Xen-Arena - an online MegaMan PVP game.

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Xen-Arena - an online MegaMan PVP game.

Postby Copen » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:59 pm

Hey, guys. I registered a new account here because last few times I tried logging in I couldn't remember my username, or password.

Anyway, I don't entirely have too much to talk about right now, but I figured I'd show you guys this, as it probably is one of my better projects to date that I haven't shown off here (Spoiler: It still sucks).

It's a browser game, but there's also a downloadable version. That version is just the same thing wrapped in a browser though.

Oh, there's no bots, so you'll have to setup a time with someone else to play. I think there's a 4 person limit per room, but I honestly don't remember.

Feedback would be nice, but it's not expected. The game is out of production, and I'm currently contracted to work on something else, so I couldn't really do anything with the feedback except note it for whenever I do get time to dev again.

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