDIT TO ADD: I thought it was impeccably cast, too. Nearly all the voices sounded just like in my head (Colin, Bufkin, and Flycatcher are exceptions, but their voices are still good even if not what I imagined.)

EDIT 2: You know what I'd like? A Fables game series that jumps around in the timeline and plays with the setting and genre. Fabletown's been around for centuries; Bigby fought in World War II (alongside Frankenstein's Monster). Cinderella is James Bond. (Actually I'd be surprised if she didn't turn up in the next game.) And so on.

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